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ramlila hubiera vino salatu salam, Ala Moana cirino Allah Allah He was heavy as main

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which we continue with the issue of branding.

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And today we'll talk about the most important aspect of branding, which is the following of the sooner.

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Allah subhanaw taala.

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a book

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and he sent, he didn't just send this book on a mountain. He sent his book on his novel Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he did not just send the book, but he sent the book and he gave him a set of duties with respect to the book.

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Yet to Allah him it was a key while the Mohamed Kitab al hikma Allah subhanaw taala set aside for them the eyes of Allah,

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which is informed them

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for user key him then prepare them to receive the revelation.

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clean them purify them,

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while you Alamo homolka and then teach them what has been sent while hikma and show them how to practice it's

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the wisdom of the of the revelation. And therefore Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and his entire life is the Tafseer of the four iron in action.

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If you want to see Allah subhanaw taala

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ordered us to do something and then Allah Subhana Allah told us told Nabi sallallahu Sallam how to practice that thing. So that is why Rasul Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. And the result of that is Allah showed us how to perform the Salah, and he said Sir, Luca, Mara I Tony use LD and similarly with regard to all the other kind of Islam

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that is why it is very important for us to ensure that we follow the Sunnah of Asana

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and this is the area where today those who are the enemies of Islam, those who want to destroy Islam, and of course, Allah subhanaw taala will destroy them, they will not be able to destroy Islam, because this is the promise of Allah subhanaw taala that he will complete his deed and he has completed his Deen and if those who want to destroy Islam, they can try their best it won't happen but they will create some confusion in the minds of people especially those people who do not have knowledge or have little knowledge. So what they try to do is they try to attack the sun and the way they try to attack the Sunnah is to

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discount the importance of the sun.

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And the way that starts is not by discounting the importance of everything, but they start discounting what they call small things. For example, what we spoke yesterday with regard to the length of the trousers, being above the ankle is what is prescribed being below the ankle is what has been what we have been prohibited from doing, people will say our h o t, H or

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Mr. corcos cabinet h o t shirt is used, oh, some

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people say is always always and his molars have no work to do. So they make all these small things as and they pretend as if these are important.

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There's a very one of the

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most respected aroma of this country. Marana. Talalay, who I've mentioned before is live in Medina. Somebody mentioned before him

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this issue of Sona and spoke about the sun now, in this way with a lack with with lack of respect. So when when I was boxing and speaking about the sooner the man said in order to translate, the man said, and he said amaravati Hello sumati Tina.

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First, Tony, Hannah is a who is after all, only so now it's not for

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to give a very beautiful answer.

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He said he was a loser here

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was not a mugger Apalachicola.

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He said what you have said is correct.

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It is asuna. But the way you said it is

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because you are detracting the importance and you are discounting the importance of the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Brothers, I want to remind you that to protect the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam today in our times, is equal to protecting the person of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the time when he was alive.

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We don't have the messenger Salas along with us, but we have his son

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and just like the Sahaba

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like a madman if anyone attacked or sola sola Salaam, the Sahaba would come between Rasul Allah Salah Salem and the attack.

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The savvy about whom Allah mentioned yesterday in his talk about Allah Allah Hamza Delano, in the Battle of God, I will tell her ha,

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shielded Rasul Allah is Allah Salam. And one of the writers of the incident award, he said, I saw so many arrows in the right hand obatala it looked like a pinkish razor. There's so many arrows in

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his whole arm because he was protecting their bodies.

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So can you imagine, for example, that the Sahaba are sitting around avisar is our Salah, and a man comes to attack rassada, salah and the Sahaba Move aside? Can you imagine this? Can anybody ever say that this can happen? That is our Moodle site. When the attack came on desarrollar the Sahaba who were there they moved aside and they allowed the attack to go through Do you think this will happen?

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Impossible. It's totally imaginable, right? The only way that an attacker would be able to reach aerosolize or Salamis only after all the Sahaba who are there have been killed. If all of them have been killed, then that's a different matter. But as long as there is any life in any of those, there is no way that any attacker can reasonably Salazar is absurd today to allow the son of rossano Salah Salaam to be attacked without defending it to leave sooner deliberately like that was equal to allowing an attack on Saracen

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let us be very clear about this we have to the issue is maybe there is a Sunnah that you cannot follow for some reason maybe you don't know it or maybe you know it but you are unable to follow it. That's a different matter. We are not saying that's not the same thing. But to specifically speak against the Sunnah to specificly devaluation, that's a different ballgame.

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That is something else.

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Take the same example I gave you wearing your trouser above your ankle. Maybe you don't do it.

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If you don't do it, I'm not saying it's a good thing. Of course it is not a good thing but you don't do it for whatever reason that you feel somehow embarrassed to Allah knows what.

