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The importance of understanding the Day of thecribing and being prepared for it is emphasized. The benefits of living in a store, including free choices, are also discussed. The importance of obeying Allah's sub lies and greets by one's own price tags is emphasized. The segment describes events occurring throughout the course of Islam, including the Hershey era, the Jahanna, Eva, Elisa, and ElMO. The importance of protecting Islamist movement and the potential consequences of not being recognized are also discussed. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and promise to be recognized.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffelin ba ba mousseline. Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah He went on to us have you send them to Stephen cathedral cathedra

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from Abbado, my brothers sisters,

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we are on the hour lesson of,

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of getting hereafter.

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And I think we

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have spoken to you about

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most things and we are coming to a

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closure of this. And therefore, it's important for us to

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look at

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that day and how it has been described.

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For which all of us need to prepare ourselves. And that is the day of judgment.

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The important thing to understand here is that

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the day of judgment is real. Allah subhanaw taala said radical Yom will knock.

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That is the day of the truth that they have. That is the day which is true, that is the day which will come.

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And the beauty of reality, the beauty of the truth is that it does not depend on belief on its existence.

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It is not that if somebody says no, no, I don't believe all this, I do not believe in the day of judgment that this person will be, will therefore be free from whatever is going to happen on the Day of Judgment. It doesn't.

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The only

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the benefit of believing is that you prepare for it. And the problem with not believing is that

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you are unprepared when you face it, but the person who believes in the person who does not believe both will face the same reality.

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So this is the reason why it is very important to get it right and understand that we must

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tend to believe in the truth is not an option. It's not a discretionary matter. It just makes good sense.

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And the Day of Judgment is the single thing that Allah subhanaw taala warned us about the most.

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He used the strongest terms and described the really the horrific seeds, if I can say that

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of the Day of Judgment in detail so that we will be frightened enough to change our ways. The purpose of these detailed descriptions of the horrors of the Day of Judgment is to frighten us and to intimidate us. So that we begin to understand the importance of obeying Allah subhanho wa taala.

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We seem to live in a world where we seem to have convinced ourselves that obedience to Allah subhanaw taala is

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is discretionary.

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It's okay, if I obey Allah, it's okay. If I don't obey Allah, that's fine. That is my choice. I'm free to choose. I remind myself and you again and again, of course you're right, you're free to choose but no choice is free. Please try to differentiate between these two things. We are free to choose but no choice is free. As I mentioned before, in another lecture, and many times before that it's like walking into a store. When you walk into the store, you are free to choose. You can pick up anything you want from that store.

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But none of those things is free. Every single thing that you choose to pick up from the store has a price tag. If you don't believe me go to the next store you want any store, walk into the store,

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pick up something and see if you can simply walk out with that. I don't advise you to do that because they will call the cops and you will be in trouble. Right?

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You are free to choose but everything has a price tag and this is exactly how life is. This life of this world is a store.

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Right? This life is what it's a store.

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We are free to choose.

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We are free to do good things and we are free to do bad things. No problem. Until we do that thing. Whatever it is the best thing and the worst thing until we do it we are free to do it.

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But when we do it, be absolutely certain in your mind that there will

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Be a price to pay.

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Sometimes that price is direct in your face, sometimes that price is hidden and usually the hidden price is much more and much more problematic and much more severe and much more costly than the price which is in the face.

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Make no mistake,

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do not make any mistake. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying

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is telling us about the day of judgment. And seriously we have to say Woe to those who read the Quran and still continue to live life as if they will never die

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or they will be never resurrected on that day.

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Allah subhana DeRozan is another love it all we live in SA Tania ready Miss Mila Rahman and Rahim Yo Ma homebody zone Allah. Allah him in home che Lima Annie lwml Coolio, Lila Hill wa Hadeel

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Allah say the Day when they will all come out, nothing of them will be hidden from Allah subhanho wa Taala whose is the kingdom this De Lima little mole Coolio? Who is the kingdom this day? And Allah will reply to his own question dilla Hill wa Hadeel kaha It is Allah subhana wa Tada the one the irresistible, this kingdom is his.

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My brothers sisters

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understand this,

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you know when this question will be asked.

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So as I said, I'm told us that this question will be asked, after the soul has been blown, between the two blowing of the trumpets, between the soul being blown the first time and the second time when the store has been blown and everything has perished.

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Everything's dead, nothing lives.

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And Allah would say now who is the king today?

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And there is no one to answer.

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Hello, hello, hello.

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What are they belong to? It belongs to Allah Subhana.

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Allah whatever the Alonso

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said, and also doesn't sell them said, Allah will dig in his grip

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the earth on the day of judgment, and he will roll up the sky in his right hand and he would say I am going to where are the sovereigns of the world? Where are the kings?

