Reminders Importance Of Sunnah Part Iii

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Alhamdulillah with alameen wa salatu salam ala

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or early or as heavy as rain over

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we have been talking about the issue of the importance of the Hadees and the Sunnah in Islam

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and we began on two days ago by talking about how Allah subhanaw taala promised to

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protect his Vicar, Nana, Nana, Nana zona de cara, are in Allahu Allah have his own. And we showed how by liquor

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is not only meant the alphas, the letters and the the words of the muscles of the iron, but all that came to socialize a lot is Salah, which includes, as according to the others, he said, I have been given two things, the four iron and something like it.

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And the ziggu therefore is the meat is the words of the forehand is the meaning of the words, the explanations of them, and the explanations of the implementation of the outcome of the forum.

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We also talked about how Allah subhanaw taala

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by His grace and as mercy

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gave nourish Allah, Allah, Allah wa salam, a position where he said to the people, to take whatever his Navy gives us, and to leave whatever is gonna be

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privates for us.

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And I told you, it is related to that, from sort of the measure, as well as some sort of hashes. And Allah subhanaw taala said, in Serato nasm, Allah subhanaw taala also said that whatever miner, he says, is what I have told him is what has been revealed to him he does not speak of his own with his own desire, he doesn't say things that if he's acting, he says only what he has been commanded to speak.

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Today, let us see what is the effect of disregarding

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the outcome of

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the most famous of the lockout

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incidents is that of the hospital

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where are the lights Alice I was

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instructed a group of archers to guard a particular hilltop

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and this hilltop, those of you who have been to the to HUD, you should go there and see it and you will see exactly what happened there. Because this hilltop guards a passage. It guards a passageway between the mountain of art and the silt.

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And if someone is on this hilltop, then no one can pass through the passage.

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And that was the strategy of Rasul Allah. So he put this set of arches there, and he gave them instructions and he said that even if you see that we have lost the battle. And even if you see that the birds are eating from our bodies, you are not to leave this place.

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But what actually happened, what happened was Allah subhanaw taala gave the Muslims victory.

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And the

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Amil crash was routed,

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and the runaway and they left all their possessions.

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And these archers on the hilltop, they saw the people they saw their comrades, they saw the Muslims

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collecting Ranima

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the spoils of battle.

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So some among them even though they're Amir stood firm, but some among them they said well, the battle is over.

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So let us go and collect the vanilla

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damage to them. We have the record numbers Allah Allah says do not leave this place until you are ordered to leave until I tell you to leave Don't leave it even if you find that the birds are eating from our bodies.

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What did they say? They said that that hokum applied to that situation. Now the battle is over.

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Therefore that hokum is not, does not apply anymore.

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The battle is over. So let's go. And they discovered they were on the left.

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And then we know what happened in North Hollywood in the lay of the land. Oh, at that time, he was the one of the generals of rush. He was waiting for that opportunity with a contingent of cavalry was behind event road behind from a hot and as soon as he saw the hilltop is free. He attacked and the

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victory was converted into one of the worst defeats that was ever experienced, even though socialized himself was with that army.

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A defeat to the extent where 70 of the Sahaba or shade including Hamza bin Abdul Mutallab Allah

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No, and also lies Allah Allah Himself was injured, and there was a rumor that he had died.

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All of this was a result of what of one? misinterpretation these are the Mahabharata, we do not say that they deliberately disobeyed the NaVi they did not deliberate it is interpreted something.

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They just interpreted something and they said, well, the Hogan was for this situation and now the situation has changed therefore, the outcome is not valid.

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I remind myself when you consider what do we do with this on that day? when someone tells you this is as soon as someone tells you this is the head is honoris Allah Salah, what do we say about that?

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We say exactly the same thing which is applied to those this does not apply today. See the result? Second incident

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has to do with making fun of or implying any kind of criticism to the Sunnah of novoselov Allah salam, or to the actions of the reseller.

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In the Battle of the book, when the

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restaurant had gone, and he was part of the of the of the worse.

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They camped in a particular place, and people came and cetera, for so long that there are there's a group of people who are making fun. And they are saying that these people think that fighting the Romans is like fighting Arabs.

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The Roman army is the best in the world. And the Romans will die them and ropes and they will destroy them.

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So it's one of them sent for them, we call them

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and when they came, he asked them what did you say? They say Allah we were only joking. We didn't mean that we just said it.

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Allah Subhana Allah revealed the hora

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in the eyes of Zora Toba where I was covered by the monocle.

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Allah, Allah said to them, You said you were joking. What are you joking about Allah and His ayah and about about his Rasul?

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And he said, because the governing body Monica, you have become cabinet after you had accepted Islam.

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Even though they apologized, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala did not accept that apology. Allah Subhana

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Allah said you are covered after you've had become Muslim. Why? Because they implied remember in that particular incident from the zerah no one has has written that they actually personally criticizes the sorceress, Allah they didn't actually say something about Mohammed Salah.

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But the implication was that he's taking us on this journey and we are going to you know, this is a

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something which is useless thing and you know, we all get into trouble that is the kind of implication

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I want to remind myself and you and others that

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there is no joking with regard to Allah. There is no joking with regard to nebbish Allah Allah shall

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keep the joking PowerShell is not for the for Allah subhanaw taala and is really,

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what Allah subhanaw taala tells us and what is never he tells us, we take it completely semana Ravana and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for Veronica robina while a currency,

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this is the position of the Muslim

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and if anybody criticizes or implies criticism, or make fun, or implies fun, of the Sunday of every salon is a seller or it attempts to deny the address or a solar cell a seller and please remember this is

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covered by the

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touch people have become,

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have gone out of Islam.

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And remember, also the arrows are aneesa well as Vergara said to those who are with them, he said when they when you see them making fun of the deen of Allah

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stop them or leave them until they talk about something else. And then Allah, Allah went on to say, and Allah said that if you do not do so, then you are with them.

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So not only is it important for us,

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never to imply any criticism of Salah Not only is it essential for us to accept the holidays to say this also says Allah, but also not to participate in any action and not to support directly or indirectly anybody who indulges in these things and it is incumbent upon us and it is forced upon us and it is obligatory upon us to reject such people and to leave their company and to ensure that we make it very clear that we are not part of them. Because if we do

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not do this and if we continue to deal with them if we continue to have relationships with them because of their family members or because they are friends or because they are people from my karela or something, then Allah subhanaw taala will count us among them and what did Allah say about them as far from Ballymoney?

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inshallah, tomorrow we will talk about the how the earliest was preserved, and why we are making such a big deal about what is called as it was Allah Allah revealed Karim Allah, Allah us