Mirza Yawar Baig – Death and Hereafter #20

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The "day of judgment" is when the body and people experience the event, and practicing Islam is crucial to achieving personal growth. The importance of acceptance and embracing laws is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieve Islamic law. The transcript discusses the history and importance of the holy month, the use of technology and the moralization of people's actions, and the importance of practicing and learning the message of Islam to avoid unnecessary distractions.
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silagra Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be evil mousseline. Muhammad Rasul, Allah is Allah Allah Allah He write it, he will send you send them this even cathedral cathedral,

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rather than just as we talked about the three questions of the cover of the grave. And the last of them was, what do you say about this person who was sent this man who was sent among you? And

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the answer to that, of course, is that he was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, he was the Rasul of Allah. And I was his follow. Then I was I followed him may have weighed him, and made him a diva, as I remind myself a new over and over again, that none of these things are things that we can memorize and repeat. We will say this, if this is how we live our lives.

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A lot around tell us about the day of judgment, but this applies also in the cover because our Day of Judgment starts the day the minute we see multiple modes, that is when our Day of Judgment starts.

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Let us be very clear in our mind, the bodies, the people from the the the Bedouins who came to his salah,

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they came to him and they said Yasser Allah with a group of them. And they said, and he will do this with will anytime that groups of them came. So one group came and they asked him, he said Yara, Salah when is the Day of Judgment,

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when will it be established the site the Day of Judgment Rasulillah Salam looked at them.

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And there was a little boy with them. So Surah Surah Sam said that if Allah subhanaw taala gives this little boy a long life, every one of you would have seen and would have reached the day of judgment before he dies.

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And what does that tell us? That tells us that

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the day we die, the day we see monocle mouth,

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the day, the garden between the animal shahada and the animal Basak

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between the this world and the next world today that curtain is lifted, that is the day of judgment for that person. So my my Day of Judgment will begin when I see multiple modes and your date of judgment will begin when you see multiple modes.

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And so therefore, unless rather I said about his day of judgment polyoma Enough Timo Allah for him, what you want to call him wanna add him with a shadow Are you alone, we might come up with the specifics of this idea that the tongue will be in the mouth will be sealed, and the hands and the feet will bear witness to what a person did, where they went, what they did, what they chose to do what they chose not to do. That, of course, refers to the actual day of judgment, but in principle that refers to also the questions of the grave. In that we will be able to answer those questions if we have lived our lives the way also not sort of Salem taught us the way Allah subhanaw taala wants

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us to live our lives. But if you lived our lives in opposition to the Navi of Allah salAllahu alayhi salam, may Allah protect us from ourselves, if we lived our lives in disobedience to Allah subhana wa otalgia The Journal then on that day, we will not be able to answer these questions and we will be we will be will be confused and hunting for answers and the answers will not be there. So let us the purpose of all of these

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lectures is to remind me and to remind you to change our lives. It is as simple as that. Islam is not the name of a philosophy it is not the name of a theory it is not the purpose of Islam is not for us to memorize this and that or to write this or that or do this or that but to practice it to live that

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method in our lives. And of course the beauty of Islam is that if we live our lives by Islam, then we will live a very beautiful life because there is nothing that is superior to the

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deen that was brought by Rasul Allah he's

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become to the last of the questions, Mama you will recall.

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How do you know this? For your whole and the person the in the person I will say you will say in the power we ask Allah for this Karatu kita Allah He for Armen to be he was abducted.

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Who made you aware of this? How do you know this? And the reply will be I read the book of Allah I believe

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You'd in it, and I consider it to be true. Now, to read the Kitab of Allah and to believe in it and consider it to be true. What does this mean? Apart from the obvious, but first the obvious to read and understand it, to read it with understanding? How can someone who cannot understand the Quran claim that they believed in it? If we did, if you make some effort, at least, we have something to say. But if you don't understand anything at all, and we say we believe in it, Allah Allah and this is between the person and Allah subhanaw taala. If the person is of that kind, where there is no reason for the person,

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and there's no excuse that they will not have made made the effort then it's up to Allah subhanaw taala to accept. But the logical thing is that you can only say I believed in something which you understood the other way, what did you believe?

