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Allah Allah, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffelin ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even cathedra on kathira from Babu.

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Mighty wasn't just as we are on the lesson of wisdom of love man Ali Salaam, ask Allah subhanho della della della Lu to enable us to benefit from the stories of the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala considered it important for us to know and to learn from those stories and to practice those lessons in our life. Because this is the whole purpose of the column of the noodle of the column of Allah subhanaw taala that we should learn from it and we should practice it in our lives. We ask Allah Spanner to make this easy for us and to accept this from us in sha Allah.

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brothers sisters, we are on the issue and the of the importance of Salah. So what is the desired standard of Salah? the very simplest the very simple way to answer that is the Hadees of Rasul Allah is our Salah, which is narrated by carbon molecule della Han,

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where he mentioned and he said that a group of youth came to spend time with Rasulullah saw Salah young boys, who came to spend time with resource on Salah. They stayed in Masuda Nava Sharif as the guests of Rasul Allah He satellite cell imagine the, the

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blessing of Allah subhanaw taala on these boys We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us this blessing and the day of judgment in general for those who Allah that we sit in the presence of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi highly valued services. Unless Ratan Tata gave these boys this opportunity, they spent two weeks three weeks with us organizers element then said cabin Malaga, delana, says that

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they got, you know, some of them started feeling homesick. Some of them started, you know, wanting to return to their homes because they had came these were people from all around Medina. So they were from different tribes, different locations. They were not local people.

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So as soon as I saw himself was extremely sensitive to atmosphere, he was extremely sensitive to people's feelings, with extremely sensitive to what

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people may

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he would want with him, how they are receptive to his message.

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So as soon as he suddenly

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realized that these boys are getting homesick, he asked them, he said, Do you want to go home? Do you want to go back to your parents? Now imagine the situation with these boys, they are with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, there is no place which is better for them to be in than where they were in at that point in time. And they knew that and that's why they came to me it is not as if they didn't appreciate that they appreciate it very much. But you know, we are human. And so of course, we have our feelings, and we have our affiliations, and we have our friendships and we have our families. And so they wanted also to spend some time with them to return to their families. So they

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did not say anything. They didn't say yes or no, but we sort of knew what was happening. So he said to them, he gave them some words of advice and the parting word of advice. He gave them pause. He said, Be careful and be particular about your Salah, and sure that you pray on time.

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He said the most knowledgeable of you about

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the Quran the best. Let him lead the Salah, and then he said Salut camara. Mooney, suddenly, he said pray as you have seen me pray. So to answer the question, what is the desired standard of Salah the desired standard of Salah the criteria on which the Salah will be judged our Salah will be judged the standard on which the standard against which our Salah will be compared and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his protection for this, which is the standard of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam I am saying we seek and I seek the protection of Allah subhanaw taala because I know my Salah I know the quality of it and I know or I have some inkling of the quality of

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the Salah of Rasul Allah is a solemn

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and I know that the Gulf and the width and the distance and the Delta, between my salah and the Salah of Rasul Allah is Allah Islam is more than the distance between where I am sitting and those clouds that you see in the screen.

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May Allah protect me from myself And may Allah subhanaw taala protect myself from myself. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept your Salah and my Salah, and to repair it and to cover its faults and its deficiencies. And to beautify it and mosey on it. So that he it is acceptable to him gela jello, we ask Allah subhanaw taala is alum to nuptse urbanna in a vellum to unfortunate

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sauce in it and I'm combining these two draws upon Asana.

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We ask Allah,

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Allah we have completed zulum on ourselves because of the kind of Salah that we pray and we ask Allah for us. That is the in short in one line, what is the standard? What are we aiming at? What do we want to get at is to try to make our Salah as close to to resemble as much as possible. The beautiful Salah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was Abu Salim in keeping also with his Gabon where he said pray as you have seen me pray

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as soon as salam was sent to teach us how to do how to make how to perform how to establish a solid.

