The Importance, virtue & wisdom of fasting in Islam

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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the importance of fasting for health and well-being, caution, and obtaining love for the poor. The holy Bible uses "naqma" to indicate a need for caution and avoid giving out too much information. The segment also touches on the importance of fasting for personal health and personal growth, including physical and mental health, and the benefits of counting and fasting for personal growth.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam wa salam ala Nabi Abba

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Amara dewfall Nabila Jimenez shaytani R rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Rafi.

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Manu quotevalet como si,

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comme aquity ballerina I mean Kamala Kamala and La Quinta, taco and sadaqa Allah will assume

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my dear respected will Amma elders and brothers,

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Allah subhanahu wa taala has given us the opportunity of witnessing the Mubarak and blessed month of Ramadan. Perhaps last week, the Imam must have highlighted the importance of and the blessedness of the month of Ramadan. It's important to note that there are two aspects one is the blessedness of the month of Ramadan.

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And one is the physique of fasting in the month of Ramadan. So even if a person can fast because of a valid reason. It doesn't mean that Ramadan is not blessed to that person, it still blessed it to that person. But Allah has chosen the mobile can bless it month of Ramadan for the obligation of fasting. Thus in Surah Baqarah Allah Allah says from an Shahida Amin Thomas Shahara, failure some wherever finds the month of Ramadan let him fast. So Allah has kept the two right yes, things together, the 402 fasting in the month of Ramadan. And there is such a great link between the two. That the Alama right, that if a person misses fast in Ramadan, even if he fast for the rest of his

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life, he won't make up one fast that is in the month of Ramadan. Now the point is, why has Allah made fasting first? Why is Allah made fasting for us and not only for us a very great for us something that is very greatly rewarded. Now there must be a certain reason why what are the reasons why Allah has made fasting for us? Why is it why is it obligatory? Why is it compulsory, it's not only to stay away from food and drink for a certain period of time, which is a technical thing. There are many many benefits of fasting. One of the benefits Allah Himself has made mentioned in the Holy Quran

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Halina mono katiba Ali camassia

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ope believers, Allah has made fasting compulsory, the way he has made it compulsory upon the much of the past, not only in this, but in the much of the past. But obviously there is a change there is a difference day fasting was very different from our fasting, like

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Takuan that you may gain taqwa.

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What is Allah says that I have made fasting compulsory that you gain Taqwa. Now what is the meaning of Taqwa many, many Allamah have given the definitions of Taqwa it means to fear Allah. It means to be you know, be cautious of every step you take in life. O'Meara the ultra no one day us will be even it up will be what is taqwa? So baby niqab said, Omar?

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Imagine you have to cross a path which is full of thorns, how will you cross it? So O'Meara villabruna said I will proceed with extreme caution.

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So Vapnik upset that is taqwa that every step in life you take I must not trample upon the commands of Allah Tala. So that is one of the meaning. Perhaps one of the best meanings that has been given with regard to Taqwa is

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it comes from an incident humara theologian one day was going in the streets of Medina. He overheard a conversation. The mother and the daughter were conversing. The mother was telling the daughter put more water in the milk we will have more volume to sell more profit to make. She said no, we can't do that. And he removed meaning they said you must not deceive people don't add water in the milk and sell it office pure malt and it is not pure malt. So the mother said where is Omar here to see us? Where is Umaria to see us. So the daughter replied Omar is not here. The Allah in the lord of Omar is here to see us. Allah ma have said that is taqwa every step of your life, Allah is watching

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me my Hakuna Minaj worth and effort in Allah who are robbing. You are not three conversing in secret but Allah is the fourth Allah adna me

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Delica Allah Azza Illa who am I?

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You might be less you might be more but Allah is with you all the time. Now that is Taqwa. And how does Allah Taqwa through the means of fasting? Now just just imagine for others we all know Nabil Karim saw Salam it said it's a sign of a man to drink zamzam to your full

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and a sign of a monastic that he can drink some some too much sign of Eman to drink some some someone while you are fasting. Give us a thumbs up. So blessed water

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comes from MCI Mocha, drink.

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I can't drink. I'm fasting.

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I can't drink. You can't drink what? You can drink some stuff. Yes, I can drink some stuff. Why? Allah said I'm fasting. But others when you train yourself to stay away from zum zum. Because Allah's command says I can't drink. Then why can't you stay away from me? But why can you stay away from backbiting? Why can you stay away from lies? Why can you stay away from Xena because Allah says, you train yourself in fasting to stay away from zamzam. Why can you stay away from haram katiba Aliko museum come

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brothers, one of the one of the beauties of you know the psychologically they tell you, you have to sometimes enjoy and take the joy of saying no, to be able to say yes, understand this very properly. You see a woman who is breastfeeding a child, the child when is breastfeeding, and now the mother wants to win the child of the breast very difficult, very difficult. And we all know that nowadays the mothers they put certain medicine, better medicine that the child must not be able to wish for the for the for the breast milk.