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Now the person may believe that the Quran is a truth. And of course that goes for all of us. But how can we say I believed in it, when we never understood what we did. We follow the Quran, Allah Kareem in every word that it contains, and accept all its injunctions, without exception, without hesitation, without change without alteration, and without reservation. We accept all the Divine laws it contains, without reservation, without believing that these are all and they were for that time and Today, modern times things are different, and so on and so forth all the shaytani thoughts and was always and shaytani misguide martyrdom is guidance. We don't follow any of that. We accept

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all the Divine laws that the Quran contains. And we believe that this divine law is the only Divine Law and has a right to be implemented on the earth. We believe that whoever tries to alter anything of the Quran, whether it's a single letter of it,

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anyone who denies anything of the Quran, even if it's a single letter, I'm not even talking about a sentence, even if it is or even a word, even a single letter of it. Anyone who rejects anything of the Quran, be it a single letter of it. Anyone who makes fun of it of the Quran, or does not believe in any of the promises and descriptions and narrative and narration the narratives of the matters of the unperceivable and the hereafter has left Islam. If somebody says that Oh, Jana, Jana, all these are nice thoughts and so on. In reality, they are not that the person has exited Islam.

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If somebody says for example, that Rasul Allah is the Rasul of Allah said he took him from Majid al haram versus Alex, if somebody said this happened in a dream, he did not

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actually go, he did not actually go into the heavens, how is it possible there was no rocket and there was no spaceship and whatnot, this person has left Islam. If somebody says that I said, the carnal the Allahu anha was not innocent. And now we learn that she was guilty of what the accuser have done this person has left Islam because in Surah Noor Allah subhanaw taala very clearly specified, and he said that she spoke the truth and she was completely and totally innocent. Anyone who denies that anyone who holds ice has a different idea Alana, our mother, the beloved wife of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, the beloved daughter of Abubakar, acidic or delanco. If anyone believes

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that say that he was guilty of anything, then this person has ceased to be a Muslim who has left Islam. We believe that it is essential for the Muslim to believe in and understand and implement the Quran and Sunnah in his or her life because that is the best possible way. Obviously, I'm not even mentioning but

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if someone believes that anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala has any control or anything of the vibe, if somebody control if somebody believes that anybody whether it's a so called Saint or whether it is a prophet, whether it is an angel, whether it is Rasulillah, Salam himself, whether it is an Imam, whether it is any number of Imams, if somebody believes that anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala controls, how much of risk a person gets controlled sustenance, controls whether people will have children or do not have children, control so called good luck and bad luck, control so called Times and, and what happens in the types, controls disease and cures.

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Right? If anyone believes that or any, and this is not an exhaustive list, I'm just giving you this as a indicator. If anyone believes that anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala, and that also, wholly and solely without any partners, it's not to say Allah subhanaw taala controls it overall, but he gives a control to this Imam, he gives a control to that person to this volley of Allah and he gives a control to that one, no, Allah did not give the control to anyone. Allah Subhana Allah

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Salah is more than capable of controlling the affairs of this planet of Earth, which is less than a grain of sand on a beach, lava Hotevilla if you think that Allah subhanaw taala is not capable of, of dealing with this one grain of sand on a beach, how is this whole university

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how the whole universe running, if Allah subhanaw taala has the strength and power and hold on it and I believe in the in every cell in our body, that Allah and only Allah has this, that if he has the power and the and the strength and the and whatever it takes to run this entire creation, because He created it. For him, it is like nothing.

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And we believe that he has the power to do all of this, but he needs the help. And I will be law of some some individual, some human being

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or some angel, whoever that human being an angel might be.

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If he needs the help of that person to run the affairs of this world, I think this is complete insanity, there's nothing more to be said, than that than to say that the good thing is that the person who's saying that it would be very good if the person saying that was completely insane, because then this person will not be held accountable for what they are saying. But if a person whose otherwise sin says something like this, that this person has committed, open shift, and this person has left Islam, please do not be fooled, and do not fool yourself.

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Nevertheless, sisters, we believe in all the other divine books that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran, that is the torah, the more the Injeel and the sort of Ibrahim, the Torah, the war and the Injeel.

