Ramadan 2019 Reminders 06 – What is the Goal of Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the importance of knowing the meaning of tackle with the soul ofizia in order to understand the spiritual meaning of everything. They argue that fasting is prescribed for those who have already completed a meal, and that even in the corrupt scriptures, people are seen as fasting to accomplish a goal of creating consciousness. The speaker emphasizes the need to clarify the meaning of tackle to better understand the spiritual meaning of everything.

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We need to go back

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to look at what the essence of Ramadan is supposed to be.

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And it is not something which is philosophical, difficult to understand only people of higher learning and knowledge can grasp. Know.

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Islam is for everybody.

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A law provided this way of life for everyone. So he made it very clear in the Quran.

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In his final revelation to humankind, he made it very clear, crystal clear, what is the soul of Ramadan? What is Ramadan all about?

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So, we would not have any confusion in our minds regarding he said.

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Yeah, you're Latina, amanu quotevalet Kumasi amo, kamakoti byland, Edina Minn. publikum la la quinta, da, boo. Oh, you believe fasting was prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you. In order that you would develop

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a consciousness, a higher consciousness of a law.

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Fasting was prescribed for all of the prophets of Allah and their followers. What Allah said here,

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for all those who came before you,

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it was also prescribed.

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And even till today in the corrupt scriptures, in the hands of Christians and Jews, we do see clear statements that Jesus, Moses fasted 40 days and 40 nights,

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eating nothing and drinking nothing.

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Still remains and in the other religions in Hinduism, Buddhism, all the others, which are corruptions from the original message which Allah sent to those people in those places. They all have fasting prescribed.

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This is the goal. This is the goal. It is to raise our consciousness of a law