Ramadan 2022 Reflections #05

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam, Oman villa.

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My brother and sister we continue with our goals for Ramadan al Karim.

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Next step is

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look at our o'clock hour dealings, we talked about personal appearance, we talked about earnings, we talked about eating, and let us look at our o'clock hour behavior. Am I, if my parents are alive? am I serving my parents? Am I being good to my parents?

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If they have passed away, do I make dua for them every day in the huddle, this should be your standard format, to make dua for your parents in the huddle every single day. If their pastor if they're if they're alive, also make dua for them nothing wrong in doing that, but definitely if they have passed away, because if they're passed away, they cannot do this for themselves. And therefore this is something that you should make it further on yourself to do.

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Children, if you have children, are you spending enough time and energy on their Therby? On their upbringing on their raising?

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Do you know what to do? Are you doing it?

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Or are you too engaged and too busy in your business in your job in this and that? And then you blame that and say, Well, what can I do I have no time that is completely ridiculous. Because you will not be held accountable for your job and business you will be held accountable for how you raise your children. Your job and business are not necessarily ethical geria they're probably not risotto Jerry at all. Whereas your children are your southern Georgia area. So spend time on your children. Then you're dealing with people, your customers, your clients, people, you sell things to people you buy things from?

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How do you deal with them? Do you deal with them? Honestly? Do you deal with them? justly? And Rosa Islam said give more. So do you do that? Do you give more.

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Your family extended family, your spouse, your husband and wife, your brothers and sisters, your siblings. Every one of them has rights on you? Are you fulfilling their rights?

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Everyone sisters, let us remember on the day of judgment as soon as and as Rob said, he asked us I said you know who are the destitute of the OMA. They said jasola destitute are those who do not have the ram and the inner vision said no, the destitute are those who will come to Allah subhanho wa Taala with good deeds like mountains like the mountain Nevada, they will come with good deeds. And we are talking about Muslims here believers will come to Allah subhanho wa Taala with good deeds, the size of the mountain of a hug, but there will be a long line of people who they have hurt who they have slandered who they backed by did, who they killed, who they harmed, who they deceived, all

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the stuff that they did, that whose whose honor that they who they Dishonored, right, who they who they character, assassinated, whatever. And as soon as I've said Allah subhanho wa Taala will give to each one from that mountain of good deeds, to make up for whatever you had denied them in this life.

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Until the entire mountain of good deeds will be over. But the line of people will still be there.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows everything will ask the people now what do you want me to do? They will say give our bad deeds to this person. As soon as others have said that will be done and the person will go into Janome carrying somebody else's bad deeds. Let us not be that person.

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Certainly our scores here, meaning go and apologize if you if you did, if you took away somebody, right, give it back.

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Give it back. Don't wait for them to ask you, you know what you did, give it back, give them some more compensation. Go and beg their partner seek their partner ensure that your account is clear. Because you do not want to end up before Allah subhanho wa Taala with an account like that, and end up in Jannah despite the fact that you did a lot of good deeds, Ramadan is the month which gave which comes to remind us and give us time to reflect and give us time to introspect and give us time to look at ourselves in the mirror and to change that appearance. So that when we meet Allah subhanaw taala, we will meet him in a state where he will forgive us. So please do that. In terms of

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all our Mamilla let us do this. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness We ask Allah to make this easy for us. We ask Allah to fill other people's hearts with the desire to forgive us when we go and seek forgiveness. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us and then masala Ananda will Karim Allah Allah He was IBH

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ended up together