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Now brothers and sisters

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we know from the Bay the famous Hadees of the really Salaam were debated Salam Astra pseudo solemn about alesana Allah for affability, anila, Hassan Allah and that was Underwood aloha Kanaka Tara, for ilam takuan Tara for innovo Uruk then the man and this was very Salam. He said, inform me about Islam, he sallallahu alayhi salam answered, it is that you should worship Allah subhanho wa Taala as though you could see him for though you cannot see him, yet he sees you. And this is the famous adage jabril, which is considered to be one third of the realm of Islam. And he said this is narrated by say that

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we ask Allah Subhana Allah to enable us to pray at this level of awareness in sha Allah.

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brothers sisters, now, this is the standard. So now how do we get there? What is the method of making our Salah of improving our Salah of inshallah getting to some point where it resembles the Salah offers.

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Number one, give you a few points on this. The first one is the vicar of Allah between salons, which is to

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remember Allah Salah is

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right, I'll give me serata decree, Allah Subhana

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Allah established the salah for my Vicar. And that is why as a little on a bit of a side note, I remind myself and you just reflect on this thing and say that one of our biggest problems is that we have our thoughts, one during our Salah, you know, when you're standing in Salah, and you're thinking of this and that and the other. So our thoughts are wandering. When we are praying, now think about this and say and ask yourself how oxymoronic it is. That we are, what is the opposite of what is liquor liquor is remember it's right, it is remembering. And what is the opposite of ziggo the opposite of zeker is love Love is forgetfulness. Now how can forgetfulness and Vicar be

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together? in the same place? How can light and darkness be together in the same place? Light is the enemy of darkness. Darkness is the name given to the absence of light. How do you dispel darkness by lighting a lamp? The smallest lamb in the world dispels the most darkest of darkness. So the Ziggler of Allah subhanaw taala just one word just Allah is enough to drive away of law to take away our forgetfulness. Yet we are standing in Salah we have made Waldo we are standing there repair the tension we are standing on the musala in the masjid, maybe a robe wherever and yet our mind is wandering somewhere. Our thoughts are not in the Salah of thoughts all over the place.

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Tell me how bad and evil is that? An oxymoronic it is. It is like saying I'm eating home but I am also very hungry at the same time and how is it possible that these are these are mutually

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possible things, you cannot have one and the second one together in the same place. Really let us reflect on this and say, How can I improve my Salah in this way. And the first way of doing that is to have the zeker of Allah between the Sahaba to try to be in a constant state of awareness about Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times and one of the finest way of doing that ways of doing that is to always be in a state of Buddha. So every time you break your will immediately make wudu when you are in the bathroom just immediately make Buddha because to be constantly in a state of Voodoo is one of the ways of constantly remembering Allah subhanaw taala.

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Then constantly being in a state of Vicar, of course applies to actually making the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is repeating His names and attributes his beautiful names and attributes. One of the finest ways to say lai lai La La Muhammad Rasulullah repeat that Kalamata Kalima Danny of the of this lamb. Another very fine way one of the finest ways if not define us is to send durood and Salama dasara Selim for the simple reason that personas are seldom said that if somebody sends to me one time, then Allah sends his alarm on that person 10 times. Now imagine here's the instant

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instant reward right then and there and imagine that you are living in this world and you are one of those on whom Allah subhanaw taala Salam is coming down constantly like like rain falling on the field, how can you come to any harm? How can anything you How can you have any difficulties, how can you have anything wrong in your life, if constantly you are reading and resetting the rule on a pseudo service element thereby you are receiving the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala continuously right please understand the importance of the route on resources constantly making Vicar in the time between Salah constantly being in a state of awareness of Allah subhanaw taala and being in a state

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of will do continuously. Second one is to avoid looking at all things that are haram completely and totally make this haram on yourself. Anytime you have this desire a time you feel your finger is itching to press the button on your phone or on your laptop to take you to someplace on the internet which is around Get up get up from there, leave the place shut off the laptop, pull out the plug right shut down your phone, make it as difficult as possible to do that. Go make go make widow and then you stand in silence immediately. Put your Salah out and you stand in Salah inshallah Allah subhanaw taala promised to protect the one who seeks his protection. So ask Allah protection and

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stand in Salah. The eyes are the route to the heart of Israel as an observed they are like arrows that go straight to the heart and looking at haraam spoils the heart of the heart as material dirt spoils the heart of the body. You would not allow urine to splash splash on your body you will not allow any garbage or any feces or any dirt or any dog or something to touch your claws or touch your body. If that happens you will immediately wash it you will feel a sense of total and complete disgust about about what happened. You will not rebel in it you will not enjoy it you will not rub it in and smell it and say oh wow fantastic water smell. Now how do you do that with pornography?