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Where are the rounds?

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Where are all the presidents and prime ministers? And when are all the generals and where are all those who thought that they would last forever? Where are all those who used to make others makes such that to them? Who's to insist that people who came to meet them would prostrate would fall flat on their faces? And may Allah protect us Muslims King, Muslim kings did this as well.

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the likes of Al medical Gavin.

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Who was the

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interview of Salahuddin

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UB Rahim Allah.

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And our medical guy will did some wonderful things. Among which was that he

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when the Third Crusade started in the kings of Europe, especially

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Richard and Phillip from UK from not UK those days was not with Britain and France, leading the Crusaders. When they came American Cameron was the was the Muslim king who defeated that for that third crusade that was the end of it. After that there was they were they weren't anymore. crusades, the power of the of European monarchs was broken forever. So he did some good things. But among his

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among his practices was that he insisted that he should be greeted by whoever it was by them making such that to him and kissing his shoe.

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And none other than Musa Mansa,

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who was the who was known as the richest human being ever to have lived on the planet.

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When he came

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to Egypt on his way

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To hedge

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he was forced to do that

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of course for enforced in the sense that there's a lot of negotiation and whatnot and so on and so on. And Musa said This is against my religion I will not do that and what really was a medical camp was religion anything different? It was the same religion

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request question is what do you want to practice?

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The question is what do you want to practice?

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On the one hand, we had Hamburgo rasool Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah you and us ourselves, who we claim to follow who is who we believe in.

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And who will Malik will come and also believed in

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the Sahaba said to him, they said, Jarocin Allah we have seen

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that the kings of Byzantium and Persia, which were the two big empires, their customers that people who come to meet them in the court must make such that to them.

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And they said you are the Rasul of Allah.

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If there is anyone who deserves this kind of Dazeem they're not talking about such as in a bad dragon but self doubt Dazeem.

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If someone deserves a sense of Dazeem, then you deserve it.

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Says though honor, so please allow us to greet you in this way. By such that Ivana Russell's reserve refused.

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He said, I am the abbot of Allah, I am the slave of Allah

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and greet me as Allah told you to greet me by Salam, Salam O Allah, Who ya rasool Allah, Salah and Santa

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he did not allow them to make sense that to him and it is a tragedy that his followers and Romelu Camila giving only one example there are many many many the mobile the mobile Emperor's in India they had the same same system

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may many Muslim members and kings had the system where they force people to make salute to them.

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Unless saying when are these people on the day of judgment where are they

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allowed to describe the

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scenes of the day of judgment where almost rather than as a either as will dealer dealer those deals

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will afford you a deal out of the worst call? Walk on

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Yo Ma easier to head this off about I'll be

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back our Hala Yoba Evie stolen. So tell euro armella home from a metal miss call a lot of that in hiring era. Ye are mad at me scholar.

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Surely Allah

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Allah said

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when the Earth is shaken with its final earthquake, and when the earth throws out its burdens and mad will say what is the matter with it?

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That day it will declare its information about all that happened over it good or evil?

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Because your Rob has inspired it.

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Allah gave it this, the power to speak, that they mankind will proceed in scattered groups, that they may be shown their deeds. So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom

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or a tiny, tiny particle shall see it and whosoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom or a tiny particle shall see it unless there is no God here to man Korea. Why am I adore aka Korea? Yong Wei are caught on so called Faraj you will be able to what I call jiba Luca Leah Haniel. Force Acharya, the striking hour the day objects of resurrection, what is the striking hour and what will make you know what is the striking hour it is a day where on mankind will be like moths scattered about

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and mountains will be like corded

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Will you clean the world by by by beating it and it's like

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it flies in the air it's floating mountains

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these are the same boundaries about which Allah's wear and tear is eligible Oh Tada well gee Bala Alta they are the pegs pigs massive structures which keep the earth firm on the Day of Judgment they will be flying flying around

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like clouds of dust

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unless there is a some

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foul ball rot where either we'll cover chemo desert where way that will be handled for JIRA were easily moreover

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I leave it not so much to ask

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you while in

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Europe people carry a lot of right that I said when the heaven is Cliff to Sunday and when the stars have fallen and scattered and when the seas are burst forth

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and when the graves are turned upside down and they bring out their contents, then the person will know what he has sent forward. And what he has left behind of good or bad

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oh man yeah you will insert

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because very Oh mankind what has made you careless concerning your job the most generous

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my brothers and sisters really think about this. Let us think about this as a loss rather than as it is a sham so called Virat where he then no job garrote what either jiba also Europe where either Asia or Tillet were evil will host a Hershey era where either will be higher also JIRA or even know for those of Vijay that were either Elmo that also in it be a beer. CO t let what is a sober photo Shirat ye that's what she thought. Why either there he was or why either Jen that was in effect. It met Neff soon. Ma Bharat.

