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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The concept of force field analysis and negative force removal is applied to business practices, with emphasis on waking up early, avoiding negative consequences, and finding the right way to avoid waking up again. The speaker emphasizes the importance of removing negative forces through research and taking the light off at night to avoid waking up again. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding negative emotions and consider one's own values. The negative force that comes with losing a wedding and losing time is identified as the source of negative emotions and is encouraged viewers to consider their own values and consider their own values.
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In America Serato serratia belongs to Allah Allah He was happy.

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But, in the last few days, we have been discussing various

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assessment tools,

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which we normally apply in business to see how we can apply them to our lives and to understanding of the in into

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basically assessing our own practice of Islam.

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Today, we will look at a very important one, which is to see how we can take corrective action

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because having assessed that we have certain difficulties, how do we change that

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and the tool I want to use for that is something which is called force field analysis.

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force field analysis,

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you look at the for any change to happen, or any situation

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has two kinds of forces that are acting on it. So, if you imagine a line say a horizontal line,

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you take a piece of paper and you draw a horizontal line through the middle of that paper,

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then you will have forces from below which try to push this line up

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and simultaneously you have forces from above which will try to push the line down.

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Now, the lepo forces we can you can use any term but usually, the forces which try to push the line up we call them positive forces and the forces which try to push the line down we call them negative forces.

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Now, force we learn a force field theory says that

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simply strengthening positive forces alone will not help

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because as you strengthen positive forces, the negative forces also get strengthened.

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So, basically remain in the same place

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it is much more useful

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to try to remove

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the negative forces. Because if you remove the negative forces, then the positive forces which are intrinsically there will automatically push the line upwards.

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To give you an example, if you find that in your business, your profitability is not good,

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then one way of increasing profitability is to increase sales.

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So, tell people don't go sell more,

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nothing wrong with that. But if you are simply selling more, without looking at the other things which are affecting profitability negatively, then just increasing sales won't help. For example, your whole cost structure might be as my

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friend used to say it's holier than the Bible.

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Because it's got so many holes in it.

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So, maybe your cost structure is so bad, that you have a lot of wastage

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your money is leaking. So like if you have water in a vessel

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and the vessel has holes

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so if you will more and more water, the higher the column of water, the more the pressure, the greater force with which the water will leave the vessel, right. So if you want to save the water in the vessel, you don't just keep pouring more water, you first plug the holes

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will you plug the holes automatically the same water stays there similarly, nothing wrong with including ingredient sales, but if you're

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the rest of the organization, if there is wastage, if there is tariff to this pilferage if there is lack of proper inventory control,

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all these factors are there and you don't deal with any of them, then increasing sales alone will not help you.

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Similarly, if you look at our practice of Dean

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there are positive forces the fitrah Allah subhanaw taala has created the fitrah as positive

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everybody is born with essentially with goodness inside them everyone

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is a natural tendency of a human being unless some something is wrong with the brain if you are warped or something that the button normally any normal human being irrespective of whether is Muslim, not Muslim, atheist, whatever.

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Any normal human being wants to do good.

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Anyone even places dirty then our tendency will be to try to clean it.

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Right? You don't need religion for that. I mean, anyone will try to clean a place whether he's successful or not, but he's at least the he will wish I wish this place was clean. Nobody will say was one of the what what 50 plays I will let's bring some more garbage. You know, I want to lie down on the garbage. Nobody does that right? So anyone, anything negative the normal tendency of a person

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Is to want to

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clean it, if you meet people, the normal tendency is, we should have a nice relationship. So you know, at least let's get to know each other smile or whatever, right?

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If you are making food, then our tendency is to make good food not bad food or bad food is a it's something which happens despite your wish to make good food, maybe it's lack of skill or whatever. But nobody actually sets out to make a nasty tasting dish when they try to do something good. So the natural tendency of people is to do good intrinsically, this is built in Allah has made it like that.

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But still, we find we don't manage to do the

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do as much good as we can. Or sometimes we don't manage to do any good. And the reason for that is that there are also the negative forces, the shadowy forces, which are acting on us, which we don't take seriously. And that's the reason why

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the good whatever we tried to do doesn't remain May. So we need to look at ourselves and say, What are the negative forces in my life what is preventing me from doing what I should be doing? And remove that? Now, if you remove that automatically the intrinsic good, which is inside will move our

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force field in the right direction? Will Will you a success? Right? For example, if you say well, you know, I want to pray father in the masjid.

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But I desire is there is not that, you know, I don't I want to say but somehow it doesn't happen. There is no somehow in that it's perfectly logical thing, why it doesn't happen. One reason it doesn't happen is because you don't wake up early. Right?

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Now, if you do,

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and maybe we'll do that tomorrow, something there's another analysis

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that we have to do called root cause analysis, what do you do, you do the root cause analysis, you find the reason you don't wake up early is because you don't have anybody.