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That they were divine revelation in their original form, we do not accept the changes that have been made to them. And we do not accept them as a source of Islamic law. The problem is that since the origin itself has been lost, we don't even know what changes have been made. We know where changes are very clearly made, which is for example, if anyone other than Allah subhanho data

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is worshipped and this is a this is a complete departure from the head of Islam. If anyone is joined with Allah subhanaw taala for example to say that is Ali salaam, is a son of Allah knows we love that Medallia Salaam is the Mother of God knows Villa or any of these things. We know clearly it has been changed and this b&b Completely and totally deny that. But other things we don't know what the law was. But therefore we say that the book in its original form was from Allah subhanaw taala. We believe in that, but in its current form, which is with us, we know it has been changed, because including the language in some cases, the whole language itself has been changed the origin language

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has been lost. We do not believe in the current book being

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of divine origin. And of course, whatever their current book orders or does not order is not part of Islamic law, not part of our Sharia. We do not believe in that. We believe that the people who made the changes, whoever they were, had no right to do so and that they exceeded their authority

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to make changes

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in a divine revelation is comparable to making changes in the writing of an author without his permission, we call that copyright violation, and it's a cognizable offense. How then can we accept changes in divine revelation without the permission of its author? Allah subhana Hutan that is why no Muslim will ever agree to any change in the Quran, because he or she understands his own position with respect to Allah. Anyone who calls himself a Muslim and accepts a change in the Quran is not a Muslim. We believe that it is essential to understand and implement the Sunnah, the teaching in the way of the Amazon seller in our lives. Because the Sunnah, explains the Quran. If I want to live my

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life according to the Quran, what must I do? I have to live my life according to how Rasul Allah is Allah Azza bled his life, which is called the Sunnah.

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As I mentioned before, we believe the sunnah to be another form of the revelation, which is what was what was observed is that I've been given the Quran and something exactly like it which is this sunnah.

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And it is called the way Vironment law, the revelation that is not recited in Salah. We believe that this revelation was sent to explain the Quran, and so is an essential part of Islamic theology. And the second most important source of Islamic law. I have mentioned before many times and many examples and many evidences of the divine origin of the Sunnah, as explained and as directed in the Quran itself. I'm not even talking about any philosophical or logical or intellectual explanation. I'm talking about how the code

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and confirms the Sunnah. Therefore I will not repeat it here. Now we believe that anyone who denies the Sunnah partially or in totality, and claims that the Quran is sufficient for them, proclaims His grace, His gross ignorance and has left Islam

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and they cannot be more clear than this. Anyone who denies the Sunnah in its entirety meaning he says the Hadees are not valid or not relevant or the person denies the say Hadees Hadees which is confirmed and which is which which is authenticated and authentic. Even if it is one thing, if a person denies that and says no, this does not apply, I will not follow it. This is not a hadith This is he denies this but then this is such a person has exhibited Islam. Even a cursory study of the Quran will make it clear to the sincere person that the explanation of the law is essential to understand and implement the law. So is the case with the Quran and the Sunnah? The sooner the

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Sunnah complements the Quran, and is essential for one to be able to understand the method of carrying out Quranic injunctions and laws. Without the Sunnah. It is impossible to implement the Quran and therefore those who reject the Quran are also those who those who reject the Sunnah are also automatically rejecting the Quran, and thereby they are placing themselves outside the safety and boundary of Islam.

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Just to give you one example, the Quran orders all people to believe in Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu sallam, but is silent about how one can formally declare this belief. It orders the believer to establish Salah, but he's silent on the method of prayer. It orders the believer to base the cart, which is our obligatory charity, but is silent on what is what it is to be paid on. And its value. It orders the believer to fast in Ramadan, but is silent about what breaks the fast and what to do if that happens. It orders the believer to make hatch to the house of Allah, but his silent about the way it is to be done. All these and I'm talking only about the five pillars of

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Islam. They're much more all of these and numerous such matters were explained by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, by means of the Revelation he received about the details, which we know as the Sunnah.

