Hussain Yee – Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 03

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The importance of following the Prophet's teachings and not following behavior is emphasized. The importance of keeping in touch with people who have said gene and not giving up on the message is also emphasized. The importance of following laws and laws of the bus is also emphasized. The importance of following the Prophet's guidance and not following anyone's behavior is also emphasized. The speaker mentions a program for children to wake up with guidance from parents and emphasizes the need to stay connected and focus on speaking when others want to talk. The importance of following the Prophet's teachings and not following behavior is also emphasized.
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mean aku botica

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on the becoming de

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la FC Santa and alake

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and karma as named Alana Sheikha

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These are a part of the zekiel that our prophet SAW masam remind all of us, if possible to recited inshallah.

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brothers and sister we believe in

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Eve our Prophet sallallahu Sallam is alive today.

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And when He looked at his alma who is trying their best to follow his Sunnah, he'll be very happy

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because his effort

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did not go to waste because whatever he has taught us, we are trying our best to follow.

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One of the reason the first generation is been blessed by a lot of black men.

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Consider as radi Allahu anhu morado and because the first generation of Omar the Sahaba

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they are so faithful, so sincere in following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whatever the Prophet one them to do, they just listen and obey sameena wa tada

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the Tabby in those who survive after Prophet Muhammad SAW most of them

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the way they respect the Sunnah of the Prophet, some Muslim, even the Prophet was not there anymore, he passed away.

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They never have the opportunity to see the profit like us, we never seen our profit samosa. But the way they respond to the saying of the Prophet as though as the Prophet is still alive,

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they mean when they read the Hadees they understand the Hadees they will act immediately. They are not stubborn,

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and they are not dis obedient, whatever the proper one them to do.

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Even the Prophet apostle way, they just read the Hadees or the Sahaba convey the Hadees to the Tabby in, they will respond to meet now wattana like how the Prophet is talking to them, including Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah Lee, the way he learned the Hadees from the companions, not the companion that Tabby in whenever they caught the saying of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he honor the Hadees that how he honor the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as though as the Prophet is still alive and talking to him.

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Today I'm very happy like I've said to all of you since the first day we made our case

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because I've seen all the brother and sister is trying the best to follow the sun now when you pray, you make sure the South is straight. When you pray, you make sure the South is close to each other you stay you stay connected.

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Shoulder to shoulder fit to fit you stay connected from the beginning to the end. And this is the spirit one year to maintain until we meet a lot of women. We do not want to follow the suit not only Ramadan after Ramadan, collage, no, no.

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This is the beginning. The beginning that we are changing.

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Even we are not used to it. But we are changing we are not stubborn. We are not disobedient we are trying our best.

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Now this is very important that this spirit is very important.

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In our center normally we encourage a lot of our good brothers, whether you are local. Whether you're a foreigner today, our mom is from Nigeria and he has been with us on and off. And hamdulillah

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yesterday we have a mom from Saudi we don't have to go to Saudi the Saudi come to us and hamdulillah is a blessing from Allah, Allah Minh.

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Now one important thing I just want to allow me to say in Malaya bit

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soft ini penting

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get das laloo solid pastikan kita berdiri straight but all

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Cancer Support sepanjang solid German Tuscan Sofitel? I have to say the majority are local.

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But we do have some foreigner. also learn how to speak

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millia hamdulillah

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they can speak Malay and hamdulillah. You'd be surprised. The foreigners speak Malays, and we don't speak their language. But anyhow, I have said early sometime brothers and sister, those who are praying beside you, if they do a lot of movement, unnecessary. Yeah, mostly

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children, the young one, the old one like you and me, I think we don't, we don't move a lot and hamdulillah we are more disciplined. But the young one, the young one, Allah test them more. I know, after they stand for some time, and their bodies start to be a bit shaky. So there's a lot of

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maybe germs moving around the body, they become very icky, they start to scratch here and then control them if you are beside them. You open your eyes when you perform your prayer, you can see their movement, then you have to move your hand and hold their hand. You can do that help them discipline them, they need that kind of reminder.

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Few that we're excited about your mom tonight. Remind us about the finition of the Quran. Quran is here as nasira

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whereby she 010 mushy, mushy run wanna zero the same thing the profits and loss arm was sent as net zero, but she run one or zero meaning to send glad tiding good news for those who follow and reminder warning for those who do not obey.

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Now, brothers and sisters, I

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did say to all of you that I'm going to share with you about two groups of people's number one in the Quran. In surah Mata Fifi in Surah mata 15 is Surah 83 there are two types of people that Allah is addressing here. Number one is

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Allah set color in Nikita Bella foot Jerry that feeds Sujin mama Dada Comanche gene, Allah is talking about a group of people consider as people have said gene, who other people have said gene that people have said gene is the wicked people.

