Write To Retain- The Write Way To Quran Memorization

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Brothers and sisters, it has been a long time coming and many of us have desired and pray to Our Lord, to be able to retain the entire book to be able to hold the Quran in their heart. We've seen movies, Quran by heart, we've seen competitions. We've even seen some great memorization techniques come and go. But the reality is a shift in the culture of memorization needs to happen. And I'd like to be a part of that. And I'd like you to come along and have a journey with me so that we can begin the process of retaining the Quran the process of memorization, and that is to make our Quran our most half our own. And what do I mean? I mean, the first time ever, I'd like to offer us as a

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community, the opportunity to write to retain. What does that mean? Well, let's say you were given the opportunity to write your own Quran, How much easier would that make your memorization AQL is proud, blessed and honored to take up the responsibility to conduct a one year program starting August 19, entitled right to retain. By the end of this program, students will have written five observa. But what's more important is they won't have copied something and written Arabic, but they will have reproduced the page of Quran that they see in front of them in their own manuscript. I look forward to seeing you. I look forward to seeing your writing. That's August 19. If you want

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more information, you know there are links below where you could ask around, but I need you to want this. For more information and anything else that you can conjure up about Quranic literacy, visit AQL online.com was Salam aleykum Warahmatullah