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In the lower thirds

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of our

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lives around data defined what is success?

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It is sort of law one foot

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one eight and NASA de una de la jolla.

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As I said when you see the help of Allah coming and help Allah comes to you is either another ally

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and you are given victory and it is open for you. What will you see? Or either NASA Yeah, the whole lunar phase in Israel here for

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you will see that people will enter the deen of Allah subhanaw taala in large numbers of files in forge forward folder forge

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the definition of success is the getting of Hidayat.

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And another also defining this by saying is either a natural law where you will get fatter only when the no satola will come.

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So the definition of success for us that we have to keep in mind, I remind myself a new

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definition of success is not the wealth that we accumulate in this world.

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The tragedy today is that the Muslim

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and the non Muslim have the same standards.

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There's no difference that the Muslim has the same standard for success and the non Muslim has the same standard for success and the standard for soccer this How much money do I have?

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I was speaking to somebody yesterday with regard to

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spending ostentatiously in marriages.

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And the reply was given was

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that we are people who have wealth.

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So we cannot celebrate

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a marriage in the same way as everybody else

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has yet said to Mr. Raja takahiko Allah Casa

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de vida which I got another man who hymns Allah, Allah Allah, Allah was taken at.

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So I told him that you are a wealthy person abundant Do you are a man with position that in your eyes was never a cell of a man with position or

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when it comes to

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Zindagi Jake?

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Nice 1000 degrees dedicata Yuka Missouri Muay Thai acredita

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said there was Rasul Allah, the simplicity of his life.

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Was this because he was helpless? Or was this because that is what he preferred.

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So there is no difference in standard, the way a non Muslim celebrates the wedding or the May away a non Muslim

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defines his success and the way a Muslim defines success. There's no difference.

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But Allah subhanaw taala has clearly shown us that the definition of success is not this not the amount of wealth you have. Because no matter how much amount of wealth Do you have, even in this dunya we don't even have to go very far. Even in this dunya there is always somebody who has more.

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And he got it in different ways.

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The definition of success is the issue of his diet. How have the doors to his ad when open?

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Has allesandro data and do you into his Deen or not?

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We need to first ask ourselves the same question we have to ask ourselves. Because if I want to define Am I successful or not?

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The definition is very simple. I have to look at the degree to which I am obedient to Allah.

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If I'm obedient to Allah subhanaw taala then I am successful.

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If I find that in my life, that is disobedience of Allah, then I'm not successful.

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If my life has wealth, and the disobedience of Allah, then my life is like the life of your own and Tyrone and Sadat and Harmon.

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Because they had worked, and they had no obedience online.

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In my life, if I find that I have wealth and I have the obedience of Allah, then my life is like that of thou and solimar alayhi salam and I'm open minded enough to be alone.

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If I find that in my life, there is no wealth or less wealth. But I'm obedient Allah subhanho wa Taala then I my life is like that over acidic and all of them

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except for these two

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The definition of success is obedience to Allah. Not well.

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I've just been reading the history of the Mongolian

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from Genghis Khan downwards, navies down to his son of day and then jack day and then his grandsons and so on.

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They ruled an empire the like of which the world had never seen

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from China all the way to Europe,

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from China all the way to France

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and the only reason that the invasion or the the expansion stopped was because of the handouts. So his son gluco and vac if you had continued he would have gone all the way to the end to the sea to the Atlantic. It has nothing to stop them.

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But where are they today?

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Where are the Mongols?

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Which Mongol city Can you name?

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Which Mongol ruler today can you name?

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And this is not ancient history. This is between 12 114 100

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so we are talking about maybe 600 years old?

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Which Mongolia? Apart from the scanner of their hands on which Mongol ruler Can you name? Which Mongol city Can you name? What do you what traces of the Mongol civilization if there was nothing?

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Nothing, everything is finished?

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Not even the traces of it.

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So how do we think that our traces will remain? I was telling my wife yesterday, we went to my ancestral house.

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As I was saying that today, if we take a poll, and we tell all our relatives and we have a huge army, why Shall

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we tell all our relatives? Honestly, seriously, honestly.

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Everyone says, Oh, we live in this house. And this house was built by our great grandfather, and he was a great champion, and wireless router forgive him and Phil is our is no, no, I was his damn bad. I said, if you take a poll today and say, in the last 24 hours, how many of you did a phenomenal job?

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I will guarantee you not even one day.

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Not even one. And that's not only our families, not that our families will have that. You know, I will guarantee you if I ask you this question, in the last 24 hours, did you make dua for your grandfather for your data or for your Nana, or for your daddy or your nanny by name in the last 24 hours? Did you make dua for them? I will guarantee you 99.999% of you did not do that.

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So who do you think is going to make dua for you and me when we are dead

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if our own children do it, it'll be a big thing grandchildren, Bulla.

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APNIC, Arizona wake up after.

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This is life. And it's not because you're bad people that may This is life. Once you're dead, you're gone for whatever, no matter what you did, no matter what you left behind. So how do we think that something different is going to happen to us. And that's the reason why unless rather define success as

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well for what it

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is in life.

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Because it's only success that comes from he that's all us about Allah which will last it is only that which is given it is only good things that we leave behind the traces of which is the source of our data for us, until Allah subhanaw taala wants to keep it nobody can take that away that will come and in our code also you will get the these are the benefit of this ama, other than that, material wealth, this that has no meaning whatsoever.

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As the last one was added open our eyes to the realities of this life, so that we use this life to the best of our ability, while we still have the ability to do so. Because we do not know how much time we have left. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us time to earn something before him when we go or sell Allah Allah Allah will carry violence average man but I have to go