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How do you do that with haram? How do you do that with watch with watching stuff which is haram you know it just tells me it is as it is not only as bad as that it is much worse because the the physical impurity does not destroy your asset or the physical impurities something wash it off, it is gone. But the spiritual impurity that they build in the art stays with you, those those images that you watched on the internet, they will come and play you during your Salah, they will take over your show, they will take away your food they will take away your concentration from us. So one must protect one's heart from dirt, as as we protect our bodies from dirt. And we must clean it by making

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sincere as far as Toba just as we would clean our body if the body got caught dirty. Number three is perfect the Hara and that does not mean that you spend the you empty the whole water of the river Ganges in your window. The point is that you do your window perfectly in the way prescribed and part of the perfection of odo is to do it in as little water as possible without wasting water. So just washing your your your face and your hand and so on 25 times is not the this is not the idea.

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Do it the way learn about Voodoo. What are the four either Voodoo, what are the Sunnah of Voodoo and perform the Voodoo. Just like a pseudo Santa Santa used to perform it meaning you do all the Sona photo and you do all the fire the wazoo except where you are, there is a shortage of water and you want to just do the follow up to save water. But if you are leaving out the sun, out of laziness that Believe me, your heart needs to heal or your heart needs pure to be purified.

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What kind of

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what kind of an absolutely despicable, stingy human being? Is it what kind of a person who totally and completely does not understand the beauty and the magnificence and the benefit of sun nap will deliberately leave out the sun annoying, it's so nice, he does not do that. And that also in an act of worship, I mean, imagine, you know, there is a ledger levels of, of evil. Doing leaving Asana, in a normal part of your life is one thing and I'm not saying that's a good thing that bad, bad bad enough, but to leave asuna in an act of worship, I mean, how evil is that?

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So perfect Tara and Budo Allah subhana wa tada as Bjorn and the one who wants to approach Allah subhanaw taala must approach him

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in a state of purity,

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we do not have the time here to go into the details of the Messiah of the Hara and widow, but let me suffice to say that the key to getting concentration in Salah is purity and a proper

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if you please remember that without Budo and where necessary also there is no Salah.

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Now, there are as far as also is concerned, there are two opinions. One is that just the hosel is sufficient. And after the hosel you are pure. The other opinion is that at the end of the hosel, you must make Udo also

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in order to have complete purity. And I would say in this, in the case of Islam, always do more, don't do less, this whole,

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this whole mentality of minimalizing of doing the least possible. This is the biggest evil, right, it's the biggest evil where we where we instead of getting the

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virtue from something you end up getting, getting a

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sort of getting a reward, you might end up getting punishment, because your your approach is wrong, right, you're trying to do the least possible for the sake of Allah instead of doing the greatest possible.

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So, another system that does make sure that we

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do the most possible and therefore I advise you even though there are two opinions and one is to say that your hosel alone is sufficient, I would advise you if you ask me, that you should do a whistle and in addition to the hosel You should also do although at the end of the lesson.

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Because we want to as far as Allah subhanaw taala general is concerned we want to do more rather than less in trying to please Allah subhanho wa Taala little brother sisters, it is very important to learn the Messiah and the correct method and the

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all the things that are required with respect to

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because without the Hara, there is no worry about them without the Hara, there is no Salah. And it's a it's so simple, it is so easy

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to learn, it does not even take five minutes to learn what it is. And it's not something that requires a huge amount of memory for you to remember. It requires very little time to learn it requires very little memory to remember. But it is the difference between having your worship your about accepted or rejected. So therefore it is well worth your and my time to learn this and to learn it as perfectly as we can.

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It's a It's a strange thing. It's very,

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you know sad to see that there are many of us, including people who have many children, who do not know how to make cars.

