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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy he was seldom just leaving because he didn't casita from Abba.

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Brothers Sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala said Korea Iberia levena asafo Allah and fusi him la takana Tomie Rahmatullah in De La Jolla. Fetal blue, by Jamia in the whole of all Rahim. You see desire, it is such so beautiful, so beautiful. And many of the scholars in the facility know Allah have said that this is the idea of the greatest Bashar or the greatest

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glad tidings, the greatest comfort that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us in the Quran. You see this ayah lacings AR surah Allah all addresses to them to them it was a very solemn call ya eva de Lena asafo Allah let's think about this think about this. Allah subhanaw taala did not see eye on us as love Allah No. Yeah Eva de

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just that one word.

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Because that was one that I can say oh people who did this. So this is at a distance or people read this

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No, it's oh my slaves who did this? Yeah, buddy. Now if you think about this, normally, who will you say my? Somebody will like my friends, right? My friends. Very common in most families. If the mother and father have your conversation, if the son or daughter did something wrong, the father will say see what your son did? He will get to see what your son did. And if he did something good see what my son did?

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Say saves or

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if some if they if they are disobedient, you dismiss them or not my goal, but not almost. Yeah, buddy who not Nabin was the radio show that No.

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US ruffle and fuzzy Who am I bad those who have committed sins who have dragged and again think about this, Allah and Bucha him. So when we disobey Allah Subhana Allah geladeira we are not harming Allah.

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transgress against our Allah did not say transgressed against my orders transgressed against me no transgressed against themselves. What are you actually transgressing orders of Allah if I am supposed to pray if I don't pray? I am transgressing what I'm breaking what the order of Allah but Allah is not even say Allah is saying this you will not bring you harm yourself.

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Even though you broke the order of Allah Subhana Allah that you have yourself

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is such a beautiful

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understanding of the meaning of sin is not something outside it's me. I have myself

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so Allah says those who have said to them call Yeah, buddy, oh my slaves who am yourselves

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as a whole and museum law that to me Rahmatullah Do not despair of the Russia of Allah subhanaw taala what is Rama Rama?

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Rama is not for Ramadan is forgiveness. Mercy is forgiveness. Yes.

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Let's talk about the morality. Now think about this. If you look at it purely from the Arabic language context, this sentence is complete cause

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or you traverse don't despair of the mercy of Allah. There is a cause there is a river that matters or not with Allah.

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Love that not to morality Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala is already

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in Allah young, virile, Vinoba Jamia

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Verily Allah Subhana Allah will forgive all sins.

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Some things which are serious which are major which are you know, major sins we have to actually seek forgiveness and make us the verb many many other things Allah subhanaw taala forgives on his own geladeira know

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in the law yet the noble Jamia even here the sentence is complete

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but not with Allah. Allah Subhan Allah is even more

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in the whole world of photo Rahim

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whenever he's the one who is the most forgiving and our him his Raha extends endless

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does an N r Rahim like Al Karim? Al Jimmy doesn't end

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What is beautiful, well, beautiful. What is honored and honorable remains honorable doesn't suddenly become followed on Sunday though.

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So I remind myself renew that Alhamdulillah. We have Rob, who forgives as soon as

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I was running subhanaw taala says, When my slave makes a mistake, he commits a crime go into sin.

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And then he makes Toba. So Allah says my slave knows that he has Rob.

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And he knows that is Rob forgives.

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So he's asking forgiveness I have for you and

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then some time passes, he makes another sale, maybe the same one maybe something else.

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And then remembers, so handle I should not have done this. He makes us suffer a loss. Valterra says my slave knows that he has.

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And he knows that his rock forgives. So he's asking forgiveness, I will forgive him.

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And then some time passes.

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And he makes a mistake again, we are like this.

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Hello, may Allah protect us from ourselves? He again does something wrong. Then he remembers wala What did I do? Again, it makes us the work Allah subhanaw taala says my slave knows that he has a job.

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And he knows his job forgives, He seeks forgiveness. So I have forgiven

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let him do whatever he wants, I will forgive him.

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Now, the MaHA disown, they have said that this does not mean that you cannot do whatever you like. It means that this is the this is the extent of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. So you must keep making the idea is not to say now, you know you're free to do what no, sin is sin. This we have to be very careful with this. Similarly, we know they have established a subset of Allah subhanaw taala says, almost live, if you may, if you come to me

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with sins that are from this earth to the heavens.

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I imagine going anywhere to do that many sins, the last Martellus verse from this earth to the heavens.

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And you come to me two conditions one without making sure don't bring somebody else in between these between you and me.

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Right. Nausea

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and seeking forgiveness. Nada hammock

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being ashamed, genuinely contrite, genuinely ashamed.

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genuinely sorry, Rob. This is what I did. Yeah, have mercy on me.

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If you don't have mercy on me, Ill I'm tougher

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than the middle class at the Ibanez alumni and vasana Willem de Furla. Water Hamner, Lana

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Louisa loves it. Allah says if he comes to me with sins from the earth to the heavens, but with the head without joining partners, and with genuine damage, genuine regret in the heart. Allah says I will meet him with Mercy more than that.

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So however,

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there was a certain set a man went to an Adam and he said to him, I have committed so many sins, will Allah forgive me?

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And the olives are no, like you're not.

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Allah will never forgive you.

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You did too many things.

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Allah subhanho Daraa then says that this man does oh god Allah.

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He is limiting my mercy.

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He is ruling about me.

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So I have forgiven the one who asked forgiveness and I will put this man in Jan.

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So never say to anybody, Allah will not for you. We are nobody we are not spokes people. Allah did not appoint me and you to say who should go to Jana we go Jana Jana belongs to Allah. Jana belongs to Allah not doing not to you not anybody.