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And as soon as the Muslim did not make up all this, it didn't come from him. It is not his word. The method of the Salah is not what he felt like doing all of this, we're taught to him by Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala chose to teach him and get him to teach us rather than to reveal all of that as part of the Quran. I say this a minute and because I'm a published author, when we give our work and if I give my book to the door to an editor, my editor sometimes will say this book is too long or it is too short or something so number of pages and so on is determined by the editor. Allah subhanaw taala did not have an editor to edit his keys, his column, his kita Allah

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was not constrained to say that the Quran Al Karim must be only so so long should be should have only so many pages or so many ads No, Allah subhanaw taala could have made the Quran 10 times the size that it is now.

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There is no one to question la serata he did not do that. He did what he did was something which is very beautiful, which is he sent a person he sent his message about Amazon Salem as a demonstrator as a teacher of how the Quran is to be implemented. And that he did by means of us of another revelation, which we know as the salah will have their head is also set up which came to him

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and he himself said this to us in so many words my brothers sisters

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a lot of our dad did

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this, he used this method to establish the position of the Messenger of Salah Salah as being intrinsic and essential to the the Quran Al Karim is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. The Sunnah is its meaning, its explanation, and its demonstration in order to enable people to follow the orders of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala promised to protect his word, which needless to say, includes the word, its meaning, its explanation, and its demonstration.

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Those who seek to separate the word from its meaning, demonstrate their own ignorance, or worse about one or the other or no one of the personal, personal and favorite students of resources

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Philip, who dedicated his entire life only to learning from him said, the dryness of the eyes is a sign of the hardness of the heart. In another Hadith, there is a subset, Allah has made the fire of Johanna

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haram on two kinds of eyes, the eye that weeps for the glory and magnificence of Allah, and the eye that stays awake for the protection of the Muslims, my brothers and sisters, it is the reason I'm saying this is because

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these questions of the grid, they

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affect and they reflect and they talk about a relationship between the apt and Israel, between the slave and His creature. These are not questions which are seeking to see how much we know the questions to which are seeking to see if we are connected with Allah subhanaw taala or not. So ask yourself what happens or if anything at all happens when we read the Glorious Quran. When we listen to that, then we reflect on the glories and the signs of Allah subhanaw taala.

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All around us, that is asked if we fit if our eyes weep listening to because our eyes we when we listen to poetry, when we watch movies, when we listen to sad songs, we weep, but not when we listen to the glories and magnificent collapse of Allah subhanaw taala. Here we find nothing strange in that. That is why Allah's Rantala called the ignorant cattle and he said that girl Anna balloon although they are like cattle, and they are even worse than cattle. Do we reflect on the fact that we are listening to that what we mean when we are listening to the Quran, Kalam follows Rata think about this, when you are talking when you are in therapy, for example, or in any Salah, the mouth

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reciting is what it what is what are we doing here? We are listening to the actual speech of Allah subhanaw taala revealed to us moralizer Salah from the Creator to the best of his creation.

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Let us reflect on that. Do we reflect on the fact that we are live with that what we are listening to are the actual exact words that were revealed to us all as a result of which the world heard for the very first time in his beautiful voice satellites? And do we reflect on the fact that this message contains information that is critical to our success in this world? And the next? And are we eager to know what that is? We think technology solves all problems. Technology is a tool. It is like a knife it cuts. That's all it does. What you got depends on who is using that knife. And that is why it is very important. What is far more important than technology is the attitudes is the

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ethics the model the values is the and this is what the Quran gives us this is what Allah gives us. Do we reflect on the fact that this message contains information.

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As I said that it's critical to both lives are eager to know this. Are we aware that as we recite that Allah subhanaw taala is listening to us in real time, and is mentioning us by name to those who are around his ash. Have you overwhelmed with all and gratitude? And do we fall into such that in thankfulness? Are we aware that what we are reciting in Salah is water softeners are seldom recited and the Sahaba who are witness to that revelation, listened to it in the voice of the best party that ever lived because he was the one to whom it was revealed. Are we excited? Or are we those who are?

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Are we those who curse can transform but the word of Allah leaves unmoved. Just think about that. If somebody uses profanity, if somebody curses me if somebody you know, says something disrespectful to me, it will completely die if if if my body is being monitored, you will find changes in my body, my blood pressure will change. My my brain activity will change. All kinds of things will happen emotionally I will be affected just because somebody cursed me. And that curse is a lie. Because if somebody calls me a donkey, no you will be I'm not a donkey. Right? So if somebody called me whatever else that is not true, despite that, it will affect me. But the truth, the the the US

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dollar this the most truthful of speech is the Kitab Allah and that leaves me completely unmoved. Let us think about this.