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They do not know the full either puzzle. And so there have been living their whole life in a state of impurity. Now, obviously there is no need to go into a tailspin with that, even if that happened and hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful, and we rely on his forgiveness over and above everything else. All that you need to do is to make

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is to make a stiff bottom Toba and seek Allah subhanho data's forgiveness and inshallah Allah subhanaw taala is the one to forgive all sins. And then we ask Allah Subhana

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And then we make the effort to learn and if we learn inshallah, then there is no problem. So please take the time and make the Nia that before you go to bed today, you will ensure that you don't live in impurity that you learn the fried muscle and you may kosal properly and you pray to legato salah and thank Allah subhanaw taala for

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teaching you and for alerting you to the importance of this and inshallah you go to bed in peace challenge number five, to prepare for Salah by shutting off all disturbances which of course begins with these faults of ours. So, ensure that we shut off all disturbances shut off everything else with humility and ask for

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protection from shaytan because there is nobody who can protect us from Shantanu except Allah Subhana. So seek the protection of Allah subhanaw taala shut off all

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disturbances and one of the ways to do that is because is to

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when you stand on the masala

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is to seek out we live in a shaitan ology, and then resides so to ness will also be witness, because there is specific protection from shaitan in that surah. So besides sort of the NASS ask Allah subhana wa Taala, make dua to Allah, please protect me from chetta I'm standing here to make your brother to worship you all, accept my worship, Allah make this worship,

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free from any deficiencies and anything wrong. And forgive me if I do anything wrong in it, and accept this worship, make it to the level where it is worthy of being accepted by you and please accept this version. That is number five.

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Number six,

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make the Nia for the Salah, because the reward of the deed is based on the intention. Now intention is what makes us helps us to become conscious and aware of what we are doing. So make yourself conscious that you are standing in the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala and you are addressing him you are talking to a bar and he is distinct to you. And this is happening in real time.

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You are talking to

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yourself that this is

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be aware and remind yourself that this is one of the greatest blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gave you and me that he becomes Mota watcher towards us. He looks at us he special specially Alice rantala knows everything at all at all time. But specifically when the slave is standing before him to worship him Allah subhanaw taala pay special attention to that slave, and Allah is listening to him and he is watching him and he is pleased with him in sha Allah. So stand with that awareness that you are standing in the Presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he is listening to you, he is watching you, he loves what you are doing, and that you are doing this with this stuff

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like that. So thank him for being thankful to him. And then you raise your hand and say, Allahu Akbar, which is takbeer hula, with full awareness of what you are saying, You're saying Allahu Akbar, which means everything else is less than Allah subhanaw taala which means all your fears and all your anxieties and all your worries are less than on us. Which means that everything in this world that you look up to, and you look towards, to get a benefit from is less than a loss. Everything in the world that is fear that frightens you that you look towards, with a fear with fear and apprehensions is less logical

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is only and only our last panel data is over and above all of these things. Keep this in, in a state of consciousness, right? And then you make this degrees of law and what we ask a lot for to accept that. And then remember that this debate shuts off the word from you. It's got a weird river, because it makes everything except concentrating on a loss of animal data.

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One of the duties of the Muslim is to is to respond to Salam. If somebody says to him as Salam alikoum in the Muslim as a radical Sarah, except when he is in a state of Salah. So when he's standing is Allah and somebody says Salam alikoum he does not. He does not reply Why? Because he is focusing on Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore even things

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Think like Salam something that I like returning Salaam which otherwise was forgotten him is no longer forgot him when he is standing in the Presence of Allah for standing with that with that awareness number seven, after Sunnah resides within Fatiha and remember that Allah subhana wa tada responds to the surah responds to every ayat of the surah. So respond to the result. So to further with that when I'm saying Alhamdulillah Allah made my Raja Legionella Hussein Hamdani happy that my slave has remembered me, right, I'm not going to narrate for you the entire hobbies here. You know, this is and you can look it up the HUD is related to Allah subhanaw taala response to

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So, this is a beauty, a beautiful thing about the

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about the Surah Al Fatiha, Tara said that I have divided the center between myself and my son Davis was so upset was that by Salah here it is meant Fatiha, and lost parents response to every single client. So that is why it also doesn't the center used to decide each of these paths individually. Or combined. This is a recitation used to recite each ad individually and with a with a second or two between them. Because it's almost like saying something and then listening to Allah subhanaw taala as a response to that thing. So it's not just a matter of getting through it. And finishing this adding all the seven I know the idea is to do that in a way which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw

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taala and when Allah is responding to something, it behooves you to recite it with peace and calmness and tranquility, and resolve it in a way as if you can hear the response of others.

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So, listen to the to the to the site social phobia, with this awareness. Now, Number eight is concentrate on the meaning of what is being recited. Whether you are listening to the Imam or whether you are the one reciting. When you understand the meaning of what is being recited your thoughts will not deviate for the things. Let's think about that. You are sitting here listening to this to this lecture of mine. And I can bet you that if you are listening to the lecture while you are not thinking football, you're not thinking basketball, you're not your thoughts are not going here or there. You are listening to me. And when I'm talking to you or listening to me there is a

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response there is something inside you. Well, but in salon we stand we are listening to the recitation of the Quran, we are reciting Quran ourselves, is there a response? Is there a there's some kind of

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you know, reaction to that there is not including, for example, think about diseases, such a negative thing that happens in our lives, if somebody curses you, right? If somebody curses you. Now, anytime anybody's cursing you, you can say one of the one of the first things about that is that this is false, right? If somebody is cursing you, then it is false. Because this person is abusing you is calling you names. He is using bad language, expletives. All of those things are false. Yet, every single one of those lies produces a reaction in you.

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There's nobody, there's not one of us, who can say that anybody can curse me and nothing happens to me. No, of course not. You may not you may choose to control yourself, you may choose not to, you know, respond in kind. And that would be very stupid to do. Of course, you're not responding why why would you want to do that you would win. If somebody is calling you a donkey, you don't want to prove to him that he's right. So definitely we do not respond. If somebody is using bad language, we do not use bad language as a response, it would be a very inappropriate thing to do. So we don't do that. yet. In our heart, if somebody attached

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sensory sensors to our body, they would be actually able to measure a physiological change in ourselves, they would be able to measure heightened electro electrical activity in the brain, they would be able to measure a rise in blood pressure, they would be able to measure a rise in your heartbeat and so on and so forth. Because it is making you angry. What is making you angry lies, complete lies. So if somebody says the why you bother about lies, the somebody's lying, you say no, no, but this is you know, this is bad. Why do you think that? My point is, lies produce an effect in us? What about the truth?

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What about the Huck?

00:29:31--> 00:29:33

What about Allah subhanho wa Taala?

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And what he and his column, which we know to be the truth, we know this column of Allah to be happy. What about that? How come that does not produce any effectiveness?

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This is a question that we need to ask ourselves. So if I'm standing as alone, my thoughts are wandering here that the Quran is being recited it really has no effect on me. I have the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Nothing happens to me. I am

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A shout out of Jenna there is no hope for Gemini in my heart, I'm not here to go there, that I have the anger of Allah the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no fear in my heart.

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Then what am I saying? My heart is such that even a curse can produce an effect on it. But the glory and magnificence of Allah does not produce any effect on it. What does it say? What does it say about my heart? So try to

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learn the meaning of the Koran. Ideally, as I keep saying all the time, mostly to myself more than anybody else. Let us learn Arabic it's a difficult language. It's not easy, but it's worth the while because it's the language of the Quran and the Sunnah. And we want to know, in actual words, in actual real life, what did Allah say? Not what did the translator say what it does, and then we want to read translations and read good translation, um, there are the plenty of them, where we try to understand the meaning of what is being said what you are saying when you are reciting, or what the man is saying. Point number nine, try to memorize more and more, to be able to recite it in Salah.

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Learn Tajweed so that you can recite correctly, there is nothing good about reciting incorrectly. The column of Allah deserves that we learn to recite it correctly. So

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it's very shameful to recite incorrectly before the one whose column it is, how can we face a loss? And we say, Well, I you give us all the opportunity in the world to

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learn, but I never tried. I never made the effort. And I never learned how to

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how to recite your column correctly.

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Now, this is point number nine. You know, very important the thing to understand is when I'm saying therapy, I don't mean necessarily the tune of the hora not talking about the style of recitation, I'm talking about the videos of our of reciting correctly the right pronunciation the right marriage, I know it is difficult for some people to pronounce certain sounds especially older people who you know whose tongues about used to saying something in a certain way. For example, we people who speak or the mother mother tongue, in order to there is no differentiation between

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for example,

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z or za, Val, ball and za right so it is in what do we say? z Rizal, zoie and swasth.

