When David Wood Helped Make His Argument

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The speaker discusses issues with the Bible and the upcoming prophet's teachings. They emphasize the importance of progressive revelation and the need for collision with Muslims. The speaker gives advice on dressing up as Muslims and not mocking them.

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Five minutes.

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David would have been more interested or more concerned with trying to disprove Islam today than defending Christianity.

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He talks about that as being a radical offshoot. This is a historic way of rendering history. One man's Orthodoxy is another man's heresy. gospel gospels, he says, and one other time he says the gospels were not present. At the time of the church father, this is a lie or a misleading misunderstanding, you should be reading his primary source materials. Almost all of them refer to the four Gospels. All of the major Church Fathers refer to the four gospels, let's say from Justin Martyr onwards. 100% This is something well known look at their works.

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Athanasius he's the one who made a shortlist of what is going to be the Bible, right? He made a shortlist in mid fourth century, the 27 books of the Old Testament. Now, the question we could ask is, who gave him the authority to do that, to include in God's Word to take out of God's word, this is God's word. This is not God. Why is the Gospel of Thomas not in the Bible? Why is this? He's making the decision, It then became quite popular, it was an organic thing. It wasn't in the council, that these are the 27 books of the Old Testament. That's another issue. When we talk about the Bible, what are we really talking about? There's issues with the Bible, there is no chain going

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back to Jesus. Everything that we have called a Sai Hadith and authentic hadith has a chain going back to Prophet Muhammad, Allah, and that's what you don't have. And that's why our books are preserved and yours are not. That's another issue.

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He says he believes in progressive revelation in the in the New Testament, or light, that's very good. You know why? Because I agree with him on this point. I want to end with this. I agree with him. I believe he's right. Yes, the Bible does talk about a progressive revelation, which is why

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it talks about the upcoming prophet.

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And that's why if you read Isaiah 42, ask me this, who in history has come to the Qaeda, right, the Arabs, has made the people of the mountaintops rejoice?

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Who in history went to the Arabs and made the Arabs rejoice, defeating his enemies in military warfare? And this is not something we're shy about. By the way, this is something we're very proud of, very proud of.

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This is something we're very proud of because our profit

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is a winner, a military winner. It's part of his prophecy that he was going to do that. That's what Deuteronomy chapter 18 says that there was gonna be one of the ways to tell a true prophet is through prophecy. Every single one of the prophets Mohammed's prophecies came true. Look at the Quran.

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It's a way that a Christian Christian could come to terms Who is this man Prophet Muhammad, Allah, Allah do the research like he's right there is progressive revelation, but it did not end with Jesus.

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It continued to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in the Quran, it doesn't mention progressive revelation, how to intervene is the final prophet. If you really want salvation. Well, I all the sudden done 20 years of attacking Islam, documentaries, you know, making fun of Prophet Mohammed dressing up as a woman and these things, no problem. Well, I I really am speaking to Muslims here. Yes, I will forgive you and the Muslims will forgive you. If you repent today. I will forgive you and we will forgive you if you repent today.

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I want to give you one piece of advice.

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Sorry, I'm just making cold. I want to pick I want to give the Muslims and my concluding speech, one piece of advice, which is you'll find that in First Peter, chapter three, verse 15, that someone asks you a question you know about what you hope you know, then speak speak to them respectfully.

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Yes. honorably respectfully, mocking Muslims, you know, dressing like them at these things. That's not respectful. Be like James White, be like William Lane Craig. We can have we can have. We can have more fruitful cohesion in our communities, man. We want to have collision.

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We have Muslims and yes, I'm putting the olive branch now to the Christian community. We don't want it we will never the process. Well, that's

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chapter six. 108 do not cause their gods. We're not allowed to curse the gods are other people.

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The Bible is the same ladies and gentlemen. The Bible says Don't, don't curse. Look at first Peter, chapter three, verse 15. Don't curse us Don't mock us. Because like today, you will be shown the truth in a very harsh manner. You'll be shown the truth in a very, very embarrassing manner. And that is the reality ladies and gentlemen.

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Come humbly.

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Humbly and you've received humbly

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Give us your hand and we will shake it only if you respect us in the first place. But salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.