Reminders Duniya Is Imaginary

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ashrafi lambier mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi May, Allah subhanaw taala said enamel hair to dunia Illa

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Allah rasa truly the life of this world is nothing but deception. If you look at this, today's headline says, The Tatas group has overtaken the combined wealth of the two Ambani brothers, in terms of their share value. Now, Allah tala has given us another way to see things he's given a sight to see things and draw lessons from this and therefore, we talk talk about the Sharia, but now what is the meaning of so and so, has this much wealth when we are talking in terms of their

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their the value of their shares in their companies, what will happen if Ratan Tata start selling, selling his share in the companies, what will happen if azim premji who is considered to be one of the richest men in the world, if he starts selling his shirt and bepro if I if azim premji is pegged today, at so many billion dollars, what will what will his net asset realization be if you start selling his shares? What will the net asset realization of Bill Gates be if he starts selling his shares and so forth? Very, very clear indication for us that really the so called wealth of the junior is really a figment of the imagination. lamotta will take for example, people who take the

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symbols of wealth, you know, I remember when I first read this, I used to think to myself, how is how can we say that wealth or dystonia is just a figment of the imagination? Because if I look at a Rolls Royce, it is a car I mean, I can I can touch and see it and feel it and drive it. So how is it that it's we say it's a figment of the imagination, until I got the understanding that somebody who's buying a Rolls Royce is not buying transportation, he is buying status is buying, he's buying a symbol, he's buying what he thinks people will think of him. When they see him riding or driving, riding in or driving a Rolls Royce, he thinks that people will look up to him and they will, they

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will respect him more because of the kind of car he's driving. Obviously, there will be people among those who have the good sense to understand that here is a man who has just shown that he really has no understanding of wealth management, because he's just invested a lot of money in a depreciating asset doesn't make any sense at all, that money is not going to earn him anything, it's just going to go is just going to go and depreciate. And if you don't believe that, then try selling your house half an hour after you drive it out of the out of the parking lot of the showroom. The point is that the same thing applies to all that we see as the symbols of wealth. We are told in this world today,

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that what you were defines you, the kind of pen you use defines you the kind of watch you have defines you. The purpose of buying an expensive watch or Rolex or whatever, is not to tell the time it is to tell the world who you are. The purpose of buying shoes, expensive shoes is not to walk anywhere in it, but to standard and to tell the world that you are defined by a piece of leather on your foot. I mean, it's absolutely senseless world that we live in, where we are told that the kind of brand we wear defines us what they fail to tell us is what defines us. Yes, I agree, defines us as what, as far as I'm concerned, it defines us as being stupid, stupid, because if you think that

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the hirakata Allah subhanaw taala, the mukluk Allah subhanaw taala and that also one who Allah subhanaw taala says, Ashraf is defined by a piece of leather or a piece of metal or a piece of rubber, then the person is really demeaning and devoting himself in his own eyes and in the eyes of anyone who has any understanding. So the issue of matter, or it's very important to understand that dystonia and all that dystonia represents and all that we are told about dystonia as what will add value to us is really a figment of the imagination. Now what is therefore the reality? Allah subhanaw taala said, well, Bahia de Sala and Dara beam, Raja said what remains are the good deeds,

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what remains is what you spent in the path of Allah subhanaw taala what we remains is what we do in terms of increasing our personal piety, what what remains is what we do in terms of helping others, the smile on somebody else's face is worth far more than the smile on your own face, because a smile on your own face comes from satisfying your stupid desires, but a smile on somebody else's face comes from fulfilling a need and from taking them out of fear from taking them out of hunger. And that is that smile is what will stay with us. And when we go to the when we go to the before Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, the smile on my face can result in it can be the sign that I

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will be tested and I will be I will be rejected, but the sign on somebody else's face is always a sign that that I that I will be rewarded. So which is more valuable to me, the site the smile on my own face.

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The smile on the face of somebody else. And these are the things that we need to ask ourselves. And then we tried need to live our lives in a way which is thoughtful and sensible and indicative of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala has given us an intelligence that that we are using his intelligence, I remind myself once again, Allah subhanaw taala said in Nevada to dunya, indomitable guru. So, whenever I look at anything in the dunya let me remember that this is a figment of the imagination, it is just it is just something which is imaginary, it is something that we that will be left behind whether it is good or bad. Well back here to salejaw and what will remain are the good deeds that I

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sent before myself to Allah subhanho wa Taala wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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wa rahmatullah.