The Repenters #1 the Man Who Did Every Sin

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First story of Toba al kephale. Timothy reports at the province level it is and Adam said that there was a man from beneath slide whose name was Al Kiffin, and this man would have avoided anything of haram. He would do whatever. And on one occasion, he offered a woman 60 gold coins to have access to her. And so when he was about to be intimate with her, she began to cry. And he said to her, why are you crying? am I forcing you? And she said, No, but I've never done this before. And so he said to her, then why are you doing it now? And she said, Because of it Hajra because of my need, and he was so moved by that, that he wasn't intimate with her and he left the coins. He said, you can keep the

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coins and between him and Allah, He swore and he said, I am never going to disobey Allah again. That night he would pass away. And the next day they found written on his door. Allah has forgiven Allah, Allah for Allah who lives