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The speakers discuss the physical and spiritual worlds, emphasizing the importance of understanding the difference between them for optimal agriculture. They also touch on the "notes world" concept, where everything is connected to the material world and how people talk about it. The "notes world" is discussed as a way to move from one world to another, causing mental health problems.

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I want to remind myself a new that there are two words,

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there is a word which is visible,

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which is material which is physical.

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And there is a world which is invisible,

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which is not material which is not physical, but which is spiritual.

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We call one of these in Arabic elements, Shahada, and we call the other one element life.

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And Islam begins with Iran, in the

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And among the

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Vienna life,

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it's very important to understand the relationship between these two and inshallah,

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beyond that, so we'll see that in detail.

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Just now as a quick reminder for us, and myself and you, there is a intrinsic relationship between these two worlds, between the worlds that we can see, and the world that we cannot see.

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Things that we do in this world, which we can see in the material world,

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create effects in the spiritual worlds, which come back into the material world for us.

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What you do here, create something there. And that's something special back here.

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One of those that I was in the alpha silver River Valley, the markets about a dinner

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and why lose it found that the amarula allows you

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to see them on the land and right

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whether it is political turmoil, whether it is diseases and epidemics, whether it is droughts, and lack of rain, whether it is floods, whether it is tornadoes, whether it is

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any other kind of evil that we don't, we cannot imagine and we don't have to make a list of all the evil but everything that comes with it

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is comes down to the issue a lot of us either will borrow

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a lot rather than saying, Why is this happening?

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Viva sama, Idina?

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Now the human, which is only stuck in a material world, we cannot see the relationship between the two between these two worlds. And that is the reason why MBA MBA did not come to teach us a better way of agriculture or how to make cars or how to fly plays the game to teach the connection between these two worlds.

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That's why they came they came to soil that this is not all this is not all there is there is also something else.

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And that connections are indeed musical. If you look at it simply as the material world then you might say, Well, you know, a tornado is coming somewhere and I am whether I'm drinking alcohol or whether I'm sleeping with some humor or whether I'm going to the racecourse and betting on a horse, how does it affect an earthquake?

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How can that create a tornado How can I create a flood and what is the next step?

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But for it to make sense, you have to understand another another concept and that concept is the difference between why and how,

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again, succeed in Java.

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But why and how? two very important words?

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Why is the reason why something happens?

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How is the way it happens?

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The methodology of something? How is the way it happened? Why is the reason it happens?

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Suppose they asked you as

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Why did you come here today? He was I came for the replay use me as I got up from my house and I got onto my motorcycle and I came here. I'm not asking you, why did you come here?

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Not the method.

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Why is that important? Because

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in the material world, the way the scientists and the technologists teach us, they combine these two, and they give the same answer for why and how?

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If you ask them, why did the earthquake happen? Why did the tsunami happen? They will tell you it is a movement of the tectonic plates. And when the tectonic plates move and one climbs on the other, there is a quick and because of the earthquake, it happens at the bottom of the sea and therefore a wave is created and so on and so on and so on without going into the detail of the houses or ami pumps.

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So what did what is the question we asked them why did the earthquake happen? He's telling you move on to tectonic plates. Okay, fine. No problem. We actually

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That. Now we go to another question.

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How does an earthquake happen? He will tell you move on to tectonic plates when one client Hello, I asked you this question I said why don't you give me the answer? I asked you how to give you the same answer sorry, I don't accept that, because two different questions, one is master reason why something is happening. Other one is method you can tell me both are the same or not. I don't accept this.

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But it gives you the same answer because he does not have connected wireless router he does not understand the the connection between this world and that world. So he tries to convince you that there is only one world and therefore the answer to why and how.

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But the answer to why and I'll get on to this.

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The answer to how is the movement of tectonic plates fine, we accept that But why? Why did the tectonic plate move in the first place?

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Why is this exotic plate moving in the first place?

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Given our data we put the mountains to fix the place.

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Then why is the movie

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because the same one would the mountain to the plate tells the player to move.

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And why does he tell the player to move because of what we do is our officers will Barbie will barely be marked as about 18

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Let me send the line is lm said when for harsh foul shots, woman Gara especially homosexuality, and especially sexual promiscuity, prostitution, when that spreads in the world, Allah Subhana Allah greensprings

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to the material mind it does not make any sense.

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It does not make any sense. But the issue is the material mind is looking only at one one side of the world. It is not looking at the other side ruin.

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Mom Zavala

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went to his his family of Java dot devices I forgot the current

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mileage that I was born with because Java memory

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is under the ground has gone in the house as possible. He says you must have seen something wrong.

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See the connection between the two words because as we understand

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he did not tell him or maybe you should do some more though and you know he says use your I saw something wrong.

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Go and think and they thought

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What does that have to do with memory. It has everything rules memory if you understand the connection of the two words Shivam Java came back to him and he said I buy I was in the bazaar and a lady was getting out of a vehicle of a you know whatever. And her Shin that is the this leg the lower leg that leg got exposed and my eyes fell on this The eyes are like for a little

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less data does not hold people like us do that same same that Allah held up for that panel you will not even be able to remember

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because our our IC O Allah May Allah protect us but different people have different levels.

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So he loves zombies and I went home I made Toba I made ozone.

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I made turaga Salah I made Toba and the Quran came back Alhamdulillah he came back and told us that this is what happened and this is a story that at hamdulillah

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connection between the material world and the spiritual world. What we do here affects that. inshallah inshallah We will do this in detail just to remind myself and you that let us be very clear in our ama have an effect both in the Acura as well as is Julian was very clear in our mind, we don't think the AMA is only for the occurrence of just before dying, I will make somebody think

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today I will I do this, but that's a different matter. Right? has it affected you, it creates illness, it creates material problems, it creates financial troubles, it creates accidents, and however it creates in our own lives. It creates all kinds of evil in this life.

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And all of that comes from our own army. And similarly, our good armor

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protects us from Hurghada, it cures illness, it releases financial problems, it makes things everything becomes good. Again, because of the

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and how and why and Delilah inshallah, we will do this in July. So Monica Lama BMD monisha Allah Allah Allah, the prophet of Allah