Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders What Do We Want Our Bodies To Say

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The "anything that is not your fault" concept is discussed by a woman who experienced a "anything that is not your fault." The "anything that is not your fault" concept is also discussed by a speaker who emphasizes the importance of writing as a "wise way to write" that is not conscious. The "anything that is not your fault" concept is also discussed by a speaker who emphasizes the need to avoid recalling a memory and to practice good behavior.
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Without any sort of violation of the available selling while it was available

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and as Mandela said on a yo mana chemo Allah for him what to call the mana ad him what ash has our jewelry home the mechanic civil, Alexander said on that day on the Day of Judgment. Now, he will apply

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a Yamanaka will either apply that the

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the mouth, the tongue will be sealed, there will be an oval on this tank

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now to allow for him what to call Li Muna IV him and their hands will speak.

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What does How do our Zulu and their legs will bear witness remark

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about what they did?

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The show is

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when we look at the things which will bear witness, I find myself when you reflect and think about what is this witness? What is my hand going to speak? What will my hand say?

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What was this hand doing?

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Was this hand raised for the implementation of the orders of Allah subhanaw taala? Or was this hand raised for the oppression of others?

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Was this hand raised in good works in writing and reading something which is useful? Was this hand raised in helping other people or was this hand raised in doing something which are less radical as private gentlemen, hello,

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the legs, they are going to bear witness. They're going to bear witness about where they carried us.

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Today the hands and legs

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and our body is subject to our wish.

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Allah has given this this whole body of our the macro voices rather rather and given it as subjected subjected to our wish. And even in this for example, you will see the examples of this lm Allah protect us from that. But look at somebody who has Parkinson's disease

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parkinsonism is where your hand now checks.

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Now what has happened is that it is no longer subject to your wish, you can just stop it won't stop. You can wish stop it won't stop, why Allah subhanaw taala has removed that

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subject to your will has removed that subjugation of yours with regard to your hand. So now the handshake no matter what you do with the handshake.

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So Allah May Allah protect us but these are all sides for us to see.

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issue is you might think that how is it that the hand will remember our houses the leg we live over, very easy to understand

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things like cycling

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and swimming.

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Once you learn you never forget all your life. Once you learn cycling as a little child, even at the age of 70 if you are given a cycle you will write you will not follow up

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that initial volume down and so on which you did.

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Once you learn to write that memory stays with you all your life, what is that memory, it's not conscious memory from the mind. It is what is called muscular memory.

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The muscles remember

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what is to be done when you're sitting on a bike. Same thing was already once you write

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I was I used to ride the jail here in Nevada, Nevada growing up and so on. And then in 2003 when I was out there one of my friends also was also my chef. He has a farm he you know he has horses and all that he goes to a writing school so he told me I'll take you I went there. So I told him look I haven't written for almost 20 years. So I have forgotten what is writing. So you can't forget reading so I didn't even read. So we went to the instructor there. And then he said to the instructor, he says no you give him a good heart he has not written for what 20 years. So he started to give me hours I was writing when I finished writing the insert the government says yes why do you

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realize that what

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what do you Why do I delight he said you told me you don't know how to write and you don't know what to do you have not written for 20 years is your writing notable is what what what is

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masculinity memory.

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The body remembers.

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Same thing assuming once you learn to swim, you won't sink. You would you would you know get my you will get tired but you will not do

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If you jump into a pool, you will not drown. No, no, you're not to

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muscular memory.

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And that muscular memory is not only restricted to cycling and zooming and writing, it is restricted to all our actions, it extends to all our actions. And on that day of judgment, Allah subhanaw taala said that hands and the feet will speak, because the tongue can lie. These don't lie.

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When we teach communication, and you teach what is called body language,

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right, well you heard the term body language what is body language people say the body does not lie. They we actually teach this as well as even when we did visual communication thing visit the body does not lie. So look at the man's eyes when he's speaking. Look at his eyes, look at his face, look at his gestures, he will tell you if there is some nivara that will come out. You may be saying something is done is lying, but from his face from his actions, you know, there's something's wrong here. He's saying something when it doesn't mean it.

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The body does not like that body will speak.

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That's why I remind myself and remind you, what is it that we want this body to say?

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Because remember, all these memories, the day we die, that is when it closes. Until then we all have the opportunity to change the body memory. For example, if we have done something wrong, then you make Toba that memory is deleted, resets. So after that you do the good things. Then when the time comes to speak, it was only about it once. You know what that day it is. And you know that that Toba? Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven and said when Allah, Allah forgives, not only does Allah forgive but he wipes off the slate completely their memory itself is God and Allah substitutes that for a good deed and so you get the reward for it also, but inshallah after that if you do not

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do anything wrong, then the body memories right on that day, and that is the reason why we need to remind ourselves and say From today onwards, what is it that I'm going to do? Because whatever I do my hands and feet will bear witness.

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Which phone call I made, who did I talk to? What did I do? Where did I walk what or I don't have to resolve this you know this, they will speak therefore what do I want them to say? That is in our hands inshallah. We are Carlos Rotella two years with COVID to do what is pleasing to Him. And to ensure that on the day when our tongues are sealed and when the hands and feet speak, we will not be ashamed the world as long as that that those hands and feet inshallah will say the right things, because we would have done the right things without Allah subhanaw taala and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for whatever we have done till today to wipe out all that slate clean, and to

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give us the opportunity and to give us a sense of it to do what is right from today onwards, no matter who else it pleases or does not please Google only only the role of Allah. Allah.

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Allah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah, Allah mana

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