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Fila Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield MBA one who studied Muhammad Rasul Allah is another highly who it was able to sell them to Sliven cathedral Casita, Hamato, my brothers and sisters.

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I remind myself and you that, as we are seeing things happening in the world, things seem to be

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going from bad to worse. And

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although we make dua,

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we don't seem to see any sign of it being accepted.

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And that's why I think it's important for us to understand the whole issue of ourself.

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So two things first and foremost, as always,

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he said,

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a Da Hua a bad, he said, dua itself, Isabella,

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in other places here a DUA, Homer coolibah, he said, dua is the brain of your mother's the essence of Others The purpose of rebirth. Now Abba is worship. And what we know about about about worship is that Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards worship.

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So if I say Subhan Allah one time this is worship, and Allah will give me

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how many 110 for each of these, and then Subhanallah because it's part of the Quran,

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you get 110 100 for each letter of Subhan Allah

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right, because Alhamdulillah this part of the Quran, so I get 10 as an ad for each letter of the of Alhamdulillah. And then of course, Allah will multiply that by 10 and as much as he wants.

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So, dua is about so the first and foremost thing to understand and therefore never to stop making dua is because it is

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so hungry that irrespective of whether this dua is accepted in the sense of did I get what I asked for when we say accepted? What do you mean?

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I need a job I'm asking you to look for a job because I get the job or not. No, that's not the meaning of accept accepted me is jealous. This is my job. Yes, of course, was a real boss, he is the one who sees and hears everything. Now whether Allah will give me what I want or not is a different question. And that depends on whether what I asked for is good for me or not. And that good for me or not? Allah knows and I don't know.

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Let's write that as it was and tughra Hosea for what was Antonio Bucha for general loco Allahu Allah want to let us know what Allah said that it is possible that you dislike something but there is benefit in it for you and it is possible that you like something and there is harm in it for you and Allah knows that you do not know. So this is the thing to understand that yes, when I make dua, I am getting the reward of worship for that because there is worship. Whether I actually get what I asked for or not depends on Allah subhana wa Tada as hikma Allah subhanaw taala as mushiya His will, His overall plan for the world and for us, and the wisdom behind it. And we don't always understand we

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don't understand most of the time you don't understand the wisdom behind what Ana Swatara does. Let me give you two examples. For example, take the

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the year is 1258.

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And Bertha, which is the center of the Embassy of lava is surrounded by the army of the Mongols with a Gohan 150,000 Soldiers which is the largest army that the Mongols ever had.

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And in a period of 10 days, Baghdad is conquered by that had 1 million people in it. And holy Wuhan slaughtered every single man woman child including infants. Every single one of them was either

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slashed with a sword and cut or he was he or she was clubbed to death, every single one.

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Then he proceeded to destroy the entire city though that was the number one capital of the world.

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The number one capital of the world, it has the most beautiful buildings the most beautiful mother's as masajid it had this vital heck by the House of Wisdom which was which had millions of books

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completely gone.

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He leveled it

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completely the whole city was leveled, there was nothing there except the problem.

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They say that the Tigris and Euphrates they first ran with blood they ran the red because of the number of people were killed and then they ran black because of the number of books which were thrown in them and it clogged up the river. They said some

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But he wrote, one of the historians said a rider could ride across the river on books.

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Now think about this, who was the who was the ruler, Sudan. Mr. Sen. Bill Bill Biller, Mr. Azim biller was the direct descendant of a sorcerer Salah from the value of batsman of the whatever.

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Now you might say well you know used to drink alcohol and whatnot which is reported, but forget that the point is here the man making you obviously wasn't making good while drinking alcohol so he would have made the worst of one and so on. We, we ask Allah to forgive us.

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We ask Allah to forgive him. How many people do think we're making the other

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31 of the greatest overseers the Quran was in Baghdad the same

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for the la route Allah.

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Let me give you a bigger example. Abdullah bin zuba or Golan whom I mentioned that story in detail in my football de vaca. Today's I won't, I won't repeat it. You can listen to that. But Abdullah bin Zayed, the son of Zubin awam, and Asma bint Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anhu as rain

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was killed by hijacked venues of in the Kaaba

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in the Hara.

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Was he making dua, or No?

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Was his mother making dua or

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bigger example, present even earlier we'll learn about the same time. Jose Eddie Villanueva the grandson, the son of Fatima to Zara the Alana, the man about whom Lazarus said hasn't chosen are the

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leaders of the Shabaab in January, they are the leaders of the youth in JAMA, their mother is the leader of the women engine.

