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sorry. Good, good. So you said your lecture that God doesn't have a song, and it's a big deal he to him to ascribe this on to me. And you're going to say how people should react if our people should react. If something they're good, he said to probably our parents, but I want to go into, first of all the clarity about God having a song or not. And I discovered from checking the Quran, Quran does not Quran, maybe we will pick it one after the other, to see some of the things that Ron says, and be able to say,

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like Roger that dative take knives for

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I want to add, but anybody can also read through that it's nine there's four. I can't hear the last part. What do you say Quran says? Quran Chapter 39? Quran Chapter 39. Verse four, was for what does it say? Okay, he says, yeah, if Allah

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wants to have to take himself his song, he could have choose anyone he wants out of those. We created Derby to him.

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I can't hear you. Okay, maybe you can read it out for me. Okay, who ran chapter 39 Verse Four was four years. So we read it?

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Yes, I want you to read it. You won't read? You said you can hear me. So maybe you should read? Yes. Okay.

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Quran Chapter Nine, verse four.

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If Allah had wanted to take himself a song, or other song, he could have choose

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anyone you wanted out of those who he created.

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Glory be to Him that He have this you have a song. Now? That's my beginning.

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From this Quranic verse, it is clear that Allah could choose to have a song. Ah, okay. That's the question. No, that's not my question. That was your question. Tell me

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this, if you are misinterpreting the Quran, what's the question? Tell me I will tell you. Okay, so this was doesn't mean that like, in truth, I will tell you. Okay, good. You asked your question. I will listen, what's your question? There are many running paths I want to use to build up the question so that you can answer it clearly. What's your question? The question is, Can Allah had a song? And when we look at what the Quran itself is saying, the first one is that he's saying that if Allah wants to have a song, he can decide to add a song. That is number one. Number two, is now that

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he said that, encourage a sixth verse 101 101. Grant, chapter six, verse 101. He said, easic is the originator of Evans and eight.

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How could he have a charge when he had no means? He created all teams and at perfect knowledge of everything now to run? I don't know if I should continue.

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Okay, what is the question? Yes. Quran chapter six, verse 101. is saying that if allow choose to have a wife, which is going to be the partner, because he doesn't have a partner. But Quran Chapter 19. So, Imran i

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2021. The same thing, is a question that Mary Mary, I'm at the angel who actually came from verse 17, Allah shoes that it came in the restaurant in the appearance of a man in all respects, and dialogue with him and tell him that you have a son. And he said, How can I have a son without him without anybody? Question? So he was able to have this she was able to add a song without an oz band. So in Christ the six best one, one that's also possible by ALLAH because ALLAH said what? Question good. So and continue with that may 4 was was which the first chronic was was which, sir, the first chronic was? Yes, I'm not finished the first No, no, what was the reference reference?

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Chapter, the first 139 verse four. Okay, fine, I got it. Let's go to two verses. Yes. Chapter 39 was some before and for the animal chapter six was the mantra and one and tourism or chapter 13 And verse number

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Before says, if Allah had intended to take a son, he could have chosen from what he creates, whatever even exhaustedly, he's a loved one, and prevailing. Now the brother asked me a question, this means if I love on, he can take a son.

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And similar in Zurich, an amphipathic 401. So Brazil saying that Allah can take us on if he wishes. That's the question. Okay. But the verse is very good. If, yes, money does not, it is not befitting for Allah to have a son complete the full verse. If you read this context, it says in the in the first was unquestionably for allies of pure religion, and those who take protectors say we only worship them, who may bring us nearer to Allah, Allah will judge between concerning them. Indeed, Allah does not guide who is a liar and a disbeliever. Read in context, don't need out of context, salah I think these people are liars and these believers, then Allah says, if Allah had intended

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that means Allah does not intend to take a son. It's telling to read the context. It says, unquestionably, for a lie, the pure religion, Allah does not guide who is a liar. I know the believer, then the next one starts, who don't quote, out of context. If you come to know a lash telling all those people who say Allah, Allah, etc, they are liars. And then Allah says, if Allah had intended to take a son, he could have chosen from what he creates whatever even exalted, easy, that means he's far above having a son. Okay, so this, let me complete. You have the question. Now listen to answer, don't interrupt.

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You, you do understand the Quran. Your life saying they are liars, what you're doing, you're taking a verse from the Quran out of context, and trying to misguide. In context, it says that this is all nonsense. These people are liars. And even the next was from Yomi. Come to know, if a love Auntie, you could have them Allah is far superior than this. Then coming to your next verse, or pseudonym, chapter number six

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was what's the Mandarin one?

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It says, He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. How could he ever son when he does not have a companion?

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The Quran says, How can allow a son or wife?

