Reminders Importance Of Sunnah Part Ii

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The speakers discuss the history and meaning of the Koran, including the use of the hasn't" title as a way to express pride and admiration for the title's value. They also touch on the use of "has" in the title and potential conflict if it is not met. The conversation ends with a mention of Jesus receiving a statement about being "the hottest."

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salatu salam, O Allah should have an MBA with Mussolini while he was heavy as

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well. But

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we will continue with yesterday's discussion on the position of the sun and on the authority of the sun, the Dean

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of Islam.

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We spoke yesterday

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about how Allah Subhana Allah revealed the Koran.

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And along with the revelation of the words of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the meaning of the Quran and Allah subhanaw taala differentiated between the words of the Quran and the meaning of the Quran by giving is nearly two different jobs. And then further Allah subhanaw taala revealed what is called the Hitman which is the application of the account of the Quran. And Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned this separately as three different things.

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And therefore yesterday what we said was that Allah subhanho wa Taala also therefore promised when he said in Nana known as vichara were in Allahu Allah have his own Allah subhanaw taala promised to preserve everything that he has revealed, not only a piece of it, not only the words, but also the meanings and also the methodology of application of the ACA.

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And we said that if people want to separate these two and they say that only the words of the Quran are sufficient, then we proved yesterday that how the words of the Quran if someone wants to ignore the meaning of those words, and the application methodology of the words, then the words and come out and become impossible to to fulfill

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because these three things are together and if you are going to take a piece obviously it is not possible I give an example of salah and as a last round of Salah, but how to do Salah, what exactly is Salah, what is the form of Salah, what is the external form of Salah, what is the internal form of Salah, what should we recited in Salah What should we decided first what should we decided later? What comes before the record comes before this has come to Puerto Rico all of this is not in the Quran. The Wayne Dyer method of Salah is not

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even the meaning of Salah is not what is the meaning of Salah Abu Salah means what? What is Allah? Because the Stella hinayana the dictionary man, not this dilemma the lumen of Salah

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because Allah, Allah Allah Allah Eco, you Sal Luna Ana de

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So is it enough if we say that the law is law therefore I'm making law that I did not pray for the law rather than not as there will be nothing?

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That is enough.

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Is this enough?

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We know it is not enough because of the heydays of Mama Mama Salah Salah Where is it? Sir? Luca Mara Tony was Lt. He said Salah is what I am doing the Salah, which Allah means in the Koran is what I am doing. So therefore make Salah as you have seen me making Salah, establish Salah as you have seen me establishing Salah, pray as you have seen me pray

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what is the acceptable prayer what in the in the in the court Allah subhanaw taala is your productive, productive know the answer to prayer is the prayer of bombas Allah Allah subhanaw taala and therefore anyone who Salah is like this Allah Mohamed Salah Allah insha Allah is Allah will be active and we ask them as Renata to accept our Salah because they are based on this Allah abomasum allow it and let it be allowed to make our Salah as close to the Salah of Nevis as possible. Today we will see how the Koran has proven that there are two different kinds of Revelation.

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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because people used to make this claim and is to make this accusation against him that he was writing things by himself or he was saying thing by himself. Allah subhanaw taala said and sort of the nasm womma Yun to Anil Hauer

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in who are ill, you you have a lot rather than a very minor he does not say anything by his own wish.

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And please notice, the problem with not understanding Arabic is we forget the beauty of the of the law of the Quran the beauty of the grammar of the operand is lost and not only the duty The meaning is lost wama young Anil Hawa Allah subhanaw taala did not put any qualifying factor there is not say what my interview says in the Diem is from me the rest of it is what himself No. Well Am I any lower in who in what you whatever mine is is

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is from me is a hell of an advantage that my Navy does not say anything by his own wish. He speaks only what has been revealed to him. The hedges of Allah is Allah

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Where he said, A man came to him. The guard is the hottest the hottest was recorded during his lifetime in his presence. People would regard that as they would read it back to him. There's a guy who said this, is it correct? They would say yes. And they would

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finalize that. A man came to him and he said, jasola sometimes you say something's in anger, maybe you are angry, who says something? Should we also regard that? as well? as Alan said, by the one in whose hand is the life of Muhammad?

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He guards my tongue.

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He said, My tongue is guarded by Allah.

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Gotta get them

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secondary from the Quran.

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Or come to us. And as Mandela said in sort of the Raja wama Gomorrah solo sokos Oh, wha ha, come on. Whoa, fund the whole once again, no qualifiers, no qualifiers, wama tabula rasa whatever Microsoft gives you whatever Microsoft tells you for also take it grab it hold it hot.

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Mama ha Go man who whatever he stops you from fun the whole stop from that?

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No qualifiers. Allah did not say whatever he gives you in religion, whatever gives you whatever he gives you. If the result tells you stand on your head, you stand on your head you don't question anything.

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If the result tells you stop eating right, you're debating right salat

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wa Kumara sarova Oh, wha ha Kuma Anwar fondo.

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inshallah, tomorrow, we will look at the third installment of this we will look at now what happens to those who want to take some things of the Hadith. And they say we don't reject all the Hadith. We reject whichever Hadees we feel like rejecting.

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Tomorrow we will see Angela, what is the meaning of the arrogance of this statement? And where that kind of a statement that that kind of an affair the where it puts you inshallah we'll see you tomorrow. For today. Please contemplate and reflect on these two things. Number one,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala Brahmins to God all His revelation, everything. Number 200 Raja, whatever my enemy tells you take it and whatever he stops you from living and he said whatever my Navy says he does not speak from his own will he speaks from what we have told him. Now you know, and I know that not everything that he said is in the Quran. Which means that some of some of the things with the rubbish that are the are the carambola are in the Quran. And some of them have what the Navy said is also canavalia but it is not in the Quran. And this is what the Allah of this oma and what the Sahaba and Asana what they call they called these two different things, where he met

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through and what he learned about law, the way he which is made the lava the way which is recited in Salah, and where he was just not resided in Salah, both of them are ye from Allah subhanho wa Taala and I gave you the DeLisle of the poor and about this and if anyone therefore denies this, then he is denying the Koran kalevala and you know and I know what it means to deny the Koran or sell Allah Allah Nabeel Karim. While he was happy he made the erotica from Allah.