Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Man Is Witness Over Himself

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not being grateful to Islam and not denying oneself. They also mention the use of "has" in the sense of being lazy and not doing things. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not being afraid of others and not being afraid of oneself.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala

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ala alihi wa sahbihi obod

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Hello my love's about Allah said

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in Ghana

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are be like an old

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winner who Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah said that Verily,

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man is ungrateful to Islam

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and about this ungratefulness he is himself witness.

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I remind myself and you

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the essence of aboda

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the essence of worship,

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to be grateful to Allah subhanho wa.

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In surah Rahim Allah Allah said, Allah in Jakarta

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and then use the other word,

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while Inca forgotten, in as Elijah did.

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So, the opposite of sugar is cover

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to cover is not in a sense of denial, Allah subhanaw taala In this sense, but taken to that limit, that is also what will be what cover also in order to visit Quran in Arabic,

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which is to deny the narrative Allah subhanaw taala.

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So therefore, unless Raja is saying here that humankind mankind is ungrateful, and they are witness on it themselves, they don't they do not even need somebody else to bear witness for them. They are witness on themselves.

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The power of that is that you can deny others but you can't deny yourself. So if you are witness and your actions, how will you get out of this?

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The biggest sign of

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not being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala is not to worship Him

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to be lazy in Salah or not to do Salah at all.

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Or to do Salah whenever we feel like doing it

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is the first and biggest sign of go for the first and biggest sign of being ungrateful donors. We handle that

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because the Salah, especially because Salah is an honor that is given to the oma mama Rasul Allah Salah

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where Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the permission to enter his presence

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at least five times a day.

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Hey, and in addition to that as many times as we want, because there is no limit on the amount or no I feel that you can pray. So Allah Subhana Allah gave the Marvel's Allah Allah tala the permission to enter his presence. At any time, let's think about this dialogue that we do not give them is Allah, Allah subhanaw taala with any thing that is in his creation, or just for us to understand, if we get the permission to enter the presence of the king, or the enter the presence of the minister or the president or somebody like this, somebody who's an authority. And if you say about we will hear some people here, they say so and so is very close to the Chief Minister, he can go there

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anytime he wants.

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To be able to enter the presence of somebody in authority, without any barrier to be able to enter that person's presence without any problem is considered to be a sign of your own status.

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What does it say about the one who does not have any sense of this linear sense of this with regard to

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the fact that the Muslim can enter the presence of data anytime he wants? And in addition to that, Allah, Allah has made five of those times compulsory in the sense that Allah Allah will give a higher reward for that, then what is

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the problem? The biggest problem with us as far as allies, we consider ourselves to be a burden, which is to be discharged. We do not consider the law to be an AMA for which we wait.

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Good. This is what is said about a bit nervous about the visa lasala as well as about developers. Our aim

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was somebody I've mentioned this before somebody went to one of the servants of basil Delano, and he said, Tell me something about the private life of numbers. And the same thing is also narrated about Abdullah when Omar Abdullah

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say exactly, they went to tell us what does he do at home.

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So the man that

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he finishes once Allah, then he waits for the next hour

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and while he is waiting,

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For the next Salah, he resets the euro.

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This is a man that does not mean he's just sitting there in one place and he's doing his work. He is doing whatever work is engaged in is both Abdullah basil Delano, Abdullah Abdullah, Rama, Rama, Rama they were both merging the old traders. So they're doing their work but while they're doing their work they're constantly engaged

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by reciting the columella by setting the hora so waiting for the next Salah is not saying when does Allah is actually waiting When will the time combined with the time come as soon as the time comes, they pray

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because they knew the value of Salah Salah is is our ticket into the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala that he went to the presence of Europe and this is the connection between the the app then and the app das is rapport, whatever he wants, you glorifies him, he praises him, he tags him then he asked him for whatever he wants. This connection with Allah knows that

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I was in the UK just now and i was i was talking there five days lecture we are director program. And one of the things that as the people are reminding myself I said tell me how real is Allah to

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fit a jar because of how real is Allah?

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is Allah real? Or is Allah only a thought and some concept my entire thing is up? How real is Allah subhanaw taala inshallah we'll talk about that tomorrow with this further do wonders only five minutes so we'll finish but just think about this give this talk to them ask them how real is Allah

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everybody asked me I was really badly I was very my neighbor is there I have my relationship with him and so on and so forth. If I if I talk to him he will listen to me

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how he'll is Allah

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we just finish off on masala standing in his house. Talking dollars ran out that how real isn't?

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That's the question I asked myself when divine Doom Allah subhanaw taala give us the access of his brothers that have his glory and majesty in our lives. So a lot a lot of us very well it was that was me that I had to go

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