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in that home that was that was Salam ala rasulillah. But lots of others said in higher as the top Why? Allah said the best provision for you is taqwa.

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Now, when we value something, we measure it. The famous saying of Michael Harry, the guy who invented or created Six Sigma quality measurement system. He said if you want to see what an organization values, see what they measure. Now, I think we need to apply the same principle as far as that was concerned with us. Right that says, the best provision is taqwa. I mean, we need to ask ourselves, first of all, do we really believe this? Because it is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. So, essentially, we believe what I said, but I'm not talking about the ritualistically saying, Yes, we believe it because this is the Quran I'm saying, really intruding in our hearts. Do we believe

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this? Number one, to really and truly believe that taqwa is the best of provisions is the best provision, because if it is the best provision, then we will do two things. One is we will cherish it and value it and measure it to ensure that it increases over time. Number two, we will be willing to sacrifice other kinds of provision in order to increase this provision. For example, you spend cash to buy gold, because we think that gold is a is a more solid investment, better investment gives you a better return, than just having money in cash in hand. So if you have money in cash, you go and spend it and you buy gold or you buy real estate, because the real estate will give you a

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higher return. Therefore, it's a better provision to have rather than having cash. So therefore, if taqwa is the best provision, then what are we doing, number one, to evaluate and measure it? And secondly, what are we doing to increase it? And what are we spending in order to increase it? Now what do we need to spend in order to increase the number one we need to spend time, more and more time in order to understand to to in order to learn about Allah subhanaw taala to learn about Islam, and time to do Vicar wellness for health data, and I'm saying time I mean, we don't have take time out from something else and sit in one place and vigor. I'm saying consciousness of continuously

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doing vigor throughout the day and and throughout all our waking waking hours. So the time that we spend in doing this the second thing is what ingredients taqwa is to spend in the bath of Allah subhanaw taala Thai energy, life, money, resources, knowledge to spend in a battle not smarter. The more we spend in the battle Allah subhanho data, the more our taqwa increases inshallah. So, therefore, the second question is how much am I spending in the path of Allah subhanaw taala. And how is this increasing over time as I said measurement, if you want to see what somebody values, see what they measure, if you want to see if you if we value taco or not, see whether we measure the

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increase in our taqwa

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as we go forward, so do we measure that increase in taco So the second thing is to say what am i investing in it? What am I get what am I spending for it, in order to stop while that is to spend in the path of Allah subhanahu wa taala. Third thing is to see what we give up in order to have Taqwa because taqwa is the is the result of a way of winning a large amount of that. And it's a beautiful circle because turquoise is the result of obedience. And obedience produces more taqwa. So, therefore, it says, it's a virtuous cycle, that continuously increases as we go along. So therefore, thing to see. Now what am I giving up in order to develop taqwa? Meaning that am I giving up the

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disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala Am I giving up the following of my enough's in various things? Am I giving up doing things which I may like to do, but which might be harmful, or which might displease Allah Subhana Allah in the smallest possible way? And that is the the third criteria to see whether we increase in our duck Well, not. So I remind myself a new way to think about this and save and I love that I said in the title that the duck was the best provision is taqwa. Can I am I measuring my taqwa am I spending in order to increase my taqwa and am I giving up other things in order that my duck wa might increase muscle a lot and I will carry him while he was. I was mine.