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Salah Ramallah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi lumbee were mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam does Nima and because he Anca Sera, from my brother, my dear brothers and sisters, the topic of today's lecture is back to basics. In my consulting practice, especially when a company is in trouble, I advise them to examine the fundamental decisions they make. We call it back to basics. I was speaking to a friend of mine, who was an instructor and examiner for fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force. I asked him what a fighter pilot is taught to do, if he gets into trouble, as in AD is in danger of crashing, he

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told me, we tell them go to the manual. So I said go to the manual, I had these visions of the guy who's in a tailspin hunting to find where the manual is, he said no, it means do an instrument check.

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The fact is that an instrument check is the first thing that is done and the aircraft does not take off unless everything is working perfectly. So why then another instrument check in midair? He said, that's the only way we know. That's the only way that we can know what is wrong. We can't do a physical check in the air. So instruments are all we have. So the pilot goes back to the instruments, back to the basics.

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What are the basics?

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The first of the basics, the most fundamental basic of the basics is attitude and attitude of submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala as well as demonstrated by Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam soon

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the Kitab of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger sallallahu taala he while he was useful, this is the fundamental basic, which is to be submissive and submit ourselves to this. Allah subhanaw taala told us to follow Islam fully, not partly, Allah Subhana Allah said I will be live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yeah, are you Hi levina Armand Oh, hello faasil me.

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What Tabu? What is shaytaan inaho la Komodo movie, which means as Allah subhanaw taala told us, or you believe, enter perfectly and completely and totally into Islam, obey all the rules, not only some of them, and do not follow the footsteps of shaitan Verily, He is your clear, plain evident enemy.

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The eye addresses the videos and tells them to enter Islam fully.

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And warns us against following in the footsteps of shaytan What is the meaning of following in someone's footsteps? Whose decision is it to follow? Can you blame the one whose footsteps you decide to follow?

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Following in the footsteps of someone means that that person whose footsteps they are is not present. Otherwise, Allah would have said geladeira who do not follow. He will not said do not follow in the footsteps. To follow in the footsteps means that the decision is ours. And so is the responsibility. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala told us that on the Day of Judgment shaitan will declare makalah shaytan Allah, Allah Maru in Allah.

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Why that Huck, but what took him four o'clock to four o'clock taco wama Ali comienzan Todd Hill, and our first job Tom Lee Farah tolo Mooney and pusaka ma b masuria. womma. And to be more sneaky, in nega four to be assured, Mooney min cobble, in azali mean Allah whom other boon Aleem Allah wa Tara said told us in Surah three Brahim and Shelton will say, when the matter has been decided, when the people of general have been assigned to German and the people of Jana may have been assigned to the Gnar. When the matter has been decided, Allah shatta will say Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala promised you a promise of truth. And I do promise you but I betrayed you. I had no authority over

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you, except that I called you and you responded to me was always

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suggested and you accepted my suggestion. So do not blame me. blame yourself, I cannot help you, nor can you help me.

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I deny your former act in associating me as a partner with Allah. associating shotgun with a partner of Allah by obeying shaytan instead of obeying Allah. Verily, there is a painful torment for these zaarly Moon people, Rosana, the transgressors, the oppressors, the criminals, the polities.

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Now narrated talha, when obey the law, or the law,

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a man with unkempt hair from the people of Nigeria came to rasulillah. He

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is a tribal body.

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We could hear him talking loudly, but we could not understand what he was saying until he came closer. He was asking about Islam, but also seldom said to him.

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Five prayers in each day and night, man or the Muslim is asking what more? As soon as Adam said to him five prayers in each day and night. He said, Do I have to do anything more rubbish? I said no, unless you do it voluntarily.

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Then he said, and that was awesome. Then said, and fasting the month of Ramadan? The man said, Do I have to do anything more adventurous? And I'm said no, unless you do it voluntarily. And then as soon as I mentioned xhaka to him, and he said, Do I have to give anything more? Now he said I said and said no unless you do it voluntarily.

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The man then left saying By Allah, I will not do any more than this. Or any less.