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And the vinyl Hadees here in this context and there are many more but I will leave it is one which we all know again. Good to remind even though we know

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this man who killed imaginary by the kind of sins, he killed he actually murdered 99 people. You will love looking at Jack the Ripper or somebody like this like serial killer, big time serial killer 99 people he killed. Then he got some theories or though I think maybe I did something wrong he went to and he said to him, I did this 99 People I killed will Allah forgive me? He said no way we know 99 People who kill her well how can ALLAH forgive? So again, this man obviously had a problem with maybe you know he was mentally off or Gaby not mad. But obviously you had a problem with anger Gordon was what year right? You don't just get landlines and people like

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that so when the ones that we got again he got mad at me pull out disorder Nicaragua. So now we got under

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full surgery right in Cricut terminology

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so now he went to another one and he said to him I killed 99 The other one I asked him he told me and Allah will not forgive I killed him was on our news

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so what do you think he's the one that says so, he told him

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two things he said first of all, easier inshallah Allah will forgive you but do this he said leave the place where you are because you You did all this because you live in bad companies first and foremost the people around you you are living with evil people that is all of this stuff you are doing is also because of that. So leave this place is a go to such and such a place where there are good people and go and make us the far inshallah Allah will forgive you

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so many lessons to be learned is not just one thing right? So big one was one of the many lessons is watch who you are with if you are sitting with evil people evil things will happen you will do evil things this company is important.

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So as are okay, so now he left a little bit down the road he died

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so now the angels of Jana and the angel Johanna both came there.

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So the angels agenda said well demand is you know, he was going to make this the one so I love it inshallah we take it so there either because No, no, no, no, he didn't make a survey he was going to make who knows what he will do. But as far as we are concerned, he killed 100 people.

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So we take him

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so in their altercation and they said let's ask Allah Subhana Allah because Allah knows all of these animals what's going on? So they go Yara, this is what happened because Allah knows whatever. So what is your home so let's measure the land from where he started to where he was going. If you crossed halfway, which means is going towards goodness

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the people of the angels of Jannah can take if he did not cross halfway

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then he did not reach there. So

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he goes to Jana

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and as the angels go there Allah subhanaw taala orders the earth to stretch

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so when they measure he's gone more than half off he didn't know what he was the night before that. But when the angels measure they are measuring more than half that side. He goes to John

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which funny reminders of my one of my one of my favorite was limited.

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So if it is sorry if I'm going on too long, but this is good, Mashallah.

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In the time of Musa alayhis salam resources and told us that time Musa alayhis salam there was a man who was so bad, so evil, that eventually the people on the dump they got so sick of him that they kicked him out of the ghetto. You cannot live here anymore.

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So now this man is alone is wandering somewhere in the wilderness, you know, probably no vote or whatnot. He got sick and he died.

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Allah's rather than a send we're here to Missouri serve Allah subhanaw taala said that man who you kicked out of his place, he is in laying this forest somewhere that please go and give him hosel and give him make janazah for him and ask forgiveness for this man who's been told is Musa Alisha, orgasm mineral Ambia they will get up they will Sharia

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Kalevala not any order. You know, this is like the big ones

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so Busara is and then Allah says one was around and he said announced to all your people that whoever goes with you, Allah will forgive him

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so Musa is Allah makes his announcement the obviously the Old Town comes let's go to forgive me just for going there I'm gonna

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hold up now there is there they find this man there they give the puzzle and so on and then

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bury him and all this misery salami stove, whatever everybody says. I mean, everybody got home

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but Musa Musa and he had Musa al Islam had this beautiful relationship with others. So Musa is around says Yara What is the story?

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What is the story? Yours is man who is so evil with three waters what? You make me go and do Jana and you have for you forgive the old town because it's bad. What? Whatever.

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Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, Musa man was laying on the ground. He was in his last moments he was dying.

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And he called me and he said, Yeah, Rob.

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If I knew, he said, Yeah, Rob, if I knew

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that by

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punishing me by ghee putting me in the Hellfire is I know I said I am for the Hellfire I accept that I am for the I am from the Hellfire I am from the people of the fire I do not say I have not. I did all this, right. But if I knew that by putting me in the Hellfire this would increase your glory and your majesty, if it would make you one iota bigger, one atom bigger, one atom be more glorious. I will not ask for mercy. I would not make a Stefan hamdulillah let Allah subhanaw taala be glorified by my burning in the fire, let alone but I know this is not true. So please forgive me.

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Then he said Yara if I knew that by burning me in the fire by punishing me you would be happy that this would please you? Even if it would please you to the weight of an atom. I would not seek verse see Allah

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be happy. Right let me burn. But I know this is not true.

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I know you will not be happy. So yeah, Allah forgive me.

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So who's Alice Alice brothers, so I forgive him. He's Jana. Hey.

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Now I always tell myself and I'm telling you

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who gave him those words to say

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this is our gala gelato. So whenever you read Hadees Azhar don't just stop with the word think about this. The man said this yes he said this did he say it on his own?

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He said without it obvious of Allah

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so what do you say about the Rob who gives him those words?

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Our Father otherwise

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how are they sir there's a lot banners

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for the hell out there him that and I couldn't remember who gave them these words.

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Who told the mask like this?

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this is our so we ask a lot Robin.

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And fusina William toquilla Now

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they're like gonna nominal capacity. Yeah. How are you? Are you Mira together studies as Leila Nash.

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La Isla hadeland La ilaha illa de Subhanak in Nicole domino Solomon. Robert for will have Montes Adel Rahim in wa salam ala. At Medallia he was happy. Maybe

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