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The importance of spending money on good deeds is discussed, including expanding knowledge, influence, and knowledge. The use of money in various areas, including the bath, salon, and charity, is noted, along with the need to remind oneself to spend money on deeds. The speakers stress the importance of taking account of spending money and creating a habit of regular spending. The potential negative consequences of spending too much money on things outside of one's responsibility are also discussed, along with the importance of setting a clear vision for one's spending and not overestimating the potential return.

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Alhamdulillah blood I mean saliva for their eyelashes in MBA when we're sitting right early he was heavy is made, but

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lesser How does it yeah you Alina Armando and Philco Mima Rosa Kanako Minh lovely to move on fee for lotto Russia volcarona masala so the Baccarat the I just before, I'd like to see lots of hands that I said oh believe and feel COVID models of Napa spend out of what We have given you mean cubberly ti own before that day comes

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by own fee while a whole lot overachiever a day in which there is no trade there will be no trade there will be no friendship and there will be no intercession.

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Welcome if you don't know who's already won, and the people are denialists Ronald Salah are the transgressors and oppresses

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remind myself and you know Allah Subhana Dada

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is reminding us to be aware of and to remember

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and to remember that a day will come when we will die.

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And we get this reminder from this source and that source on a daily basis just now was done was telling me how a family came from Bombay to attend the wedding in Hyderabad and they landed here and the father died in Bombay.

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So, they came with a good

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intention to come and attend the wedding.

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At the end of by the time they landed here, the father passed away.

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So, now they had to obviously holding their turret back for example, this is a

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on a daily basis, we had one of this and I love the day will come when there will be no tread on that day. If a person does not have good deeds,

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then that person will not be able to do anything about it.

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The person will not be able to say to somebody else, please sell me some of your good deeds and I will give you this or that because we will have nothing

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there is no trade, there is no bargaining. There is no negotiating.

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What you have is what you have. And what we have will depend on what we sent before us.

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As well as expand from what we have given you spend from what we have given you obviously refers to money. But it even more obviously refers to everything which Allah has given.

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It refers to time, it refers to energy it reverts to influence it refers to knowledge. It refers to all of those things.

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And the biggest and best example of this is from the life itself. And from the level is a habit as well as a language right? When the Solo Solo Solo asked people to contribute for for example, for the book, or for other battles. And for other things, like the mercy the novel, or digging the trench around Medina, for the Battle of Alaska,

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there's our people who had money like after married now for the long haul and

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fighting that fight and so on. They didn't just come and see or hear the money sorry.

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They gave the money and then they stood by the set of numbers to do the work.

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They give the money and then they gave themselves they give their own time

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they give the money and they went with him in the battle.

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Some of them gave the money went in the battle and

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a lot of times that accepted them it is but

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the question is not only of you money, the question is how much of my resources me Morocco

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and as Roger said whatever we have given you Allah did not say out of the spend out of the money we have given no spend out of what We have given what is a login is everything.

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So therefore, it is very important for us to remind myself when you to take account on a daily basis.

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They essentially on a daily basis. Make a literally I advise people I say vague, write it on paper

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column, make columns today, how much money did I spend in the salon? Today? How much time did I spend for the sake of

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my bar that might be allowed on whatever reading I was doing if I taught some well to somebody if I did whatever it was, How much time did I spend in the bath on

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for the sake of being a wellness manager? How much of my

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energy or whatever other resources have I spent in the path of Allah for the sake of the universe?

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actually keep a keep a daily account, just like we give an account, we have a local account for our businesses and so on. Give a bugaboo account for this, how much make actually a balance sheet how much money, time energy and so on so what did I spend for myself? Or for issues and things to do with the dunya and balance that was saying, How much did I spend for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the other day in the class I'll give an example I said if I bought myself a phone

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and I said what this phone call is 30,000 rupees.

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Did I spend 30,000 rupees also in the battle?

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Sounds very shocking. facetune did you spend 30,000 rupees

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will be 30,000 rupees in charities are crazy over 30,000 rupees in charity. I already gave my Zakat for the

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better if I tell you here the you know wonderful Android android phone cost 35,000 rupees you will pay it in a shot no problem. Right fantastic, very good.

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That is the issue. The issue is when we are looking at spending in the bath Allah subhanaw taala we are looking at it as if it is lost.

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Whereas that is good.

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And when we are spending for ourselves we are looking at it as if it is good.

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Whereas at best, it is something where we will have to give a counter law

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and at worst It is something which will get us out for ourselves.

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Allah protect us from that at best if it is halal and if you spend a lot of money on it and you bought something a lot you have to be prepared to give us a promise rather than even not together We ask Allah not to take insha Allah but Allah contagiosum

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and if it is haram money you spend it for something haram masala because that is

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where the spending in the path of Allah subhanaw taala This is something which we are going to get reward for. We know all the ads we know all the ads we know all the words, whether it is in our heart task or service.

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If it is in my heart, then it must be visible in my actions. If I believe that charity cools the anger of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah wa sallam told us, if we believe that when we give in charity, Allah subhanaw taala will give us not 10% more 20% return 40% return 100% return, he will give us 700% return. And then he said he will increase it as he wishes.

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We know all these words, really believe it?

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If I really believe it, then I must be spending the maximum investing the maximum amount in that thing, which is going to give me 700 times

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700 times.

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No sense.

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Makes no sense. If I tell you this is this is where the maximum benefit is. But I'm not spending in Texas it was what they were talking about it is it really they're saying it because if we just saw if it is really there, how come you're not bending then

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we have to question ourselves really what is the level of my Eman with regard to the promises of Allah subhanaw taala I remind myself when you reflect on this and think about this, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to this and to put really a plan in our hearts before the time comes when the door will close. You ask Allah subhanaw taala for his Rama and for his muffler, or Salalah holla and Avi could even when he was happy as me