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People who like to do a lot of mischeif

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people who always like to play around the gray area

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these are considered the wicked people the bad guy

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wherever will they end? For the bad guy they will end in sittin where is it gene, a lot of Malala mean is telling us she gene is the lowest of the low of hellfire.

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The lowest of the law.

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Because when you are being created by a law as the best creation law, insane that the US Senate the queen, indeed we created you human being as the best creation and then allows it for Mara that now must follow well as Saturday. But I will.

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If your do not behave like the best, then I will make you the lowest of the low.

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Now there is one group the wicked people that mean people who know what is right.

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But they do want to follow. They know when they pray. They must have discipline they don't care.

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They know when they follow the mom they must have patience. But they have no patience. For example, just an example.

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There is not a good sign. Then a lot of Lala min inform us about the other group. The good news that I like to share with all of you.

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We did ask Allah in the Quran, what our Phantom abrar what our panna abroad meaning we ask Allah Oh Allah

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make us die among the abrar we want to be among the abrar who are the brown

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color in Nikita, Bella Bharat fluffy Ilene ileen

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alertable al Ameen is telling us

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that along with a cop

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Allah where I caught the abravanel

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who are the abrar? The righteous believer, those who is trying to do what Allah and the Prophet one you to do. These are the abrar

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and a lot prom is for those abroad. Laffy ileen

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Laffy elene

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we all are trying our best to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by just following the Sunnah correctly, then you qualify yourself to be among the abrar.

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The Elaine then you will enter ilium meaning our destination for the ileen is that we will be in the seventh heaven.

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The seven Heaven is where it contained the souls of the abroad when we die,

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our soul will be taken up

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and in a day of judgment. Allah will put us among the abroad abroad. When you say in the seventh heaven is very close to sit throttle alamanda

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very close to sit throttle, monta ha

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you know, where is the throttle,

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shifter citrato montanha is the place where our Prophet soldier was invited by Allah

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to meet him and receive the gift of Salah prayer.

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That mean after the seven heaven

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you will come to Sidra monta Sidra Mata even Gabriel was not allowed to be there. Allahu Akbar

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is the highest of the high

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and that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala

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asked us one at the wrong camera in the room.

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Do you know what is alien? Do you all know what is alien? The word alien was taken from the root word Hulu.

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Allah means Highness

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The most or the more something ascend and rise. And then a lot of Malala mean tell us when you are there. A lot of Allah Allah Ameen will allow all of us Allah, Allah RR ake

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you will be at the tone on the throne, where a lot of elements will give you the right to see him from that throne

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in the highest place, and you can see a law with your naked eye and the Day of Judgment. Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah, and

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these are the gifts that Allah Allah Ameen promised those who act righteously abrar,

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the righteous group, and who can be the abrar who can be the abre brothers,

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every one of us can be

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as long as you try your best to follow. When you try to follow the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam you will be among the abrar

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is how he goes.

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Allah loves the good followers. Why Allah loves the Sahaba because they are the best followers of the Prophet similasan very loyal, very sincere.

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Never ones that go against the Prophet, even after the Prophet have passed away, they will honor and follow and obey the Sunnah of the Prophet until they pass away.

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The same go to all of us who are given the opportunity the same opportunity

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well as in the bar, exam, Allah say and for those who follow that

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and this is a sign in Ramadan. Yeah, we have been trying to remind every one of us the adapt of praying tiamo ramadan pmla and all of you have been following very good and hamdulillah we just want you to maintain that spirit. Sometimes after a while, you

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sometime you get loose a bit.

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And the new karma who do not know the adapt, they are not careful. We as the Dhamma must remind them, we must get closer to them. That's how we help each other

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The ayah that was recited by our mom tonight to as many is

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one of them. He is telling us how can we become the best group of people

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been hilman fasting, stay away from food and drink is easy.

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The most difficult part

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is to control your tongue.

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We are born speakers, we are all speakers. You don't have to go for special cause to learn how to talk.

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Especially talk about other people.

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We love to talk and Allah never said you should not talk you should.

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And that's why the ayah was recited one man at Santa cola me manda Illa. Allah salia.

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Now is asking us

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Who among us?

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Yeah, who when they speak,

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they have the best speech.

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Alone, there's the top. But you must choose your word.

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You must prepare yourself when you want to talk.

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Normally, when we want to talk to somebody, brother and sister, what do you want from the other people the listener? What do you expect from others to listen to you?

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Or you don't bother? Whether they will listen to I don't care. I just like to talk.

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You listen good, you don't listen, no problem.

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Then it defeats the purpose of talking. When you want to talk to somebody. You want that the person that you're talking to to listen to you.

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That is why you want to talk if the person want to listen to you, why must you talk to him?

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is a waste of time. And you get upset of the day? Am I talking to the wall? Now you're talking to yourself now?

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You're talking to somebody when the person do not respond, you are telling me am I talking to the wall, neither the wall can respond.

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There is why when you want to talk Allah says whose speech is the best in the sight of Allah than the people who use his tongue to invite other people to Allah.