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Allah. Allah Taquile when the sun Kuvira

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has lost its light and is overthrown wander around. And when the stars shall fall and when the mountain shall be made to pass away.

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And when the pregnancy camels will be neglected.

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And when the wild beasts will be gathered together, and when the seas shall become a blazing fire,

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or will overflow. And when the souls shall be joined with their bodies.

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And when the female infant buried alive,

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as the the urges to do and as happens we will infanticide is well and alive especially in India today.

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When the female

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who was buried alive shall be questioned, for what since she was killed.

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And when the written pages of deeds good and bad of every person shall be laid open,

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and when they haven't shall be stripped off and taken away, from which place and when the Jahannam shall be killed due to fear as Blaze. And when Jana will be brought near, that every person will know what he has brought of good and evil

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brother, sisters, all of this is real.

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All of this wisdom,

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Allah's route that has it in a omal Firstly, can I mean he called your office who reverted to a half

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before the height is over God that

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was a year till Jeeva Luva that's

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very The Day of Decision is a fixed time, The Day when the Trumpet will be blown, and the heavens and you shall come forth in crowds, in groups, and the heaven shall be open and it will become like gates and mountains shall be moved away from their places and they will be as if they were a mirage

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but I'll be somehow

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Neela who may know who

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you know may have overwhelmed Allah eager to soft layer that girl level when a man as in Allah will rock man or work on US

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No more poor farmers.

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Isla be

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kumara called Eva. Yo my little remodel map on the idea that we have all of you who are a tiny totora

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Allah's Ramadan is dead from the rub of the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is in between them. The Most Beneficent nun can dare to speak with him on the Day of Judgment except by His leave except by permission,

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the day that our roar Jibreel Sr. And the angel will stand forth in rows, none shall speak except Him whom are the most benefits in Allah's Orion data allows and he will speak only what is right.

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That is without doubt, the day of truth the true day. So whoever wills let him seek a place with are aware to his rap by obeying Him and following the Sinatra's Elisa. Very we have one you have a near target the day when mankind will see that the deeds with their hands have sent forth and the disbeliever will say yeah late and equal to total war to me would that I word us

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I wish I did not exist I wish I wasn't even born

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this is an I have such terrible despair May Allah save us from this

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unless Ramadan is a way that of your coffee soon enough koto wa Haider, we're home Isla de la Jeeva LUFA Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Wahida

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for yo lazy karate Lu PF

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wash up got this over here Yo my

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he well Malik or Isla

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were new to our show on big

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money this is

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your way to

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come Coffea

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Oh dear Gita whoa we really failure Oh Ha. Ora Oh good. We

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in honor to name Allah in His we fo of AirAsia your Rania Fijian dinero Leah autovu The Guru Aisha love Oh honey Meemers love to feel a

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while all the good movies Imani via all the love all the good. We won our dream

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yerli gonna call the MA on our ion Nima Ali

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currently is hold on here. Hold over low. So Michael J miles on low. So movi ZIL JLL law has ever ruled.

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boo. No God Allah you meet Oh will

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we? Wala whole door Allah

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miski When a seller who Oh my water heavy while

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I'm in this lovely

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Gulu little Hall do follow Cosimo be mild to both 01 To see your own in coal or so. Kareem wama Who are we at our leisure is calling

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to Miro Wallah we only carry Kali matter the road

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zero middle one below

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me in

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in total haka Allah's route that I said

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that when the Trumpet will be blown with one blowing the first one and the earth and the mountain shall be removed from their places and crushed with a single crushing

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then on that

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A day shall the Great Event befall.

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And the heaven will be split asunder. On that day, it The Heaven will be frail and weak and torn up.

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And the angels will be on its side and eight angels will that day bear the Throne of your rub above them.

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As soon as I sent him said about these angels, he said when he went in Israel Mirage, the Hamelin they called the angels who carry the ash,

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though is that as an observed, there are laws around data created, the RC created angels to carry the US.

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And when they tried to carry the Earth, the weight of the Earth they sank, and they kept sinking. There was another who said they are so massive, they're so huge, they are so powerful, that if a bird flies from the shoulder of the angel, and flying fast, this bird will take 500 years to reach the year lobe of that angel.

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They could not hold the earth until Allah subhana will data

00:26:12--> 00:26:17

taught them and inspired them to sail out on a hotel level and then they are shelled.

