Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Importance Of Sunnah Part Iv

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The Hadees had a pattern of being protected through actions, including memorization and practice. The internet helped them achieve their goals, including famous events like the American revolution. Many hedges were written and people practiced their own writing, leading to the development of hedge culture. The Sharia was used throughout the time of the internet, and the words and phrases written were not meant to be heard or understood.
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bolivianos salatu salam ala Miramar setting while early he was having a bad inshallah, today we will conclude the discussion we were having with regard to the Hadees also lies Allah highly ourselves and

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we looked at how Allah subhanaw taala preserved his column,

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both in terms of his words, as well as in terms of its meaning, as well as in terms of his practice.

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We also looked at how Allah subhanaw taala gave us or by cellulitis, Allah, the

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authority to make laws

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and, and how Allah subhanaw taala told us in the law that he made, not true his personal desires, but what was revealed to him.

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And since that revelation is not in the court, and therefore we know that this revolution is what is known as a Vermont law, which is another revelation, in addition to the Oregon which we know today as the head is here. And again, this is not my opinion, this is the this is what a Surah Surah frenzel said, as well as this is the beginning of all the Sahara, and all those who came after the after them and followed them excellence.

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The third way in which

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lots of hands Allah preserved the practice of the Quran,

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the way he was preserved in three ways.

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And exactly the same methodology was used for the preservation of the words of the Quran, as well as the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, there are three ways in which it was preserved. Number one was through memorization.

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People memorize, what was the beat, people memorized, whatever. So that's another upset. And we have to look at it in the context of the time.

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People have those times. And even today, if you go to some of the rural areas, people tend to have amazing memories, because they don't right. And so therefore, the memory is very, very powerful and very accurate. So people memorize. The second way in which they were he was preserved both the words of the Quran as well as the teachings are also vital as Allah was writing. So people wrote down whatever he said. And the third way in which it was preserved, was through practice. Because they were he the writing of the Quran, the words of the Koran, as well as the teachings of Philip from day one, were practiced by the Sahaba. They were practice and they were the source of law. So how

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did this happen? This is how it happened. Alex rantala revealed the ads with regard to the format of hover with regard to the prohibition of alcohol. And people actually, they didn't just say, Okay, this isn't really fine. Now they actually practice it, they immediately threw away the liquor. They stopped drinking. Obviously, think about different people who have been drinking all their lives, they would they would be alcoholics, when people were actually stuck on the drug, but they gave up their alcoholism, they give up their addiction, because Allah Subhana Allah revealed ours in the hora.

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There are many instances of, of these three things memorization, of course, we know, the writing of it. They had it led to a famous incident with people number one, is in the early days of the revolution, rossano specifically ordered people and said, write down only the words of the horror and not what I say after that. Right now, what is this proof?

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To anyone with half of our brain it proves that people were actually that you know,

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otherwise, I would say don't write up. So it means that the people who

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had these were written are only 200 years later is nonsense, because if it were written 200 years later, why did you say don't write down so people were writing down, and in the early days, the only reason there's one of them privated them from writing down was because he did not want people to confuse the Koran with the explanation of the Quran.

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And a very simple reason for that is because the Quran is recited in Salah, the head his explanation of the Quran is not presented in Salah. So therefore is a gift those two separate but later on specifically also as well as a result of ordered people to write down number one number two,

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another famous

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Hadith which I mentioned the other day also, among some other one of the scribes and the same people, Gavin Malik and the others who are the scribes of the Quran were the same people who are also writing down their hedges in a major manner. And one of them was writing now, he asked us what Osasuna sometimes you say some things in anger.

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You are angry about something and you say something, should we also write down that and also another lesson observed by the one in whose hand is the life of Muhammad, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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protects my time.

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So you can write whatever I tell you.

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Second proof that things were being written down in the live or so does Allah Himself

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people used to write down then they would read back to him what they had written down, and he would verify that, that is the extent to which the holidays were recorded as accurately as that during his life in itself. Third, favorite hobbies or sources, he said,

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If anyone narrates from me something which I have not said, then he will find his own place in Japan.

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But it was either somebody narrated from me What have not said, then he will find his own place in Ghana. What does it prove? It proves that people were writing things down and they were narrating that's why he had to put this caveat to say, be sure of what you have written down, make sure it's accurate, don't say something which I have not

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The son of that.

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He says our father used to gather us and he would speak to us about the

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analyzer does that I had a word they used for the Sierra they call it otherwise.

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Otherwise, the enemy's battles but they the Sierra was that's how they mentioned was it What was this

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second method of reservation was through writing. Third was method of reservation was through the actual practice of whatever a solar solar cell upset. People used to actually practice whatever he said,

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in their own lives, and that is the way in which the entire Sharia has been derived from What does have a practice that is why our VEDA and our belief as far as I was concerned, is whatever the Sahaba did, is for us valuable Indeed, for us invalidate the activity with a lien and deed which we do not question is whatever we sell as an update, or whatever is to have a date, as long as something can be said that is what our data's are recorded or somebody

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we follow that because we know that this I have never changed anything and they did not do anything which

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did not allow them to do. So the practice of the Sahaba is the lead in deed.

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And that's how the practice as a same methodology was used from day one, for the preservation of the words of the forum, which we know as the most half, which is the, what is recited in the insula, as well as for the teachings or also lies otherwise Allah it makes absolute sense because obviously if the words are there as a man as rather instead of a masala, then I was this era to era as soon as possible.

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