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Right? So when I was leaving at two o'clock, and then you want to wake up, now it was because of Ramadan, we wake up for sore, but even if that wasn't there, if you're going to sleep at two o'clock, and then you want to wake up for 430, or something like this, or for us as a father, obviously, it is difficult, I mean, you know, you need you need some sleep. So it doesn't have. So now, instead of trying to wake up for further, if you say lights off at this time, right, no matter what, I will shut down my computer, I will turn off my lights, whether I get sleep, I don't get sleep, because for a few days, you will struggle if you are used to sleeping at two o'clock, you get

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into the bed 10 o'clock you divide away. But that's a matter of you know, a couple of days of getting used to and then you find that by 330, you are wider. Now, not only have you got further you also have

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you got to benefits just by sleeping early. So one negative force which was there, which is the tendency to sleep late, you remove that, if you remove that negative force, the rest of it becomes easy, right? You find that one of the biggest negative forces, one of the biggest time wasters is the

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participating in

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Ohio began HRM Abdullah danika. So participating in weddings, Mashallah we live in a city where,

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seriously, if you take all the wedding invitations that we get, then you'll never have to cook dinner, at least you know, for the rest of your life, you will get to dinner, free dinner every day. It's quite possible in the city,

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but the amount of colossal amount of time that gets wasted. So now what do you do with that? Right?

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So think about that, how how can what is a negative force How will you remove this negative force? One of the simplest ways is to say that I will not attend a wedding unless it is done according to the Sharia. So that effectively May Allah forgive us that effectively removes 99% of the weddings from the list because no wedding is done by according to Sharia law, except for one person, so that one person is going to turn on the rest of it, you don't do that. So now watch one negative versus God, and inshallah Allah knows best and maybe maybe it has somebody loves you so much that they will actually do their wedding according to the Sharia because they want you to come from the law. Good,

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good result also from that, in shall think about it. Each one of us has different things. I mean, I don't want to go into a list of things. Each one of us has our own negative things that are there in our negative forces which prevent us from doing good or prevent us from achieving something beneficial and so on. And that is very important for us to focus on and remove and say what are the negative forces that are preventing me from

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doing something

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something useful and positive, right? Classic time wasters. One is television. The other one is the internet. Right?

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Let's not fool ourselves.

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No, no, but I'm learning what I'm learning. Right? you're browsing the net learning what? Unless you are specifically focusing on some research for some particular thing, believe me, we learn nothing. Okay? television we say, oh, but you know, I only watch educational programs. All right, very nice. So yesterday, did you watch an educational program? Yes. What was it?

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I bet you can't even remember today in our dramas and maybe you didn't watch anything. But normally speaking if you say he was i don't i watch only National Geographic. All right, very nice. So National Geographic. What did you see yesterday? What did you learn from what you saw?

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Zero answer because you're sitting there like a robot. Looking at something which is happening on the screen, whether it is halal or haram is immaterial, you know, inshallah, you don't watch Haram, but even the halal, there's really no benefit from that, right, you just just take some of your time, waste of time. But instead of that, if you are reading a book, no matter what book you were reading, you can just stare at a book

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unless it is the Quran, and you are muslimah. Allah, whenever you that's the only book we can just tell it, the whole of water level anyway. But other other than that, you can just stare at your reading something so you get some benefit out of this book, whatever, even if it was a story book, maybe we just got some benefit out of that story book. So eliminate the negative forces, right?

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consciously do things which are,

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which are good,

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right? And each one of us we need to analyze our own lives and say, What are the negative forces, and we remove that. And then as we said, in force with theory, if you remove the negative forces, the positive forces automatically will enable us to become stronger and better and more virtuous inshallah. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us to do

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another one negative forces, the issue of beards. As soon as you go home now take all your razors, and so on. So on, throw them in the garbage, right, actually break them and throw them because you might beat out of the garbage afterwards. So throw it back into the garbage. And then you find that the negative force is removed, and the beard automatically grows, because that's what's supposed to happen yet. People say anyway, both koshish curl makushita Carabinieri

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kushinagar Tati the only the only virtue The only good that happens when you act when you do nothing is the beard is a sundareswarar salon, which is internally programmed for it to come out. And as long as you do it alone, it comes out. Yes. So Angela, may Allah make it easy for us. And may Allah subhanaw taala open our eyes to the benefits of these things. Right? As I always say, the reason I encourage beard is not because I have a barber shop, right? I'm not looking for customers. I'm saying this for the for your benefit, Mariga da da, da da ne but seriously think about that. He was tsunamis Allah Allah the benefit of that right and as we said yesterday, unless you are realize the

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value of that benefit, you will not invest in it. So let us do ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it to open our eyes and help us to realize the values of these benefits so that we gain from this and this month of Ramadan is the best time to reflect is the best time to bring about changes in our lives. And that's why so let's talk about force field analysis and the importance of removing the negative forces first and then of course by all means, strengthen the positive forces but first remove the negative forces. In order for us to benefit or sell Allah Allah will carry while he was savage may be rahmati karma

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