00:26:18--> 00:26:59

Now on the Day of Judgment, the gelato of Allah subhanaw taala will be such that Allah subhanaw taala will create four more angels, there will be eight of them. And that's what let's say this in this surah who will be holding up this Arusha wanders around. And let's say that day you shall be brought to judgment, not a secret of you will be hidden May Allah forgive us, may Allah protect us. May Allah subhanaw taala cover us with His mercy and with his with his Lea half with his cover. So that are we are not exposed to the world in that delay whenever you're outside and how terrible it will be. If we are exposed to the world, on that day when the whole world will see what we used to

00:26:59--> 00:27:00

try to hide.

00:27:04--> 00:27:17

Then as for him, and then as for him, who will be given his Record in his right hand. See how beautifully This is description. He has given his book in his right hand. May Allah make us among those who are given our books and our right hand.

00:27:18--> 00:27:46

He will he'll go to people to take my book, see my book, take my record. Surely I did believe that I shall meet my account. So he shall be alive well pleasing. In a lofty Jana the fruits in bunches were of will be low and near at hand. He will be this will be set to eat and drink at ease for that which you have the view to have sent on before you in this past. But as for him will will be given to the gardener his left hand May Allah protect us from this.

00:27:48--> 00:28:10

He will say that I wish I had not been given my record, and that I had never known how my account is, I wish would that it had been my end my death. My wealth has not avail me my power and arguments, all the clever talk. All the smart aleck II talk have gone from me.

00:28:11--> 00:28:23

They have not been able to defend me. It will be said seize Him and feather him chain him and then throw him in the blazing Fire. And then fasten it with a chain where of the length is 70 cubits.

00:28:24--> 00:28:45

Verily, he did not use to believe in Allah the Most Great and was not on the feeding of all miskeen he did not give charity and he told people not to give charity. So no friend has he here this day, nor any food except filth, from the washing of wounds, none will eat except the heart they own.

00:28:46--> 00:29:05

The sinners, the disbelievers the polytheists idolaters. So I swear by whatever you see, and by whatever you do not see and Allah is this elastic. I swear by whatever you see, and whatever I do not see that this is very the word of honored messenger

00:29:07--> 00:29:20

wa salaam project, Salam recited, which he has brought from Allah, it is not the word of a poet. And literally it is that you believe knowledge and the word was soothsayer or a fortune teller.

00:29:22--> 00:29:29

And little is it that you remember. And this is the revelation sent down from the rubble me from the

00:29:30--> 00:29:32

the rub of all that exists.

00:29:34--> 00:29:36

There is a beautiful

00:29:37--> 00:29:41

story from the Sierra, where one of the Katara Delano said that one night

00:29:43--> 00:29:57

he came out of his house with the intention of going to hang out with his pals his drinking buddies. And he said I couldn't find anybody so I decided to go and make the offer the cover.

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

He said as you

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Again, that is odd as well as I celebrate. And he says Amazon seller was praying

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physically. So overall, the latter decided, of course, though, that those that will be for pre Islamic, he decided to frighten us.

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So he said, I went from behind from behind the cover. And he said, I got inside the case where he said, I inserted myself between the wall of the cover and the cover, right So, and then he said, I came around to the front, where the house was and it was breaks. I was right in front of him inside the keys of the car.

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And he was reciting sort of the haka.

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So Allah says that I had this thought I said, What is this? This is poetry. He's reciting. And at that moment,

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in the whole kolu Rasool in Karim, Baba Wawa Kohli share it. Do you love to me No. Karela to me, no.

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This is the word of it. On our messenger, it is not Whateley it's not the word of awkward

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and little it is that you believe

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10 out of 10 Understand I was shocked.

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He said, How? How did he know what's in my heart?

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He said that this is a soothsayer. This is a magician.

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And then the sorcerer said, Well, you've already carried Kalamata, the current 10 Zero, Mirabella. Alamy.

00:31:34--> 00:31:40

He said no, this is not the word of a soothsayer. This is not the word of a magician.

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This is the word of Allah subhana who

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says that he of course give up the idea of frightening and so on and so forth the quiet listening to it. And he said that is when Islam actually entered my heart.

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He came to Islam later, but he said that is a time when Islam actually entered my heart because I knew that this had to be from Allah subhanaw taala because I was on the phone does not even know I'm there. He does not have there he has not seen me obviously he does not towards the bar. But Allah Subhana Allah knows what's in my heart and Allah caused him to recite that which answered my questions.

00:32:20--> 00:32:21

I want to

00:32:24--> 00:32:27

end with this inshallah we will look at

00:32:29--> 00:32:47

more as we go forward, inshallah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that, which does not please him with a lot on the weekend. While it was always been but I have to go home. But hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen