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Do not curse time – Allah takes an oath by time.

All humans on the face of this earth are in loss???

Name ten people who you think are successful? Think about those you have mentioned? Ambiya? Sahaba? If not – if you find those people you mentioned are successful in Dunya then this is your mental model. Following this model will only bring you to succeed in failing. You have followed the losers. Reflect on what you think success is. Do not fool yourself. Who are our role models? Who is successful?

Allah says success is a person pursuing 4 aspects.

Find out who are the 4…..

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alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Colombia will mousseline while he was having his reign of bad.

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Luck Amano della said.

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Old we live in a shed on the regimes we live in a manner that

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will last in aliens and refuse illa levena Amano Amita Sally had the water was so will have the water was so visible

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and lots of other data

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took an oath

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by time

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in one Hadith

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is support CLS said

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the meaning of witches

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he directed the people and he said do not curse time because I am time.

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So, Allah subhanaw taala took an oath by time and he said in

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in Zana, that

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you see the grammar of this Arabic first is the oath while acid

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then Allah said in which is very early and surely

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in Santa, then there is lack of

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of emphasis the Lamb of the off target,

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Latinos are

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truly mankind is in loss.

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Truly all Indian inshallah Allah subhanaw taala is including all human beings in this in, in Santa Rosa was every single human being on the face of the earth who was ever one is in verse,

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He is a loser, he is in loss he has,

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there is nothing about him, that is

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a sign of winnings, or a sign of success in Al insana love your host.

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So the first thing we remind myself a new is to examine our mental models about what is success and what is failure.

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It's very important to reflect on the Koran, very important to

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think and reflect on and

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try to understand what Allah subhanho that is seeing

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and hear a lot smarter is saying that all of mankind is in loss.

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But if we look at ourselves, and if we look at our own mental models,

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now our own criteria of success and failure.

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And if we look, if I tell you to name 10 people who are successful I'm sure you will name 10 people.

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And I can also say with certainty that

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unless some of you are smart enough, you are not going to name a number

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I can almost say that with depth with absolute certainty, the device a name 10 people who are successful you will not name 10 Mb you will probably not even name 10 Muslims

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or the Muslims that you name

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will be Muslims who are successful why because of the amount of money they have.

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You are not an anger You and I are not going to name can Muslims who are great dilemma, for example.

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But you will name somebody who is a billionaire and a trillionaire and whatnot, whatnot, whatnot. And you will keep on mentioning those things.

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Because those are our mental models of success.

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You see that they've asked ourselves this question you can't live live like this unless rather is in everybody's in loss.

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Now why is it important to

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think about mental models of success because whatever is your mental model of success, that is the one you're following.

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That is what you're chasing

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whether or not you ever achieve it is a different matter.

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But you are chasing that.

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So if you are chasing that and that that is loss,

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then what are you chasing? loss?

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What sense does it make? What sense does it make to live our whole life chasing loss

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so in the end, if you catch up with what you are chasing you have lost

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I mean it just doesn't make sense. you're chasing loss and your success is that you become a loser.

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That's what it means not when

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you go chasing something such as this to gadgets.

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So if you're chasing logic got lost so what that means you

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What a loser.

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Seriously, we have to think about this what is the meaning in Alexander elegibles? day everybody is a loss. Everyone is a loss. So who are our role models? Who are the people who we consider to be successful?

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What is the mental model of success that we are working with?

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And if they don't do that mental model of success is loss.

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So here we have a peculiar situation where even if you succeed, you have failed.

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She was exceeding what you are chasing your head because of chasing brilliant

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Illa la Vina Amano Sally hottie, what else are we lucky what was over so I'm not going to open this chapter. Now. We'll do that in the next few days. But just to complete the surah, because we don't want to leave it midway.

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And the last one, Abdullah then gave the model of success, which is the success according to horrible al amin

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and Allah subhanaw. taala describes four aspects of that success that success comprises of four things. Sometimes people

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explain this as saying four kinds of people are successful. That's not true. It's not what kinds of people it's for things in the same person.

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Such worries are four kinds of people.

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If somebody has even a normal salary is not successful, somebody is doing good deeds, and he has no he man is not successful. So it's not a question of or independent things. It's the question of four things in the same person. So four aspects, and four things that must be covered to complete the model of success. That success model Allah subhanaw taala is a

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model of four parts.

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Illa Lavina Amano, Amina Sally happy what I was always happy. What was the result? inshallah we'll talk about that later. Now, we will stay with this. And I asked myself, I remind myself and you let us seriously reflect on what are these success models in our mind, who, according to us are successful people. And again, don't fool yourself, don't simply generalize the law. Because if that is, in fact, the case, that must reflect your life, otherwise, you're lying to yourself Simple as that.

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Towards Abraham Elisa, even when he was a man who spent his entire life in journey in the path of Allah, Allah, we didn't sit in one place for his entire life.

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Are you willing to do that?

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Have you done it? You can't even leave your house for three days, forget about the whole life? Where is the variable is your success model? No. alessa, just about 950 years of our

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people are cursing you the whole day? That's the model. Let's not fool ourselves.

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Let us not fool ourselves, let us seriously look at who am I chasing? What model Am I chasing?

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And then convince yourself that this model is a model that leads to failure

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and the dwara gela we'll see what does it mean to you and then our side and so on. So what what today let us reflect on this the purpose of these other reminders is not to give somebody an oil is to help us to reflect begin the day with reflection begin the day with thinking about our own life. So that inshallah the day goes well and each other less of the life also goes well. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to his column, to open our hearts to the sun. Love is the result of salah and to ensure that we take and make the right choices and we take the right path that leads to success and not about to failure was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah. He was highly

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