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That is one kind of person who's not following it. But if you ask the person, is this important? He said yes it is important. Why aren't you doing it? Well, you know, whatever is weak. But is another person who says oh this is all rubbish.

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This is unimportant. Makes no difference. There is a there is a way of a difference between these two people.

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Huge, huge difference between these two people.

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I was in the budget another way in I think it was 1987 after a hedge

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and I was sitting in budget and I saw one of the one of our Marama lads up down mercato who was also sitting there so I went and met salovaara I said Monique was not for me. I said please, you know advise me

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and he gave me some beautiful advice.

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Very and I will tell you we spoke to oil speak in order to and then I will translate for you.

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What are told me

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he said hammarby SWAT cohabitee

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domna Guevara number nabumetone.

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So he said he bought a disc a disc cataldo owns the hedges, Gene cover Gene kamaria.

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In Colorado,

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aka k Georgia.

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Mr. Hubbard mustafabad ko halka somuch cachoeira. A lot of arago tala wasco sunart on key pair visa maroun Korea

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or Jo shucks sunako Hulk Isa mosquito dagga a lot of arco tala usco for is keep on this Maroon career.

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Or God yo shucks for is kochalka mosquito Lega Allah, Allah usco Emmons Maroon caraga or walkovr primera

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Malhotra told me in in Oulu, the word Hulk

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the literal translation is light.

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Not heavy, but the meaning of Hulk is something which is unimportant, it's light, you know not important, though hulky bath is given a some speech which is unimportant, useless talk.

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So when I was Russia told me as as I said, Please give me some advice. So he said, Where are we sitting here? Where are we sitting? So I said we are in Barcelona.

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He said yes. So I will tell you something about the size of this cover, who is here with his mustache?

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He said, If anyone leaves a muster have action, considering it to be unimportant. Allah subhanho wa Taala will deprive him from following the Sunnah. And if somebody leaves his Sunnah, considering it to be unimportant, Allah subhanho wa Taala will deprive him of fulfilling the fluorides and if somebody leaves a fourth, considering it to be unimportant, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will deprive him of Eman And he will die on COVID.

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And will I wonder this is from 1997 many years to where we are now. But I have actually seen this happening in the lives of certain people

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have actually seen it happening in the lives of certain people. They started in the beginning good brothers Mashallah.

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Following the following the zona you know, for is everything praying all Salawat in the masjid, all that.

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Then somewhere shaitan came and spoke to them, and they started leaving the sooner

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and then they started speaking against the sooner they started speaking against a heaviness. They started speaking about Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam without the respect that is due to the NaVi of Allah

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and gradually the sooner left life and then they said well, you see Salah means da. So I make dua colosse What is all this budget and this and that and Salah makes no sense.

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This de zecca means purist purification. So I don't have to pay any money. Where is the question of money, that means purification.

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Hajj, who's at harvest fourth

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one by one by one all the friars gone from their lives.

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I am not sitting here to pronounce that fear on anybody.

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But I know one thing that if a Muslims call themselves Muslim, and then he says he does not pray and he does not any field and he says that Salah is not there,

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then we don't know what he is.

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And I've seen this actually happening in the lives of people.

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And if that person dies on their Akita, then only Allah knows what will happen.

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And that's why I want to remind you and myself and inshallah we'll talk about this more in the coming days.

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This as I explained, let us make the Nia that insha Allah Stan, we will do our best to follow every single sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam insha Allah. Yes, inshallah. And if for some reason maybe we are unable to follow some sooner, then we ask Allah to forgive us. But we will never ever in our life, open our tongue and say that this that shouldn't is not important. Please understand this tongue can land us into the hellfire. I always tell people very clearly, it takes one sentence to enter Islam, and it takes one sentence to exit Islam.

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It is equally easy. It's very easy for someone to enter Islam all he has to do is one sentence and it is equally easy to exit from Islam and to die on Cofer and shirk exactly the same, no difference. If you exit Islam, you will not grow two horns in your head and you won't get a tail in your backside and you won't your beard won't disappear. Your face won't change, you will be exactly the same.

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But only Allah knows what will happen to you.

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May Allah protect us from that? We ask Allah to protect us from that we will inshallah try to follow every single sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam search for this woman and follow them. I want to end with a story again, true story. When I used to live in America, there was an African American brother who became Muslim.

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The only person in his whole family to be Muslim. And this brother Mashallah he was huge. He was very tall. He was very heavy. He weighed some, I think, close to 300 pounds. He was that big. He was huge.

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And he was a poor man. He used to drive up beat up old Jeep.

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Right? He didn't have a regular job he had some job is to do odd job wherever but every time you saw him only in emergencies.

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Now, our chef There is also my chef, Chef who's out the back he

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is Lebanese and he studied and graduated in Azhar and then he went to Medina, Java Slavia and he graduated from there also. And Mashallah.

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On Beautiful, beautiful grass. And he decides like aloha sorry, Mashallah.

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Now this, this brother, he was about maybe 27 or 28 years old, not married.

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Very big, very heavy, very strong there is somebody presented the shack with a

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no desk writing desk. And it was lying outside wasn't in the in the lobby. So, one day he came and he said, jack, why is this here? So he said, You know, I am waiting. If three brothers come, we'll move it into my office. He said, Well, where do you want it in the office? So Jeff said, Well, you know, inside here, he picked it up and put it there.

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So it was like that huge, very, very massive, very strong.

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This brother

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every single time that brother would come to check, how did rissalah wear socks? shirt? How did I do this shirt? How did I do this? How did every little thing this brother would keep on asking the chef How did he do this? How did he do that? And he would follow it right? He was not an alum he was not have his core and he was no nothing he was an African American brother is that we it was all over the place. His tongue wouldn't turn you know. But this love for them is Allah Allah Allah how he got this love. Allah knows best because this is a new Muslim. He just came into Islam is not people like us, you know, maybe we think we are superior May Allah forgive us la Vata level

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27 or 20 years old, 28 years old.

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One day, he woke up in the morning with a very severe headache. very severe. He got into his lived alone, nobody there. He got into his jeep, he drove to the baystate Medical Center, which is the hospital there in Springfield, Mass. He just drove there and he collapsed.

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They took him into emergency and so on so forth. He survived in emergency for about two days or three days. And that 28 years old, or 27 years old, he had a brain hemorrhage and he died. Now we got this news that his brother had passed away. And it was a middle of the week.

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So and just said, we know we have to do solid data, we'll do it at the time. Awesome. And I remember we have people between us, we said, you know, he said visa we said you know we must go to the Serato janaza no matter what, because we said here is an African American brother. He is poor. And this is the middle of the week. And this is America, which means like they will be like two and a half people there. You know, it's a week day and this guy is no big shot. Nothing the poor man, he's Africa and so on. So no, nobody will bother his whole family. No one is Muslim. He's the only Muslim in the family. So even his own family, people will not be able to come to Louisiana. We said we

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should go. So like two or three of us got there. Well, I am speaking in the masjid of Allah.

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When we got there,

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not only the masjid, the entire parking lot was filled with people. People we had never seen.

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There were people of every cadaver Arabs there. There were Africans there. They were Indian Pakistan is there. I have no idea who those people were.

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where they came from how they got news of this man's gerasa we have no idea. The place was full. We had to hold the Serato Jonathan in the parking lot of the budget. And Jeff was before he led the Sargeras he wept and wept and wept. And he said this man. He said you stole he asked me what did he do? What did he do? How did he do this? How did you do this? How do you do that? He said the only thing is man asked me always was how did that we should

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do this or that.

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We finished a lot of gerada we took him to the cemetery. Cars and cars and cars people filled we had to lower him into the grave with the GCP because nobody could hold him he was so heavy. We could not hold him into the grave. We had to put a put two straps and with a JCB with a machine we had to load lower even to the grave. What till today I do not know who those people

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may be unless it is my like I don't know

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for the

00:19:31--> 00:19:41

slave of Allah, maybe, maybe Allah said Malaika beings to fulfill the budget for the salad gerasa of this person.

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Till today I have no idea we ask people we ask each other so what is

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never see that

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Allah knows best.

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However advise him for you

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The love of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam

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is a record of this Deen. It is an essential thing in this deal without the love of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam we cannot be Muslims

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we cannot be Muslims if we leave is sadhana

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hola hola himself said this. Oman Rabanne Suna de la Sabine de, he said the one who lives by Sunnah The one who rejects by sadhana, he is not from us.

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Please, never, never, never fall into this trap. Follow every sooner that we can follow what we cannot follow, we ask Allah to forgive us for that, but never open your mouth. Never open your mouth, without respect for Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, and without respect for his Sunnah and for his or her this and if you are in the company of somebody who is speaking like that, either shut his mouth physically with your hand or your foot, or leave the place, leave the place do not sit with them, because Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this specifically in the Quran. And Allah said, If you sit with them, that you are with them,

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then you are one of them. I remind myself and you remember this reverse example which I gave you that remember, imagine that you are sitting with an IV sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, may Allah grant us this privilege in sha Allah in Geneva. Imagine that you are sitting with w salatu salam, and a person comes to attack him, he but do you want to be one of them who will move aside? Think about that. ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to the love of his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam salah and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to include us among those who will be counted as those who love Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salatu

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salam ala alihi wa sahbihi erotica