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When there is no differentiation in pronunciation when we pronounce we just says that. But in Arabic all of these, each one of these has a different Maharajah is pronounced differently. Right? So Val, which is one levina Allah, Vina, I will do all of this in favour. So although is Allah if so Allah in our living, so that is like that, that dang between the deed that whereas z is pronounced zap,

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Bob is pronounced ball, which is what what we see is what is pronounced law. And enjoy, which is after toe after play is pronounced law is law. So thought for

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that and sat for different ways of pronouncing these four letters. And similarly in other things. I'm just giving you some very simple examples. But the point is that it is necessary because now in Arabic, you might say, Well, so what i can i can pronounce it the same way. No, you can't because in Arabic

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is even though it does that and and but but in Arabic even more.

00:34:00--> 00:34:23

The sometimes the meaning of the word itself is changed. Right? So for example, and people who speak Punjabi, they don't differentiate between cough and cough. So cough and cough. So the for example, in Arabic The word calpe means dog. And the word called with a cough means heart. Right, the cold and cold.

00:34:24--> 00:35:00

So people people would say, for example, in Punjabi would say up nickel, pay our Joker, focus on your focus on your dog. The focus on your dog, be your focus on your heart and cultivate our Joker. Cough right. So it is very important for us to understand this and to ensure that we pronounce it correctly. Similarly, Carla, Carla Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Paula means he said Allah Rasool Allah is sort of a sort of subset which is a bit cough, but if you

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

Use ha with that. It becomes Hala. And Carla means aren't right. So instead of saying that you are deciding are these using Carlota Sula setup, but you're saying hi Lara sola so Salah. So instead of saying or sola sola Sallam said, You are saying the art of Rasulullah citizen, the art of revisionism is what? So the point is that in Arabic the meaning itself changes that's the reason why it's very important for us to learn Tajweed and to

00:35:31--> 00:35:42

to ensure that we decide for and correctly with the correct judgment, this is this is a very, very important thing and I strongly recommend to you that you should do this.

00:35:45--> 00:35:53

We looked at nine things to do with respect to the to improving our Salah inshallah, we will look at

00:35:54--> 00:36:00

others. There are nine more in the next lesson. Before I close this lesson, I will quickly go through the nine that we

00:36:02--> 00:36:19

that we mentioned, one is the decor of Allah Spano. tala, between Salawat constantly being in a state of liquor Jolla to do not look at anything which is haram. Three perfect taharah which is also and Waldo as the need might be number four.

00:36:21--> 00:36:27

To learn about also Envato and ensure that we do it properly because without that the hora there is no Santa.

00:36:29--> 00:37:10

Number five, prepare for Salah make it a serious thing, not just something you do. By the way, prepare for Salah by shutting off all kinds of disturbances and anything that might come in the way of Salah. And number six is make the Nia conscious be conscious of the fact that you're studying before Allah subhanaw taala make the Nia to stand before Allah. Number seven is after Santa when you recite SoTL father I remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala responds to that. Number eight concentrate on the meaning of what is being recited. Whether you are listening or whether you are speaking because when you concentrate on the meaning, this is when you

00:37:12--> 00:37:25

when you when your thoughts will not wander here and there. And that is number eight and number nine is try to memorize more and more Koran to be able to recite it in salah and when you do that also ensure that you

00:37:28--> 00:37:55

remember the third bit of the Quran and that we recite the Quran correctly. ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah who to be pleased with you and never to be displeased, asked Allah asked Allah subhanaw taala to enable you to pray in a way which is pleasing to Him. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to put the love of Salah in your hearts where you will treat Salah the way or pseudo syllabus to treat Salah as a

00:37:56--> 00:38:25

we used to call it karate nine. He used to call it the coolness of my eyes it was the most beautiful thing for him to do he loved doing it. So let us also ask Allah to make that to enable us to pray and to love to pray, to pray to Allah smarter not to do that as a as a as a burden or as something which is an imposition. But to love to do that to run towards it would love to ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept your da with upside in

00:38:33--> 00:38:37

addition to what you asked from His Majesty at peace

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video on it was