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As soon as Sam said, He will achieve salvation, he will get nyjah if he's speaking the truth, and this is in it will say Harry's insulin nasai. Now please reflect. If I'm a believer, then I'm in Islam. This is what we think. But Allah is saying that this is not enough. We need to follow Islam completely. This is our problem today. We follow Islam selectively. We follow what we wish to follow and leave out what we don't like. Selective obedience is disobedience. Allah Baraka said about selective of millions of auto miuna dividing kitabi will be bad for Mr. Jessa my daddy coming home in his Yun vinaya to dunya dounia vayama

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Isla De La MaMa love your heart feeling I'm Daniela

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Ella, Zed, which means that Do you believe in a part of the book and you reject the rest? Then what is the reward of those who do so among you, except because you don't feel had to do near disgrace in the life of this world. And on the day of judgment on the Day of Resurrection, they will be consigned to the most grievous torment not only suffering worst of it, and Allah subhanaw taala is not unaware of what you do is think about that. This is people who are obeying, but they are obeying selectively. So they are being given as I am also selectively the worst of the other.

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The hotel

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May Allah protect us Allah imagine I mean I mean other gentlemen are not selective obedience is disobedience. The root of all sin is desire. When we allow our desire to take precedence over what Allah subhana wa Taala ordered, and what His Messenger sallallahu Sallam taught us, we opened the door for shaitaan to enter and take control of our lives. We forget that there is only one place that shaitaan wants to take us and that is Johanna.

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There is no other place. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for his protection. Now brothers, sisters, selective obedience is arrogance. It is by our actions. When we do select the vigils that we are doing by our actions. It is by our actions to place ourselves on par with Allah subhanaw taala as the lawmaker, when we obey what we like we are saying in effect, you may want me to do something, but I will decide if I want to do it or not. So even when I'm doing it, that is not because you ordered it, but because I happen to like the order in Allah when Allah Allah

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the final stage of such slavery to desire is what Allah subhana wa Taala described it Ilaha of antetokounmpo alayhi wa keila Allah said, Have you all Hamas, Allah, Allah, Allah who seldom seen him, seeing the person who has taken

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As Illa as is God his own desire, would you then be a Joaquin? Would you then be an advocate over such a person?

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What can you say about the fate or the one? For whom Allah subhanho wa Taala prohibited or source or Salam from interceding?

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May Allah subhanaw taala save us from ourselves. I remind you on myself that the very meaning of Islam is submission without submission of our will to the will of Allah. There is no Islam.

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Among Mohammed Abdullah, Ahmad, us or de la Anwar said, Rasul Allah is seldom said, none of you believes none of you believes until his desire follows that which I have brought. And this is Whoa, Jr. Wayne. I know, I know we're in the 40 Hades have a moment now.

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None of you believes until his desire follows that which I have brought. And this is the Hadees narrated by Abu Abu Abdullah Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Ahmad, in the last Motherland, in Hungary, the great

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scholar 18th century scholar said about the meaning of this head is a person cannot be a movement,

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whose necessary mind is complete, until his love follows those commands and prohibitions with which our soldiers are seldom game, so that he loves what he commanded, and he dislikes what he privated

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right, our desire has to become submissive and subservient and obedient to the law that was sort of brought, that is the completion of Arima until then our demand may not even exist, or even if it exists, it is a very weak kind of event. However, sisters, the beauty of our religion is, which always strikes me is that everything that is permitted or prohibited, is something that is intrinsically good for us, and has a beneficial result in this life itself. The reward in the akhira is a bonus for the believer, but the action is in itself beneficial for anyone who practices it, whether or not that person is a Muslim.

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Take, for example, the prohibition of alcohol, and all intoxicants, and drugs for gambling, interest based banking, lying and cheating, and so on. What do you think will be the situation of someone who lives according to these principles according to these injunctions, as his way of life, even if he's not a Muslim, the reality is that everyone likes a person who lay ill who leads a clean life is truthful, is trustworthy, not given to substance abuse, has good manners is kind, compassionate, who's fair and just, everyone loves such people. Such a person will be the most popular, the most influential person and will have a lot of friends. When a Muslim lives in this way, with the

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intention to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. In addition to worldly benefits, he will also earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala which is the real and everlasting benefit.