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When you want to talk, you make sure that your speech is inviting others to Allah to something that please Allah, woman as an academy manda Illallah.

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You are calling people back to Allah, telling them about what Allah say that is the best speech.

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We know that the Prophet said for us the call Hadees kita below the best speech the best word is the word of Allah. So you use the word of Allah to talk to people.

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And then allows it

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if you want to invite other people to become good.

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You want people to be around to be righteous. Allah says, woman acido COVID Amanda illallah wa amela salejaw you yourself must be righteous. You must try your best to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet then you can invite others to follow. But if your self is not strong in following the Sunnah of the Prophet, then it's difficult for you to call others to follow because he also 5050 sometimes 3070 something zero, you forget everything.

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So it's difficult because you don't have the fighting spirit. You must hold on to the truth to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallahu wa salam. That's how we show our lives the Prophet Muhammad SAW Muslim at 3pm Today we have a special program for the children. Three to four. Talking about Ramadan, we might have 50 to 60 children nausea Alhamdulillah

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we are talking about how beautiful Ramadan we are asking them about the pillar of Islam Alhamdulillah majority of them memorize some of them try to say it but I know they memorize it. If they may not memorize we pray they will memorize it inshallah.

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Then we talk to them that you know that if you follow us and you do the best if you die you go to Ghana you go to Paradise then some children say I want to die.

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So easy you know if you die, I want to die now

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guy told me paradise what you have in paradise. All the delight. Anything you love to have you have it in paradise. You don't have to ask your father as your mother. You say I want to send it to you. I want this Allah send it to you. You an iPhone 10 iPhone 10 come to you. Now they don't have iPhone 10 the iPhone eight is the iPhone eight on the market. Yeah, we are behind now.

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Just example, anything you love your gadget, Allah. I told them you know in janma a good agenda you know what you have? You have reverse. You don't like to go to the river because it's dangerous. You have swimming pool, jacuzzi, everything that

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you just go and go to Paradise. No. That's all how to go to Paradise. It's not difficult. Be good.

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In Alaska pray you pray. And I remind the children to do what?

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To wake up for Sahu

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if possible, wake up before the mother wake up

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and say you see how blessed we have mother because of Mother. Mother always wake up and cook and prepare for the children.

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Father Father we know you all our father here No, father very relaxing. They are very comfortable. When they sleep they don't care what waking up they know the wife will wake them up

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the same go to the children they know the mother wake there Mashallah. That's why it's so blessed if you have parents, especially when the mother is still alive when the mother is there, Allah but yeah, most of your problem consider soft, especially food.

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You don't have to worry anymore Alhamdulillah we hope that Allah will make it easy for the sisters No, I just want to remind remind you, in one of this class are not will la alum. Please if Allah allow the woman to take a break for fasting and praying when they have their period and menses meaning they should have

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a rest a good rest. So if they can pray and confess, we hope all the brothers show some mercy to them. Don't let them wake up to prepare food for you. You will prepare your own soul can we do that bread?

00:22:28 --> 00:22:31

They don't have to wake up now because there's no support for them.

00:22:33 --> 00:22:53

Can you just have some mercy? Tell them darling you don't have to wake up No, we prepare some food before you sleep. I just wake up and I hit up I will take by all now we have all the three in one Mashallah so far so easy enough and still very fresh and humble in

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your tree one you seriously you had three and when you have fruit, you just show extra mercy Can we do that brothers are no No, no I'm, there's the duty of my wife and my wife is to serve me. Whether she is fasting or not, she must serve me. But inshallah show some kindness to them alone would be very happy to all of us, especially our mother.

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The people who ask me says Why? profit are all men. No woman said you know, even you don't have to do like what the men have to do tribal here doing that or go out and confront the problem the people but when come to respect when come to honor, the prophet said Mother, Mother, Mother, last one, Papa,

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papa number one.

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Number four.

00:24:02 --> 00:24:03

Remember we are number four.

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May Allah bless us insha Allah and give us the understanding.

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Now lastly, I would like to remind all the good brothers and sisters again.

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Every night we will be here we try our best to improve the quality of our prayer. So that Allah will accept all our deeds insha Allah and we keep on asking a lot of give all our sins because we do need Allah's mercy and forgiveness. And please remember

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that when you are here, you try your level best to work closely with us. Keep this place clean and tidy. And make a lot of blood I mean, purify

00:24:48 --> 00:24:59

our imagine that sphere to imagine, purify our mind. So we think positively and also purify

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Our physical being, because when we left cleanliness, wherever you go, you also make sure that the environment is clean. So May Allah reward all of us again. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our kingdom tonight And may Allah Allah may accept our fast that we have done the data and we will see you to go tomorrow night insha Allah will be late perfectly well after that one will hamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah Hamada Hamdi Chateau La ilaha illa Anta stockbroker wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Far so

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many thing was going to

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