5 Pillars Made Plain – What is Prayer

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, Abdullah oduro and welcome. What is the prayer

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many of us know prayer to be a means of tuning out to talk to God, or to supplicate our advocate. And that's exactly what it means linguistically. You see the word Arabic Salah, which means prayer. In particular, we're talking about the five daily prayers, but generically, prayer means to call or to supplicate. It also has a linguistic connection with establishing a Silla or a connection. So you call on you, invocate and supplicate to God further strengthening further establishing then strengthening that connection with him. And the wisdom of the five prayers which we will talk about throughout the span of a day. We also see that the prayer is something that was ordered to the

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Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. You see, Prophet Mohammed received the revelation at the age of 14. He used to meditate before that. He used to go to a cave called Hera and meditate. And upon this, Allah subhana wa tada the exalted sent the angel Gabriel to him at the age of 40. While he was meditating and praying to Allah alone, you see, he never was a polytheist. But he would pray to Allah alone. Upon this time, Allah sent the angel Gabriel to read to him the chapter in the Quran called Icarus, which is called read. Upon this, the prophet ran horridly to his wife hadiya, in late in her lap, and he was scared, and he told her to cover him for barely, he was scared and sweating

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profusely. At this time, a law ordered him to stand up and pray, because this is the strongest means of keeping that divine link with God. and maintaining that connection, just as it is, and was for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu was sent in peace and blessings be upon him, this is going to serve as the strongest means for your connection to God. So that is exactly what the Salah is, it is establishing a connection with God through invoking, and supplicating by reciting the Quran and asking him for whatever you need in this life, and in the next may allow, make use of those that stay adherent to these five daily prayers and make use of those that use this as a means of serenity

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and strengthening your relationship with your Creator. A set on why they come to live in a castle. Thank you