Ramadan 2023 Reminders – Day 7

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The transcript describes a scene where a woman named Shiah was punished by Showman Subhasar at the end of a nightfall party. Subhanla gives instructions to avoid any alcohol or drugs, and then he gives a speech about wanting to avoid punishment and be dis collared. The transcript also describes a woman named Shiah being punished by Subhanla and being given a key to Jannah, leaving her alone to decide what to do.

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do seven D seven

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and that's about that I said yeah you are Lolita Avenue enamel camera. Well May 01 unsavoury was love or redo so minimally shaytan device Danny Woo i love Him to fill the hole in zalto vida Allah subhanho wa Taala stated clearly, four things Allah said oh you will believe all intoxicants, alcohol, drugs, whatever is there whatever is not there today but maybe invented anything which intoxicated anything which is addictive, all gambling,

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any form of gambling, whether it's lotteries or whether it is horse racing or any any vulgarity Alonza and as lamb which is fortunetelling you know, all of the tarot cards was to Feng Shui all of those things are an abomination of shaitan handiwork, Satan handiwork is, is filthy, these are the worst of that field. So avoid them strictly that abomination in order that you may be successful ALLAH SubhanA della privated these four things very clearly is no doubt about any of this. And Allah subhanaw taala told us to stay far away from this avoid meaning what far away is don't even go near it. So any income which is earned by these means is haram.

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Get out of it. Get completely out of it. Don't say I will get out of it. If I have an alternative. Your alternative is Allah. Allah is your Razak

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not another business, get out of it because Allah subhanaw taala prohibited

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then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this beautiful items other Majda into as the home for in the home a bad look. We're in the funeral home for in agony Tala Z's or Hakeem this beautiful ayat is what is Ali Salam would say to Allah subhanho wa Taala which means if you punish them, they are your slaves. You have the right to punish them, you have the power to punish them. If you punish them, they're your slaves. And if you forgive them Verily you only you are the almighty always. We have the beautiful story, the Sierra where it was a beautiful day on the Alonzo and Abdullah nimasa. Delano one day decided to pray the hedges behind themselves

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and then notice that throughout this Salah as soon as as a level recited this one I have repeatedly until he finished the salah close to the time of the whole light in drag the whoop for it now eradicate when the foot alone for in that as his or her key.

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The next morning, they went to Jerusalem and they said yeah Zola we prayed we had you we saw this. We saw you doing this. Please can you tell us why? He said I was making dua for my Oma.

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He said I was making dua from Mumbai. This is the sentiment his own way we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept the dua of Rasulullah Salem in our favor, and to save us from punishment for our evil doing. The last act in this set is one of the Anam Allah della is mentioning those who refuse to heat who refuse to take cognizance of the warnings of Allah subhanaw taala Allah is a word that has said phenomena Zuma Gouki, Ruby, Fatah, Hana Allah him abueva Coolessay hut is a very ro Bhima Otto has now home Belton, bye by Eva, Mobley. So

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Allah said and when they forgot the wiring with which they had been divided, we open on them the gates of every pleasant thing until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they were given all of a sudden, we took them to punishment and lo they were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows. ultramarathoner did not say that when they refuse to accept Allah subhanaw taala stopped them he caught he he punished them right away or he restricted all the goodness that he's a lesson be open. If you are insisting on being disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala you will be given the opportunity to do more until the day comes when you are caught. Allah Subhana Allah opens

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Whichever door we want if you want the door of obedience that will be open for us. If you want the door of disobedience that will also be open for us we make the choice. We choose. Nobody is forced into Jannah nobody is forced into Jannah we make it we we choose and that is why I say to myself and I say to you choose wisely, because that is where we are going to land. And Allah subhanaw taala gave that key to us. The key to Jannah is in our hands. And that key is called it out of Allah subhanaw taala and the diva of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa leaves him

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send someone out and we'll carry while he was