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But I just saw I get confused like, like who's right and who's wrong all along?

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It's even hard just to try to stand next to this fire imagine being thrown in it. And Paul Logan, that's the answer to your first question. But I this is where I get confused, like, like who's right and who's wrong? are Muslims wrong? Because they're Muslim? are Christians wrong? Because they're Christian? And what are the consequences of being right and wrong? What is it? What's the consequence? If we get it wrong if we, if we fail the test this test of life, you'd respect me less if I didn't tell you the truth. The truth is that Abraham, Moses, Noah, all these messengers, Mohammed has been the last message in a chain of messengers who came with the same message to

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worship the one

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and only created the heavens and earth. There's not multiple Gods out there god, yes, good. You know, in Islam, Allah is the God and Judaism, Jesus is the God and

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Jesus is not God. He never called people to worship Him, as a God as a literal Son of God. He called people to worship the One God alone without associates. And he also warned people to hellfire. And he gave the glad tidings of Paradise, eternal life in the next paradise. And so did all the other messengers. They came with that same message, not

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contradictory messages, one coming and saying, worship Me, the other one coming worship the song, the other one won't come was saying worship the moon, the other one saying worship money? No, that's where you're confused. Because I'm, I'm confused. But the messenger is that the creator said he, they came to bring you out of the confusion. And problem Mohammed is just the last and final messenger sent to mankind. So the consequence again, to answer your question, and what are the consequences of being right and wrong, is the hill fire. And I hope that you respect that person more who's giving you the truth? straightforward? Because that's not that's not a true love. Not an

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next part to answer your question, Paul Logan, is how do we get out of the confusion? wily people a little bit of homework, very simple. First, I'm going to give you an analogy, and tell me if you agree with this. And then, if you agree with this, we can build off that now I'm going to leave you with something to think about, imagine a house with four doors. And in one door, you were brought in, and there was statues, idols, icons. And then the person says, Here, you could take this as your religion, you can worship these sticks, stones and bones and icons and idols. And then he took you to door number two, and then there was human beings, angels, saints, living things, cows, animals.

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And then the person said, Your second option, you can worship these things. And from those things, religions are formed. And then the person took you to door number three, Are you with me? Stay with me, almost done. Paul Logan, door number three, the person took you in there, the roof was missing, and you looked up and it was stars, and there was the moon, and there was the clouds and all these other things up there. And the person said, you can go ahead and make a religion out of that, would you want to worship that? And the person said, we got one more door to take you through, suddenly they took you to door number four. And they're the person explained to you the attributes of the

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Creator of the heavens and earth, there was no stick stones, idols, icons, human beings, there was no stars, no planets, nothing created, but the attributes of the Creator. explain to you in a beautiful verse from the verbatim Word of God Almighty, the Quran and when something like this, quote, who Allahu Allahu Samad.

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say he is God, the one and only the absolute, the eternal, the truly self sufficient. He gets not noisy gotten meaning he's not born from anyone, nor does he have children, a family, a DNA, no. And he's uniquely one. There's nothing comparable to him. You go ahead. And if you're sincere from that, we have an innate nature inside built inside all of us, that drive that want that belief in the Creator of the heavens and earth, I do believe in a creator. So you decide which door would you pick and select if you pick number four, some sort of unimaginable thing that made us and this universe and everything around us? Your nature hasn't been totally corrupted? And you said yes, number four,

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then I invite you to investigate Islam. And Islam simply means to submit your will. You are Christian, and you read the Lord's Prayer. And that Lord's Prayer goes a little something like what our father Oh God in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done die will be done equals Islam. That's what Islam is to submit your will, to the will of the one and only God Oh,

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God Almighty in Arabic, we say Allah, that's it. So there's not his God, that God their God. There's only

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One guy. So if this makes sense, go ahead. I invite you to look into Islam, Paul Logan. And remember, that's the consequence to Hellfire, that Jesus and all the messengers warn people out of their love. Trying to save them from them, give them salvation from the Hellfire, and they invited them to the house of peace, the house of Islam, they all came with the same same message, to submit your will to the Creator of the heavens and earth, not the creation to do good deeds to be morally upright. You're gonna make mistakes, but you turn to the all loving the most forgiving. Now I just gave you something to think about tuning to the deen show, Paul Logan and check out some of the

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shows that we've had. And the homework that I leave you with is very simple. Ask your Creator, the creator who created you humble yourself like Jesus did and he fell on his face. And he prayed he would he prayed himself and he prayed to the one God and ask for guidance, say the one who created me. Don't put no intermediary in the middle, no monkey in the middle. Nobody in the middle between you and your Creator, your maker. And as to all loving the Most Merciful, the most guide kind The one who wants to guide you to guide you say guide me, guide me guide me. I leave you with that Paul Logan, do that little thing. It's a huge thing. And great things will happen and take a little time

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to investigate. Investigate Islam. read the Koran, and we're here to help. If you have any questions contact us at the D show. Watch the D show. Thank you. Peace be with you.

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