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But until

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that child doesn't say no to breast milk,

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it cannot say yes to all the delicacies it will enjoy throughout the life throughout his life. It has to say no to breast milk to be able to say yes to biryani. It has to say no to breast milk to be able to say yes to prime it is yes to say no to the breast milk to be able to say yes to all other delicacies will eat until you don't learn to say no to haram you will not be able to say yes to the beauty of Ibaadat

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you will not be able to say yes to the beauty of your budget. Therefore Allah subhanaw taala says Learn to say no to haram and where do we learn to say no to haram in fasting

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first reason why we first second reason why we first Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says woman X and Medina me man Aslam

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who's deal is better than the one who submits to Allah to Allah

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led us to submit to Allah as command is the greatest thing sometimes you submit even if there is difficulty upon you. Now in fasting you are learning to submit you are learning to submit to Allah to Allah because you want to eat you are hungry. No I'm submitting to Allah Tala and there is difficulty sometimes when you have fasting you find it difficult. But you submit because Allah has commands in whose Dean is better than the one who submits to Allah Tada sometimes these difficulty there was a radio program so that you know in radio premier program they ask the listeners what you want to hear. You want to listen to karate, cardio bulbous setup to Summit. Do you want to listen to

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a nasheed so one person said you know announcer Let me listen to Mercury bizarre.

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I want to listen to Mercury Mossad is 12 o'clock I want to listen to mark rivers and why there is some difficulty why we learn to submit to the commands of Allah Tala second reason why we first is to learn to submit to Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. Third reason Nebia Karim saw Salam has also made mention of it who has shahada Musa it's a month of gaining sympathy to the poor and those who are less fortunate. Brothers. The fact of the matter is, if you are eating three square meals a day it's very difficult to build compassion for the poor.

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How do you gain compassion for the poor you eating three square meals a day? How do you learn to learn? And maybe I can, Moscato remember, you know reading a hadith inadequately shame miftah when we've tackled Jannetty Hoople, Moroccan, there is a key for everything and the key for dem Jana is love for the poor. How are we going to gain love for the poor? You know, there was a French Revolution and the French Revolution is that the poor people were sorry

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For the people who were going to kings were not suffering. They were living a life of luxury. So the people protested, we don't have food to eat. So the people went to the kings and ruling class. And they asked for the ruling class as why why are they why are they protesting?

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They say they don't have bread to eat.

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So do you know what the reply was? Tell them to eat cake.

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Tell them to eat cake. They couldn't understand that people are dying of hunger because they got no money for bread. So they said they don't have bread. Let me take

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brothers, we you and I, we are in the same situation. We eat three meals a day sometimes where do we build compassion for the poor? Now when you are fasting, sometimes you want to eat and said no, I can't eat because Allah Allah commands me. Now you realize the plight of the poor person? Yeah, Allah is his. I'm doing it because of Allah's command. He's doing it because of circumstances. So the third reason why we fast is to build compassion for the poor, which never saw Islam said Was

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it is said about simplistically, Rahmatullah Lee one of our great Sufi, you know, saints in our stuff. So one day, he was sitting in a masjid when it was cold, and there was a small shawl, but he didn't use the shawl. Someone said, He's cold, why don't you use the shawl. He said, there are so many people in the city who don't have enough to cover them from the cold, I can go and give everyone a shot, I don't have the capacity. I thought I won't wear a shawl to be able to also shiver like the people who can't afford a shawl. So I'm also not wearing the shawl to be able to sympathize with the people who are in the cold and they don't have enough to cover themselves. Third reason we

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fast is amongst other reasons, is to have sympathy for the poor. The fourth reason is Sabbath worship.

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And this there are many times you and I we need to make some

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things always don't go your way. thing sometimes you know, you want something to happen. It doesn't happen.

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As a leader the Allah Houttuynia said, I'd have to Robbie firstly, I recognize Allah by the failure of my intention, I want to do something it doesn't happen.

