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filler Amanda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield MBA with

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Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah here it was seldom to see you in the theater and cathedra Hello, Virgo,

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my brother sisters, Allah subhanaw taala sent us into this world with a

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for a purpose with a reason with a job with a responsibility.

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And not only that I said control Jairo. Mateen or who reject leanness that we're all happy tomorrow v 111. Curry we're gonna be

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a lot around data set zero the live run, which means

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you are the best community and you have been extracted, selected for the benefit of humanity.

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For Korea, chilliness for the benefit of the people,

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and what is its benefit, that maroon I will borrow water how not everyone can go to mineral be let

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you enjoy and good. You order good to facilitate good.

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You work to create good,

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you support good?

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What and how not even Can

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you private evil, you fight against evil, to start against evil, you protest against evil.

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You make sure evil does not happen. And you have faith in Allah subhanaw taala very clear. We have been sent for a purpose. You will not send to have shops we are not sent to have jobs you will not send to do anything else. These are all part of life.

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Part of our living Allah subhanaw taala gives risk and gives our sustenance to somebody through what means somebody else to another means that's the difference. That's not why we exist.

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We exist for a purpose. The purpose is to do good and to private, evil, active part in that not just sit around and watch. Allah did not see your Vincent there to look at look at the news or

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what social media do something. Forbid God forbid, evil. Do good.

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Time. Don't waste time, right? Don't just sit around No.

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Then we have the hat is off. I will say that hold it on the alarm.

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Where he said I heard was Oh Allah is also saying if you see anything evil, stop it with your hand.

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Right? Because this Beardy.

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And if you are unable to do that, while I'm yesterday, they're

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probably listening, stop it with your truck meaning speak out against it

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well or yesterday and if you cannot even do that, then hate it in your heart and this third thing is a sign of the weakness of your fits. That is the weakest fifth. So the third thing is not an option. Third thing is a diagnosis of a problem. There is another saying if that is your state then there is something wrong with your current goal Correct. Change that to options stop it in your hand or speak out against it.

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Because what was the reason why this?

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There it says ISIS Ilana she said Rosa Salem cinch order Gmail is alarm to a particular people with punishment and said go and give this other to these people. destroy these people.

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Gmail is Rob's area Rapala Lorraine. There is one man in this whole, you know, community or town or whatever. He's very pious man. He is He worships Allah regularly. He worships you regularly he is you know, does all the right things fast and this is that Allah Subhana Allah said begin the punishment from him and his house.

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Okay, he did not save him. He just start with him.

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Wallah. Why

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here the man is doing all the right things just start from him because I did not send him to simply sit in one corner and worship I sent him to enjoy and good and forbid evil. I sent him to do a job.

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He did not enjoy what he did not familiar with eliciting things one last one last one are not not not acceptable.

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handler you will get reward for this. That does not mean that the ABA is negated or he will hold your hand up No. But for this dunya not enough.

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Finally, this last one, Salam said

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Allah our time will come

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He said if you do not enjoy and good and forbid evil, if you do not do Mr. Bill Morrow or he or monka A time will come when you will raise your hands and you will ask Allah subhanaw taala for something and this dua will not be accepted. You will ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla for his help and you will not be helped. You will ask Allah subhanaw taala for his protection and you will not be protected

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he's said if you do not do our Bill Maher have an AR mooncup If you do not enjoy and good and you do not forbid evil, it doesn't matter what else you're doing. It doesn't matter that you have a great business. It doesn't matter that you wrote 25 books it doesn't matter whether you fly in the air, it nothing is not even your Ibadah matters.

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I'm doing this, I'm doing this worthy for of so many 1000

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purposes, not received our model name and then What is Allah saying what is known as the village that what he says? He says you make dua Allah will reject Allah will not accept this dua. You ask Allah for protection, Allah will not protect you. You ask Allah for help, Allah will not help you.

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Around the biller, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from this situation we ask Allah not to help not to allow us to get to situation. What is the solution to this? It's very easy, it's not a mystery. Solution is enjoy and good for video.

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Today, what is happening in verstehen?

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This is a huge opportunity for Mr. Morrow Namaka.

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And don't let anybody fool you by saying what is the good of me going here going there? What is the mean food? What is the good of me protesting? What is the good if I don't drink one one Starbucks coffee, or I don't buy something in McDonald's, or I don't buy something in the ocean state job lot or wherever. So

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why is this question wrong? Because Allah subhanaw taala hamdulillah in his mercy Allah did not hold you and me responsible for the results. Allah said you do your job. Like I said yesterday shop.

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Your job is to show up, my job is to show

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result is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and hamdulillah if Allah had made us responsible for the result, then what would we have done?

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Then we will be in real trouble because we really have no control forward.

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But Allah did not say Allah said you show up.

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What must you do? Get on that bus.

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Go standard. Make sure that the Malaika who are touring the earth, who are looking all around the say, who is doing the Hong Kong of Allah? Make sure those angels write your name in their books.