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Allah giving the answer? How can Allah have a son when he doesn't have a companion, and he's created all things. When he's created all things, it doesn't require a companion. We were created, he then created so Allah is saying how will allow a son when he does not have a companion, he greeted everything for this wasn't very explicit, a lack and not have a son. That was in the Quran. We said, if Allah had a son, I would be the first person to bow

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Quran fish, if anyone says Allah the fun, then I'll be the first person to worship him. That doesn't mean Allah doesn't know the verse in the Quran that Allah doesn't tell them I wouldn't be the first person to worship him.

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That means Allah cannot be the son love Allah Mulan the whole Quran should be read together you can take out of context Quran is very clear cut in for a class tip number 112 was number one before we save on Paulo

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see the loved one and only allow someone Allah they turn an absolute love He begets not noisy forgotten wallum Yeah cool local for nothing nothing like him. So this is a definition of Allah. First you have to know the definition of Allah and then try and read the Quran, Ugandan out of context and try and mitigate the people Allah is telling you this word there are people who liar who will say this okay. So, let me finish word okay. You are the question you have listened to Monza This is no debate session.

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I want you to go

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Wait, I have not finished the answer this night. Please. 2221 I have not finished the answer. Okay. So.

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I understand.

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I do understand you can hear me I cannot hear you because the speakers are there.

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Let me finish the answer. Okay, so the definition of Allah is in surah class, chapter 112 was number one to four which says Paul Allah says Allah when only you can only ever okay the full of the Quran says that unless two, then there'll be a contradiction.

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And there is no contradiction in the Quran. Allah says in surah chapter four, they do Alpha

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Allah is that the Brunel Quran Volcana meaning the gorilla now the victor upon Casita, Do they not consider the Quran with care? How did we inform anyone besides Allah? That I've been contradictions the number one, there is no contrition the Quran. So you are assuming that Allah can is nonsense.

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It says, If alone, the If Allah doesn't have a companion, how can you have a son? That does not mean that he has a son? Now coming to your question, oh, sorry, Miriam. I'm sorry Maryam chapter number 19. When Archangel Gabriel comes and asked, Mother Mary, my name is Salam. You shall have a son she replies How shall I was admin no man has touched me.

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How sad I was son. when no man has touched me. The reply given back into Gabriel This was after the Omron fender Michael confi icon. If Allah decrees the matter, he just says be entities. So when she says normally Yes.

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For having a son,

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you have to procreate.

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For having a son, you have to procreate. But the reply given by that, if Allah degrees

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if Allah wills but Allah does not when

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Allah can kill other Mala Salam, without father and mother, he created Eve with a man without a female. He created the salah Salem with a mother without a father. But

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find no matter

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if Allah degrees a matter

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but a loving Lord decree ungodly thing like becoming a human being, that having a son, that for human beings,

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it Allah cannot go against his definition. You understand?

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If Allah degrees of matter, yes, but Allah says that, no, Allah says, Allah, Allah, he begins not noisy.

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So this is the definition of Allah, the moment he begins, he ceases to be God.

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The moment Allah has a son, he will cease to be God. Do you understand? If

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if the definition of God in the Quran is Allah does not begin.

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He begets not noisy begotten. The moment you say Allah be God the Son, He ceases to be God.

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Do you understand? Can you understand this? But if Allah begets a son, he ceases to be God. Do you understand this? That Quran says that 89 were unsheltered. 39 Verse four, we negate that statement, if intended, if it's a question, for example, it is a sarcastic question. For example, it's a rhetorical rhetorical. If Allah had a son, I would be the first of all, that doesn't mean Allah. That's the rhetoric.

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If you're correct, I will give you a million dollar.

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So if nothing means it is correct, you understand? If Allah had a son, I would be the first to worship. Allah doesn't have a son. So you don't understand English correctly. Because you don't shine English correctly. You're trying to say something and go out of context. First of all, your quota was out of context.

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If you caught that was out of context, it will mitigate the people I got the correct context you understand? You understand that you voted out of contacts yes or no? If you want me to quote it from them, from the beginning, I can quote it.

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If you want me to quote it from the beginning, like from you have to earlier

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we did not look at that's not the problem. You did a mistake. Okay. What are the mistakes? Mistakes? Yes.

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Okay, if I say, you know, Quran says, Jesus is God.

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Do you know that? Quran says Jesus is God? Okay? We know that

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out of context.

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Quran says into the mind that chapter five verse number 17, have full context locked

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in Allah, will Massoud no Maremma. They are those who say, Jesus is God. Yes, this is God is in the Quran, but out of context, the context is, they are blaspheming they are blaspheming those who say Jesus is God. They are blaspheming that from you, not blasphemy. Why not? What is blasphemy? Is to ascribe evil according to Islam is judged by God to God. So if you say if you put out of context, it will diminish. Okay? If you did it purposely did devilish. Okay, so you have to always put in context you can't just caught up. Now your question is over. Not only are they answering your question, I

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don't say no. You get the essence of the Quran. I'm saying you get three references of the Quran. So there's no more chapter 39 Verse number four

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think chapter six was number one, that's not the answer Meriam chapter number 19. I answered all those three as not finish on that I was the coating where you decide this is not a debating section. If you had a whole I will send method into debate, you know, debate. It's the question and sufficient or the last verse.

