Rania Awaad – Understanding the Supreme Justice of Allah

Rania Awaad
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Do you see what I'm saying? That is a very important place of humility to be. Because Allah subhanaw taala reveals to us these names, the two names Aladdin and El knocks it in order to make sure that we understand clearly that it is not just justice, it is an all encompassing justice, which means that there is a 360 here, that you may see part of it and go, I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't see it. I don't understand. But there's actually much, much more to the story. But Allah knows and understands that you don't have access to that you don't have what access to and so much of what we're seeing right now is exactly this.

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Yes, it is injustice and it is oppression. Why is it happening? There is parts of the why here that is not clear to us, and may never be clear to us.

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And I'll tell you more.

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In an MCSE it the concept of an exit

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if you kind of break this word down further because we're talking about equity, that everything in the skills ends up balancing out

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