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He and his whole family not just one person, he and his whole family, all the men in the family except one

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are killed in Iraq and Karbala at the hands of the army visit. What are they making do are they were not making.

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So what we say they felt

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that is why we need perspective. That's why we have to understand

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they did not fail they were hugely successful. Because success and failure is not measured by what happens in this life success and failure is measured by what happens in the Accra. You are not successful or a failure because of whether you stand or you fall, not because of whether you win the fight or not when the fighters success or failure depending on which side you stood for.

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That is the measure of success and failure not whether it's somebody killed you or to be to be actually killed by a

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amazingly superior force is a sign of honor.

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Allah subhanaw taala when a destroyed number owed

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the man who wanted to buy Salam Allah did not send Djibouti listen. He caused the mosquito to go inside his nose

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and eventually died by a mosquito. Why?

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Because to be killed by a superior if you know enemy is honor, it's not resolved. But which pharmacy mosquito to begin with, we care about mosquito.

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So let us understand what is happening in velocity may Allah subhanaw taala we will we have to make because we continue with May Allah help them Allah protect them? May Allah subhanaw taala give us a victory? Well as one of the give them the access of the shahada from there may Allah subhanaw taala cure the ones who are injured and so on. We continue to make dua and we never give up.

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But we don't lose hope because of what is what we are seeing where we don't seem to be seeing our doors being accepted. We never stop as soon as the President said the slave Allah subhanaw taala promised to answer to our lesson only yesterday block who asked me I will give you

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but he said the slave gets tired of asking, he's asking for so long. So I stopped No, never stop your job and my job is to ask let us do our job. Our job is not to ask and then certain assessment is a you know ask 10,000 times nothing happened? No, that's not your job. Your job is to ask until when until we meet Allah.

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We continue to ask you again and again like how many times

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as long as I have life, I will keep asking Allah subhanaw taala for His mercy for his forgiveness for helping the people who are weak of helping the people who are who are sick and for being injured or people who are being oppressed and

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People who are who are you know being deprived of their land and their homes and so on and so on so yeah, it's our job plus

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final point is if you want to ask to be accepted please understand the drugs are accepted on condition you know the heavies

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the man came in the budget is and you're up you're up you're up is asking is rough

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How can is rough answer him? How will his Rob answer him? When the 40 eats is haram the clothes he wears are Hara

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what does it mean in clothes the clothes event meaning he's earning what he's earning is haram and the food is eating is haram

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so please understand this I don't make the rules right I don't make the rules I try not to break the rules and my job is to inform you

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if you are going to continue whoever is doing that

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you whoever is doing that, if you are used to eating non zombie have it

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what is the VM it the VM it is a halal animal or bird slaughtered by a Muslim user is well i Alaba This is the best and far and finest way that is if something is not severe, it is not valid. It's like eating a roadkill

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It's like eating pork.

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Please make up your mind you want your dog to be accepted. hold yourself back. You won't die if you don't eat that doubtful chicken you won't you won't die if you rotate the dog for pizza, find find something which are no route and eat chicken until you start laying eggs I don't care right?

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but don't don't fool stuff. So do not eat anything which is doubtful. Similarly, earning very very very important if you have earning from sources which are haram

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if you have earnings from interest based finance, if you have earnings from

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you know all kinds of other stuff. Then that earning will ensure that you your door is not accepted. Please understand if by Dubai is not accepted, I'm not going to get nobody to phone me from Ghana and say excuse me, your door is not accepted. I won't get a message on my phone.

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No access to that No. I will know when I meet Allah.

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So please clean up the act. Our job is to clean up our act, eat halal and holler. And then ask Allah subhanaw taala until we meet Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept or do as you ask Allah subhanaw taala to open the doors of higher and baraka for us, and to help our brothers and sisters and all of these people in Varanasi and everywhere else wherever they are being oppressed at first, it is not the only place believe me. We forgot about growing as in Burma. We forgot about the wiggers in China, I can give you a long list of people.

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So it's not only those people it is a whole bunch of people don't really think come on made up between all of them. They are Muslim.

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So May Allah help us there. This is a big message for us. Why is all this happening to us think about this, right? Think about this. And we ask Allah to help us to understand and get the results of Allah Allah Allah will Kareem while he was serving member Africa