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Rest of it don't matter. Don't worry about all that. What will happen what will not happen? What about me? No, no, no, no, no, no, your name, your name. I am responsible for who's them? Mine if you are small for your name, your actions, your action. Your Allah will not ask me what it will do.

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Allah will not ask you about Me. Allah will not ask me about you. Allah will ask me about me. He will ask you about you. Make sure that you get on that bus. Make sure that your name is in the good books of those melodica who tore the earth to see who is obeying Allah subhanaw taala and these things are reported to us well done. Of course Allah knows without this, but this is the hijab and this is the evidence in favor of the for us or against us. May Allah protect us

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our sisters are hungry Allah Allah subhanaw taala this tank alone and think about this right? Today we are talking about somebody else somewhere else. And all we are saying is a stand up and protest against that. That's it.

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Your children are safe hamdulillah your house you safe Yes.

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Your wife and so on other safe Yes. Alhamdulillah May Allah keep them safe. That is not the case with those people, right?

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Allah subhanaw taala could have changed this. Allah could have flipped this. You and I could be there and they could be here

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thank Allah Alhamdulillah you're up. You know what, you know, you did not put us in that situation.

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I don't have to collect pieces on my child into into a plastic bag and then carry that plastic bag and put it in the grave. They are doing it you know this right?

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bits and pieces the whole child is also not there is by God pulverized so I'm finding a finger here I'm finding you know a year there and finding something scalp and hair in alila when Roger

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Tango was one of the means to do it and Tango hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah I'm not the one doing it

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I'm not collecting bits and pieces of my children. I'm not collecting bits and pieces of my of my relatives, they are doing it. People like us and our hand and they're saying our hamdulillah ajeeb budgie budgie budgie, these people all lie are telling these stories. They are witnesses before Allah for the rest of the room

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make sure on the day of judgment

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that one of them does not guarantee Allah

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as his bed where was he

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Hey, make sure they don't say that.

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When this was happening to us era

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as that man he was sitting in America

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and he could not move his body out of his house to just turn and go and hold up a blog I asked him why he was why he didn't do that.

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Make sure that you are not an I am not in that position. Please

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That's all we need to do. Just go stands away that's it.

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If even that we cannot do

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the drawer truly unfortunate Are we truly truly truly unfortunate.

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May Allah forgive us we have no right then to open our mouth and say anything whatever.

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Please don't do this yourself. Do not do. It's not about anybody. It's it's about me. I'm talking to myself. It's about me. If I don't go and stand

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that I have no right to breathe the air on this earth because air belongs to Allah.

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And those people belong to Allah.

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When I tell you, I never in my life I thought I will see this day

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when a man is lost everything, everything. The journalist is asking him, you have no house, your house is bombed, gone. Your whole family is finished. You have no water, there's no electricity, there's no food. How will you live?

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He's got a big smile on his face. He said but we have Allah

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Hey, he's about we have Allah

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achieve Allah has given people some people some strength to Allah

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Subhan Allah.

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I completely agree. And he came from one of the places where it happened the worst. But I'm saying right now think about think about today because today's only thing we have, right? The past is gone. No matter what the past was the past is gone. If it's good, it's good and bad. It's gone. The future is not yet here. We don't know if I will know. I don't know if I will see the future because by that time ago, but today we have

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today we are at today this is happening here in front of our eyes.

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And if we are not going to respond, then it shows the effect or hearts.

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What about that? Don't worry about anything else worry about this.

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Right. So I'm not deliberately not telling you all the stories, worry stories. Okay, we you know this, I know this metering, the stories won't help focus only on one thing, and that one thing is on Saturday,

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which is the 13th of January, the whole world.

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It's a global day for this global day, everywhere in the world, all the countries of the world. The whole world is going to be out in the street

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demanding a ceasefire protesting against the genocide. Will you be there

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in that

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group of blessed people?

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And remember, given the numbers, the majority of them are going to be non Muslim.

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So we as Muslims, are we willing to be part of that or not?

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Or are the non Muslims going to

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be a step ahead of us? That's up to us.

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Because in this country, the Muslims are only 3% Right? 1% not even 1% Three and a half to 1%. So even if every Muslim, still you're still 1% So obviously the numbers are

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I'm going to be moron. But at least we should be whoever is there whoever is living and alive and if AI has given you health after America give you great good health. Be there. Be there please.

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I don't care what else you're doing.

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take leave, apply for apply for a holiday, right?

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Take whatever kind of leave you can get.

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And go, buses are going. Go

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that's one day One day when the empty Masjid will make dua for you.

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Inshallah, and we won't be empty there is somebody here but I'm saying the empty masjid for that day will make dua for you and say Alhamdulillah Allah, they are all there. So it gives them the agile as if they are here and for the other for being there inshallah.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala della gelato to to be pleased with you and never to be displeased. I was asked

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to take your ama to take your action on going and standing in solidarity for the people of Palestine as a protection for you and your children and your families. That may Allah protect you from all harm now and and forever until as long as you're in this world and to keep you in a state or attack and obedience to Him and to take you in that state or without an obedience ship was a victory while he was a member of the government.