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I want to remind you and myself

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that anytime we want to do

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something difficult,

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for example, if you want to become strong,

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then you go to the gym

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and you start lifting some weights, go to the trainer and you fits.

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And then you start lifting weights, the first thing that happens is that the whole body pain.

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Well, what if

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you don't give up lifting weights, you keep on lifting weights, until one day, the pain goes away, then you become stronger,

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to get a zero.

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Out of 23 years of his life as of newborns,

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13 years was spent in Makkah, during which 13 years, there was almost no gamma, which came

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the only work of 13 years was to develop the connection with Allah. That

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was the work on COVID was the work on building Emacs. And was the work of connecting with Alice vanozza for 13 years.

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And if you look at those 13 years, that 13 years is like being on a slice on a slope going down.

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Because every successive year was more difficult than the previous year. So if you look at that 13 year period, it was a failure after failure after failure.

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One after the other.

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Right from the beginning, the moment you said I'll Allah, it was almost as if the door of failure is opening. So

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the moment they began, anyone became Muslim, difficulty started.

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And those difficulties did not go away they went Not only did the difficulty not go away, the difficulty increased.

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In some cases, as in the case of the father and mother of Mr. vinyasa.

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The difficulty ended in Jad, both of the mother and father was a so they did not see any, apparently they did not see any victory in this life. directories in the as being JP Sevilla, the first Shahada of Islam, the parents of Marvin, Yasser Delano,

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but in this dunya, they did not see any success. So also Rasul Allah, Allah, one after the other one after the other, that, you know, be the year after year after year.

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And in all this period, no icon, for example, however, was the alcohol was not bad. That came in Madeira, and so forth. Now, if you look at it today, we seem to be doing the opposite. For us. The moment we become interested in Islam, the first thing we look at is

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we don't worry about it. We don't worry about it, the first thing we'll look at is a cowboy icon.

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And that icon will fit. We don't learn the role of it. We go straight to the hook.

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And that is the reason why there are so many divisions

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because people are more concerned about whether you should move your finger in the hood

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and whether you should do today, but they are less concerned about whether you should come

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to praise Allah in the budget is less important than whether you lift your hand or not, is less important than whether you say I'm in danger or not.

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So Allah the man who's not even prayed, will the question of me not do i mean or will we still you know, but this is the problem today because we are more focused on actual work and those occurrences also we look for differences.

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So I will not pray behind this one I will not prevent this one because he does this or he does this.

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This is not

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to keep the hearts together. Because Allah has that as they did no matter what and wider.

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The the cause for the joining the coming together of the this oma is only one which is that we worship Allah subhana wa

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I think that is what I want to remind myself and you that we should focus on the things will bring people together not on things which divide people number one number two, that we should focus on connecting with Allah Serrano's look at the issue of our Salah. Look at the outsides that are during the day where it is my heart Where is my mind? Is it focused on us ran out Allah or is it focused in the dunya how much of zikalala Am I doing in my daily life outside of Salah.

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When I'm when I'm in my workplace when I'm studying or wherever is my focus

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is my speaker on Allah subhanaw taala not funda Giroux will or the woman what the law

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was guru laka

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let's go and such but don't forget

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so therefore I think we should do it ourselves focus on this connect with others rather than then inshallah the practice of the dean will recoveries in this one the asthma tabula rasa lies in the heart then to follow the outcome of this of the Quran and Sunnah is very

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our problem with following the Quran is because the author is not in that

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when they ask what Allah comes over in the question, are these disobeys Allah? So let us try to focus on that inshallah. We ask Allah to make it easy for us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to open the majesty and glory of his of his glorious countenance on us so that we, our heart is filled with the love of Allah subhanaw taala with the hope of oneness with the all and majesty of them as well.

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And so that it becomes easy for us to practice these beautiful days that we have got from us online.

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So why not have bigger abilities at MIT for was in our lab