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And no man, even ever here are the Allahu anhu ma said that he heard rasulillah salam saying, What is lawful is clear, and what is unlawful is clear. And in between them are the things which are doubtful, which many people do not know. So he who guards against doubtful things, keeps his religion and honor blameless and he who indulges in thoughtful things, indulgence, in fact, in the Hara in unlawful things. Just as a shepherd, who pastures are grazing animals around a sanctuary will soon graze them inside the sanctuary. Beware, every king has a sanctuary and the things that Allah Jalla Jalla who declared unlawful His sanctuary, we were in the body, there is a piece of

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flesh. If it is sound, the body is sound. If it is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt. Know that it is the heart. We all know this release. It is a month of only Hades in Bukhari and Muslim so he and Mustafa con la agreed upon. today one of our sicknesses is fatwa shopping.

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The fact is, that if you look long enough, if you look around long enough, and if you ask enough people, especially Google, you will find someone who will allow you to do what you want to do.

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But this is not the position of a believer with a

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pure heart, who is seeking to follow what Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam ruled?

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Such a person should seek an answer from the perspective of what Allah subhanaw taala said about the issue, not look for a justification for an answer already decided upon by his own knifes. Therefore the condition of the heart is the most important factor in how that answer will be sought. And whether that person will indeed keep away from the limits that Allah subhanaw taala declared in the forearm, and through His Messenger sallallahu sallam, Allah subhanaw taala said tilaka hoodoo dilla tilka hold Allah fala Takara Moo Ha. katha you by you know La Jolla de healing dassie la la mia takuan Allah subhanaw taala said these are the limits set by Allah. So do not go close to them. Do

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not only break them don't even go near them. Thus does Allah make clear is if he signs His revelation to mankind, that they may become a multiple

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Neverland sisters, it is extremely important for us to

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to look for to keep this in mind, because the last rather declared obedience to be so critical. And obedience especially to Mr. Salah to be so critical that he said for Allah because Allah is taking an oath. LSA fala wa Rebecca la you mean una had you? Haki McAfee Masha Ravana home some

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fee and foresee him porogen mimma hodeida we will certainly move does Lima. But no by your up, they can have no faith and until they make you all Hamas arise Allah, the judge in our disputes between them. And they find in themselves, no resistance against your decisions, and they accept them with full submission. Please reflect we know that thoughts and feelings are not punishable unless they are acted upon. But with respect to obeying and also realize Salam. Allah is right that I said that not only must Muslims obey Him and accept his rulings, but that their faith that Eman is defined by and will not exist, if they even feel rebellious, about any ruling made by Russell licenser. So not

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only do we not have an option and obedience, but we do not we are not even permitted to feel that this thing is wrong. That what sources certain decreed and what he ruled is not correct. Allah protect us from ourselves. For those who follow and emulate or sources Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said Pauline Gundam to a boon Allah Fatah be oni yo homie Pula. We offer local minima, Allah or Rahim, which means Allah said say oh Bahama Santa sallam. If you really love a lot of Hamilton or people If you really love Allah subhanaw taala follow me emulate me and Allah will love you

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and forgive your sins. And Allah is oft forgiving, Most Merciful. Now tell me what is better than Allah subhanho wa Taala loving us? What is the situation of the one who Allah loves? Try to experience this, try and think about this and say what will be my situation? If Allah Subhana Allah loves me.

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Now what about those who understand the importance of the basics?

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Someone asked, has embassy Rahmatullah? How are you so tranquil? How are you so peaceful, so harmonious, no stress, your face is glowing with no. How's all this possible? Hasn't.

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He said,

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there are four things that are clear to me.

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This is because four things are clear to me. Number one, I know that what Allah has written for me, nobody can take it.

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Number two, I know that what Allah decreed as my duty, nobody else can do it from.

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Number three, I know that Allah is watching me, so I am ashamed to commit sin. And number four, I know that one day I will meet Allah, so I prepare for it.

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So simple, but so powerful. The secret to productivity, to focus, to success in project to success is prioritizing.

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The secret to productivity focus and success is prioritizing. We have all we all have the same number of hours 24 but some people achieve far more in those hours than others. And that is because they prioritize their activities. That is the competitive advantage. That is the secret behind quality output, be it in this life or in the D. being clear about our basics helps us to prioritize our libros our activities and our engagement. It helps us to choose the right friends. It helps us to leverage our time and to maximize our investment in the ACA.

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ask Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to help us to live a life that is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which does not pleasing. Robin toquilla Naga Nova our coffee run NASA Yeah, Tina, whatever phenomena bra, Oberon husana Willem Dafoe.

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Nanak una nominal socity Armenia alameen wa sallahu wa rahmatullah wa barakato.