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Let's think about this. Do we reflect on the fact that this word is the most truthful word that can ever exist? And that it is protected in its exactness in its meeting in its meaning? And it is application by the one who spoke this word. The Quran is the spoken word. After that it was recorded, and then it was original word. And then it was read

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But the first revelation was the spoken word. Do we reflect on the fact that this Quran changed the people who were despised in the world and made them into role models? Who are looked up to? Do we reflect on the fact that this Quran transformed people and change their destination from January to January?

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And then we ask, what what is it doing for me?

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To reflect to the fact that Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned us in this Quran and also mentioned what will happen to each of us, depending on the qualities that he mentioned? And then as is the demand of intelligence? Do we search for ourselves in the Quran? Do we reflect on the fact that the Quran is Shiva? A cure for illness? The most serious of which is the illness of the heart called me fat or hypocrisy? And then do we seek that cure before it is too late? Do we reflect on the fact that the Quran Allah Karim teaches us how to ask Allah? And then do we ask Allah subhanaw taala as he told us to ask and look for the result of that dua being accepted. Do we reflect on the fact that

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the Quran Al Karim gives solace to the bereaved comfort to the aggrieved? Safety from danger takes away our fears and anxieties? And then do we seek these things from the Quran? Before we run to anyone else for help? Do we learn to read the Quran properly, according to its rules? And do it teach our children ourselves? Or do we hire a boring mum for a pittance and leave it to him to teach our children while ourselves not even having the knowledge to judge if he is doing the job properly and correctly or not?

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Do we take pride in the course of study our child is doing in a worldly sense and feel no shame whatsoever that our child cannot read the Quran property, cannot read to or cannot lead to rock out of Salah and will not be able to lead our own Salah to janazah when we die?

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Do we listen to our children listen to us reciting the Quran at home? Or is that not a part of their memory? Do they remember your voice reciting the Quran? How many homes are there which are palaces outwardly, but in reality, there are ruins where the walls and tapestries and chandeliers and carpets are witnesses to koalas and fossils and parties, and all kinds of music and all kinds of nonsense. But they yearn to hear the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala in vain, truly, or people on the Day of Judgment, every break of that wall will complete almost ran out and about what you forced it to witness how many homes how many of our homes are bereft of the sound of the column of Allah. Our

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voices reciting his column are not part of the memories of our children. They will remember us for many reasons, some good, some bad, but never because they used to hear us reciting the Quran or kalaba for Allah in the dead of the night, when the world was asleep. How many of our children who come to us, how many of us how many of us have children? How many of us have children who come to us and say, Mommy, Amma Baba, OMA, whatever they call them, whatever the call you, please make dua for me, because I am in this difficulty. I know your connection with Europe, please ask him to help me. And how many of us can lift our hands and look up at the heavens with confidence and say, Oh, Allah,

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give me because I am asking.

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Give me because I'm asking my brother and sisters, those who do not have riches and your hardship and have a reason for it. But what would you say

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about those who have riches, and yet they make no use of them. And not only endure unnecessary hardship, but also condemn others to endure hardship because they don't share those riches. We are in this unenviable position, because we have wealth that is lying unused, they will come when we will be questioned about this wealth, the wealth of the knowledge of this deen of Allah subhanaw taala the primary source of which is the kalam of Allah, we will be questioned because all wealth comes with responsibility. Ours is to understand and practice and propagate the message of Islam

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propagate first and foremost, by our own practical example. That is how Islam spread by the winning of hearts and that is how it will spread today.

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There has asked what we are doing about this before we are asked what we did about it rather than sisters. I remember the wind and

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I divided myself and you let us do what we know to be the Hong Kong officer license. Let us do what He told us to do. And you

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To stay far away from what he told us to stay far away from that is the meaning of Islam.

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And this is the fourth question of the grave. Inshallah more next session was that Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was a member of the gamma i mean

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