Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Spend Before Its Too Late

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of spending in the past and not just for money. They stress the need to ask oneself about spending in the past and to focus on increasing spending in the current cycle. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of returning to Allah and increasing spending in the future.
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undesireable alameen wa salatu salam O Allah to fill me with mazzolino Allah Allah.

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Allah rondon

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Yeah, you are loving Amano and Zuko me merasakan algemene COVID Leo min Cavalli, and yet Yama levy on p he went a whole lot to Russia. Like

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last night I certainly I just before I could see, oh, you believe spend in the data from what Allah has given you, before the day comes when there will be no law, they won't be he won't hold on to Russia, there will be no trade and there will be no dealings and there will be no

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intercession, loving the law.

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And a lot of the people who deny logic on

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the issue of spending the dollar has to do not only with money, because Allah said members of nonuniform can spend from whatever we have given you. So it has to do with spending in the past Allah subhanaw taala, from everything which Allah and given us, which includes money, which includes our energy, our life, our time, our knowledge, our influence, or for the sake of Islam, to put forward the religion, to present the religion in the best possible manner to the world, by means of practicing it.

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And saying, do this before a time comes when you will not be able to do this before a time comes when you will want to trade your situation at that time. But there will be no trade. Before do this before a time comes and you will wish you had spent. But if you hadn't if you haven't spent if you hadn't spent until that time, then there is no chance of spending after that time. On that day, you cannot wish to spend and you cannot spend because it will have nothing to spend.

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Question therefore is to ask ourselves, we do not know when the day is going to come. The palatal Cova, which is the depth judgment of the damages Sora, the small gamma, which is the day of our death. And since we don't know when this will come, the thing to do is to ask ourselves every single day and say what did I spend in the battle allegedly. And as I said, it doesn't necessarily have to be money

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is one of the things has been. But it has to do with spending everything that Allah subhanaw taala has given us. So the question to ask him ask ourselves and my husband has taken us up and account every day is to say what are they spending the bottle? allegedly? How much time did I spend for the sick? Or

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how much of analogies I share with people from what I know how much of my energy that I spend in the workers lab? How much money did I spend in the bathroom? And

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what did What work did i do only and only to please Allah subhanaw taala? I think the rule is to ask ourselves this every day, and to try to ensure that we do this every day, have reminded of the famous had his own solo solo solo, where he asked some friends that one day and he said Has anyone at this time? Has anyone given solokha photos? And he said yes.

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And he said Has anyone visited a sick person and the same man put his hand? And he said yeah, so I visited a sick person. And he said Is there anyone who followed agendas and say, Man, but other than that he has an iPhone with the man with the alarm. Now this is the issue, we've also got

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to be able to do all these things even before the first thing one of the first slides morning shows the level to which I have around like 11 when we're focused on spending in the battle as a hunter. And that's what I remind myself and you this is what we should be doing and trying to spend as much as we can. Because spending is investment. Forget sacrifice, think investment. Because sacrifice is net loss, investment is net gain. And that's why sacrifice ends at some point in time. But investment continues. And that's the reason why we need to look at this as investment. But Allah Allah promised to return as as if it is when there is an auditor and there is net loss, but Allah

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subhanaw taala promised to return and the minimum return he said

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Baba will have sanity for Allah Who

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is the one who comes to me with one good deed I will give him 10 likewise. So an investment which has a return of 1,000% to begin with. And then the last one is to 700 in the famous I thought that it was like somebody who plants a grain and the grain is a plant which has seven years and each year has 100 grains and that's one is to 700 and therefore there is a return and then allows raw data to do life will often give him a limiter that Allah subhanaw taala will increase that as he wishes in keeping with His Majesty, glory. So any spending in the battle as rotten as

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Not sacrificed, because we are not giving something to Allah which belongs to us. We are only returning to Allah on what came from Allah in the first place, and is only the mercy and blessing Allah subhanaw taala despite the fact that we are returning to him what he gave us give to us in the first place, Allah also rewards us for that, I remind myself and you to ensure that every single day, we have we take account of what we spent in our last huddle and ensure that every day we increase that to more and more and more, just like we think of a greater and greater return on our investment and we need to think about this investment and the return on that investment. And to

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think about increasing it on a daily basis about our

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new savage mine.

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