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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The segment discusses tests that Allah Subhana is undertaking to determine whether he will be left alone or not, including tests where people decide whether they want to participate in a wedding or not, and tests where people decide whether they should be killed. The importance of standing up for others and making proactive efforts is emphasized, as shaitan slipped out of hiding. The speaker emphasizes the need to act as a proactive member of the community and use the tests as an excuse, as shaitan slipped out of hiding. The importance of letting people experience death and choosing the right things is also emphasized, with a call to pray and make efforts to get help.
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And then under Lillah wa salatu salam ala shadowfell ambia Allah Allah He was heavy on whether

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Allah Subhana Allah said in the beginning of Surah olana carboot

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au Turku has given us a new turaco yaku mana, for whom la Houston, Los Angeles it

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has even nozzle in utero crew.

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Does mankind think? Does man think that he will be left alone?

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Arlo manna for home life turned on.

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If he simply says, I believe, and that he will not be tested, and Lazarus, does mankind think that they will be left alone,

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if they simply say, that we have believed, and that they will Allah left alone, while at home, we have to know that they will not be tested.

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Hello, asking a question. And the question is, that if you simply say that we have human, do we believe that we are going to be left alone and we will not be tested?

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I find myself a new

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that's one of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is such that the only tests that come for us

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are the tests where we have to decide whether or not to attend this party or that party, whether to go to this wedding or that wedding. What to do if somebody is died, as died and what to do with regard to the things that are not only done after the burial thing, which you should not be done, but which other what to do in the in the cases of weddings, all the kinds of resume and all the kinds of practices that are done should we participate we will not participate, to go here or there. Alhamdulillah This is the that is the sum total of our tests, by the grace of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala just not the ayat of surah Yaseen, which I decide

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which one of us has been asked to stand up and say, obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and obey the ambit of another man or data for which we are killed with one

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or the other. Like there was a NEMA de Matos family.

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The point I'm making is that

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these are the small tests that we have. And May Allah forgive us. We fail in these tests.

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We fail in these tests.

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We will go and attend things which we should not again knowing that it is wrong. And then we have an excuse. Kanazawa Rehana, kudos to Anna Marie Botticelli's algunos de

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la Yamazaki just to give her Peroni those The only je whiskey barwani

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the friendship with Allah which we should have chosen the Day of Judgment we are not bothered about that worried about this 25 years of friendship.

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My question to myself venue is if we are going to fail in this morph test in this life, what will you and I do when we are lying

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in our deathbeds wherever they're

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at the time of death,

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when the shaitan will exercise and exert his maximum force to take us out of Islam.

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If we cannot even fight Japan in these small things,

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these little games which really should not even be it should not even be a matter of consideration for us. We are unable to fight yet and even here. How will you find shaitan on the day when we are dying?

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And on that day if Allah does not protect us, then we will enter the Hellfire horror.

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How will we face those tests?

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When those dead ghost has come? And please don't fool yourself. Do not fool yourself. Don't say that any of the Ciotti jeiza was was everything and Lego

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Bach was a garage of negros to Calcutta Nakamura casalini, Dasani Bula

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that thought itself is wrong said that.

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The person cannot even stand word for what a smiling face like that is going to stand for the floor to give us Let

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me give my life online. You cannot even give five minutes of your time for Allah. You cannot even spend $5 for all around the world to give a life.

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We have to remind ourselves constantly And believe me, it is the run of Allah subhanho wa Taala that the test is only this.

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The test is only this. We will come and pray in the masjid or will we pray at home? Will we do something for the sake of Allah? Or will we do something for our own sake, whatever that is.

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And remember, I'm not talking about Haram. I'm not talking about her Omar Abdullah inshallah you will not be

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Adam, I am talking about the thing which is dies but which has either no value or it has less value. And you choose that in exchange for something which obviously and clearly has more value and you are aware of this death from Allah subhanaw taala and that's why that's what that is it has given us Who are you to Roku

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Hulu averna home life turn on

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whatever whatever you thought that you will be left alone just because you haven't like

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home life Turn on

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the gas bill good bigger, you will be tested and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us in these tests. And we just asking Allah what help is not sufficient. We have to stand up.

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We have to stand up Yes, I love help. And then we make the effort later in Danny Lavasa.

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If a man makes no effort and he just says Allah give me we don't apply the same we don't supply the same thing for the dunya so what his number is his wisdom nigga does not do any work doesn't do anything. He's usually sitting at home and you tell him us what's wrong with you? Why don't you do some work?

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matter what,

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what do I do you know you first go make some effort to go work after that you make God What do I make go and Caracas unmistakable

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is what we will say.

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But what about the What about the deep

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within the hazmat will come just like that Janet will fall into our laps

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none of these 11 please very, very, very clear.

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A lot with just us and we have to pass those tests. Allah will help us but we have to stand up. If we consciously choose after having knowledge, if we consciously choose something which has less value, when Allah has offered us at the same time, something which has more value, Allah subhanaw taala will close the doors of that thing which has more value Believe me. Allah will stop you from those things. Because you have shown that you have no consideration you have no value for that thing. Allah gave you something better you discarded it You took something which was less Allah will shut those doors 11 close those doors

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make tobacco loss rather make total loss Renata choose the right things, especially when you have knowledge. Choose the right things. And if you have chosen the wrong thing, because I'm gay man Mr. Do no problem though is there make Toba ask Allah to forgive you and inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will restore. But if we don't do that, if we stick on this thing and we say what is this the goal is whatever.

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Allah will shut the doors. I'm telling you that very, very clear. Let us be very clear this our guests come in life they come to us, they come to me they come to every human being who said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah. And tomorrow is in more detail how this came for ambia how just came from Sahaba Angela, we'll talk about that was Allah Allah Neville Karim? Allah Allah. He was obvious me

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