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On third session, you have

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the question, right. 21 best 91 And one who ran chapter 21? Verse 9121 91. Yes. And my question to conclude that question, which is the last little industrial fringe? He's just 2191. Okay. Now, II same day, that.

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Allah, do you agree that you made a mistake in the first few verses say yes.

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The answer I gave? No. Are you convinced that the first was it doesn't say that Allah can have a son? Do you agree or not? He said, he wants to doesn't mean if I say if you're right, I will give you a million dollar doesn't mean you're right. That means

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is Allah to decide? Is?

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Anybody Don't talk when I'm talking? Don't talk when I'm talking. But you understand English? Why not? You understand English? Okay. Why not? I speak in English.

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I think you can understand English, I understand.

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Then why are you breaking the rules?

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In question and session, you cannot interrupt. You cannot talk in between? Do you know that? Because you cannot? Again, you're talking?

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Is it a debate? Or is it a question answer session request? So once you ask the question, you have to keep quiet.

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Thank you, you Christian missionaries.

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You're a Christian missionary? I mean, what? Are you a Christian missionary? I'm a Christian. I'm a Christian.

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I'm a Christian. Are you a Christian missionary? I'm a Christian. Are you a missionary? I'm a Christian? Are you a father or a pastor?

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or your father or a pastor or a Christian?

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Oh, you're afraid to tell you? You don't? 2121 91? Yes. I've only caught the bass, I must say my question he needs. So if you permit me to say my question, so that you can explain it.

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Current chapter 21. This next one? So my question here? Is it an easy job? You don't have that other questions? Is that from that verse? Allah says is what we're saying is injured, you're free to go and breed a spirit into the private part of Mary. Now, I looking at it, even humanly speaking, that if I do anything to the private part of a woman,

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anything that comes out of it, I am responsible for it. Now is it is Allah, the same is Angel to take his spirits and beat it into the Mary, then Allah is responsible for that child,

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that child is, is a son of Allah. Likewise, like if I did that a woman is my son.

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Did you understand my first one says yes or no? Yes, I will give you the answer. Thank you. So first one says you understood that you are on

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I understand runs very good. So first one says agree that Allah Now I'm coming to the last now you don't reply back please. This is a question answer session. He did not tell the verse the verse of the Quran of Saudi Arabia chapter 21, verse number 91. Faith, and mentioned the one who got it yesterday. So we blew into a garment through our angel Gabriel, and we made her and a son assigned for the ones

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he thinks that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has blown his spirit into his Ira Salaam.

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I agree with it. Do you know Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter 15 was 29 Allah blew the spirit into every human being. Quran

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doesn't mean doesn't mean your God. You don't understand the Quran. Allah says in surah chapter 15 Verse 29, Allah has broken the spirit into every human being. Unless it is research that chapter 32 Number nine, he's just blowing spirit means Allah has put his knowledge into every human being, including Sally Salem. Now the problem is you read one verse, you don't read the full Quran. Have you read the full Quran? Have you read the full Quran?

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Have you read the full Quran cover to cover?

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Have you read the full Quran as much as I can?

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As much as he could in only five words

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Is No. or Denmark says no. As much as I can move on. You're afraid to tell that sorry. I have not read the complete Quran. This is trying to beat around the bush now please don't answer. Your question is over I've already answered your question.

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I only answered your question No, don't talk. I'm completing the answer. This brother came to deceive the people

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as much as I can, he's afraid to say I didn't 100% or 200 versus 1000 verses as much as I can be that the main the Christian missionaries, they try and attack good example of Brazil given you how I gave him my talk, become a knockout the dose now normal Missoula, what scared Cody was out of the context. This is a very good example you have in Nigeria, this brother is coming here trying to deceive the Muslim audience

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trying to deceive the Muslim audience. The first Do you agree? Do you agree that the Quran says Allah has been the spirit in every human being? So every human being is God, according to you, a breed the spirit to marry in a private part to all human being just that is what the Quran says. Chapter 21 Verse 91, everybody can read it.

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Don't waste your time going down. When

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you don't want to give the answer you're afraid. You're afraid to say that I did not read the Quran as much as I can.

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You weren't trying to go on the internet. Pick up verses of the Quran out of context and trying to deceive the people. Then you want to read the Quran in the complete Quran.

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Read the complete Quran and then say that the reason they pick up verses they have been trained. They have been trained by missionaries how to ask question out of context.