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Fasting Bill Sabha, it gives you the endurance to be able to bear things that you are not happy with. So that if something happens in life, that it doesn't go according to your wish. Fasting gives you the training to be able to learn to live where things don't go according to you according to your wishes. We are living in a time of great amount of instant everything is instant. We want everything instant, instant coffee, instant everything we want. Say someone was coming from a village it's a small joke, right? So he came there to the to the big city so the cousins took him to the supermarket. So when they took him to the supermarket, they came pass a place they say milk

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powder, she said what is this? He say you put little bit powder you put water it becomes milk. He say in a farm we have to get a four o'clock to milk the cow to get milk do you put milk powder you put water it becomes milk. He went to the next time he said soup powder. He said what is to powder. He said you put little bud powder you put water it becomes soup. So Annaleigh there in the farm. We have to boil the the bones for three hours before we make soup. But you can imagine when he went into the next aisle and without the cousin telling me so baby powder

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whatever food water there is going to become a baby. We want everything instant.

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Rosa teaches us saba. Then let me start giving you the spiritual benefits of Rosa, my dear respected brothers. You see in every other Ibaadat you get some physical joy, you get joy of the body. When we read namaz, we enjoy it. When we give sadaqa sometimes you give the poor you enjoy it.

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In fasting, there is no physical joy.

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There is only spiritual joy.

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You don't get any spread to physical joy when you first in fact there is physical hardship. But you get spiritual joy, right? That's the fourth reason why we fast. Allah gives you spiritual joy. You don't enjoy physical joy, physical joy you get in other Ibadah then the sixth reason why we first Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Allah has made mention of this. It's a small resemblance to Allah. Allah doesn't eat and drink. When you also don't eat and drink, you have a small resemblance to the quality of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah Tala also doesn't need to eat and drink. So we also we have a small resemblance, that we have a small resemblance to

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Allah subhanaw taala the seventh reason and the seven benefits of the seven benefits of fasting and counting it so that we can remember inshallah there is no Riya in fasting

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there is no instance unity in fasting.

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namaz and salad you can read people will say you Swan Allah Namazi so pious look at how long run Namaaz is reading, look at his ruku how he sits there is when you give zakat and you give charity. Yes, look at look at how generous he is. Brothers in fasting, he's no

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no one knows the pangs of hunger you are going through besides you. And if you want to in a 12 hour 13 hour shift, you can easily go in the bathroom and go and have a cup of cup of water on go and have a small snack. No one is watching you. If you are keeping fast, Wallah here it is only because of Allah subhanho wa Taala and no other Ibaadat has this particular distinction that there is no insincerity, there is no here in fasting or other Ibaadat you can have Ria and in fasting there is no Ria. The eighth reason

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other Ibadat

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the manifestation of it is manifested to Kurama and datamine. For him to right. Person red pin to attach to Ravi, you read half Supatra or one Jews, he read Tilawat Rahman KTV knows what to write. Fasting doesn't come apparent to Cara Monica TV is only known to Allah subhanho wa taala. Therefore, in one rewired inside a Muslim

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family even though Adam you that awful husband had to ashram failure in sub amortisation God Allah azza wa jal Illa Psalm For in the holy one a GB

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every deed is multiplied from 10 times to 700 times except fasting. When required, make mentioned kahraman Carribbean go to Allah, O Allah, what must we write? How do we record the person who is fasting and Allah says don't record it officer you can.

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You don't have the capacity to record it. It is for me I will reward it will be if it really adds up. I will reward it. You will need one I would xRB I myself will become the reward Allah will become the reward for the person who fast the eighth the eighth benefit of fasting, the ninth benefit of fasting. I'll just go and give you one. There are many, many a hadith in this particular maybe a cream saw Selim has said the reward for fasting. What is the reward for fasting? Maybe a cream so Solomon said in the field Jannetty bourbon ukar hula hula Yan Sahih Muslim Hadith in Jana there is a door that is known as Rayyan.

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And that particular door is only for those people who are fasting. Who those who are fast. Allah will call out on the Day of Judgment who are those who used to fast for my sake, they will get up Allah will say enter into Rayyan after a yawn is dead, close the door finish. No more other no more other people will be able to enter into the job to a door. This is the reward of fasting and the other reward I said so Molly one GB and then till Castro tune Camila the 10th reason you see the joy of breaking into is a joy also and you must enjoy it. There is a joy maybe a cream salsa matcha that Lisa me for

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the SAT me for Hatton for the first thing person these two joys we eat him all day. You know seven o'clock, you know breakfast 10 o'clock coffee 10 o'clock to one o'clock lunch, four o'clock tea then again after Mercury eating then again after midnight snack. I mean what what what do you enjoy that in in the food that you're having? Because you are constantly having it but when you stay away from it and then afterwards you have How do you enjoy it? Definitely a cream so slim Alyssa me ferrata and there are two joys for the person who first one at a time of Iftar one when you will meet Allah subhanaw taala Allah will give him the reward till crushertone Camila there then rewards and 10

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benefits of fasting but others don't take fasting lightly. It's a unique about it and let us do it with the uniqueness that Allah subhanaw taala has granted it will ask you to that one.

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