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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "roar," which refers to the experience of the body, not something which happens in the theater or a house. They also discuss the importance of l Guinea in bringing about graduation and the need for a consistent model of anatomy. The speakers emphasize the importance of earning wealth and spending it in a way that is temporary and sustainable, and offer guidance on living a life that is the same way.
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So let

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me know salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen vida de vos iVh manga but

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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avanza ziani Nevada Hillel Jonathas on how to do Nia d'amato

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and as Rhonda said that only the one who has been freed from the Hellfire

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and who has been entered into Jannah. Only he is successful.

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And the life of this world is Alma de oro.

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This word this term Mata roar is translated and has several meanings.

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But in my view, the best meaning Westray of understanding it is that our motto is something which is imaginary, which does not really exist.

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Something which is a figment of your imagination, something which has no reality, no concreteness.

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The best way to understand that with respect to dunya, because when you say this about dunya, then you might say, Well, you know, if I have, if I have a bank balance of a billion dollars, then I have a bank balance of a billion dollars.

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If I am driving a Rolls Royce, and I'm driving a Rolls Royce, if I have a house, which is worth 10 million, and I have a house, which is worth 10 million. So I mean, how do you say it is a figment of the imagination? It is there? Right? It is there, I can touch it, I can feel it. So how is it something that is being called violence by the Creator, not me, by the Creator by Allah data, and metadata.

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The best way to understand this is imagine or Remember, you don't have to imagine because we've all been there.

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Remember, when you were sitting in a theater, watching a movie,

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and especially if it was a good movie,

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when a good acting? What is our state in that theater?

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We are completely engrossed in the film.

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Totally. If the actor is crying, we cry. If the actor is laughing, we laugh.

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If the actor is feeling fear, we feel fear.

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If the actor is feeling helplessness, we feel helplessness. I'm sure all of us can recall specific scenes from certain movies, which we have seen where we can even today, many, many years after having seen that movie, we can still recall that scene

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where this actor is acting out apart.

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And even though we know cognitively and intellectually, that this is an all of this acting, the actor is not living, he's not dying, he's not crying, he's actually not happy and happy whatnot.

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Despite knowing all of that, cognitively, in the theater, when we are sitting there, we are actually undergoing physical, physiological, emotional, and mental changes.

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There are many studies which have been done, where they actually monitored the blood pressure and the the chemical changes in the brain, the electrical activity in the brain, and emotional changes in the person. There are several studies which have been done to monitor these to measure the effect of films, because the visual media is a very important part of influencing. And therefore lots of studies have been done. And they find that people actually physically undergo changes

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in a situation which we know is not acting if you're sitting here nothing's happening to you.

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So how can you feeling all this imagine that in a theater where you know all of this you're still feeling this then in this dunya were very immersed, we are not in the theater, we are on the stage.

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So naturally, to feel that all this is real,

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is natural, it is it is something which is not unreasonable. Right? And that is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala sent me this thing about is why is Allah subhanaw taala so interested in pointing out to us again and again and again, this 11th hour

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has not coming in? Many times? Why is Allah subhanaw taala again and again, reminding you it's like somebody standing by your side in the theater, and every once in a while rejects you by the shoulder and he says, Sir alikoum You know, this is all unreal.

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You're crying he says, excuse me. Stop crying. Why are you crying? This is all unreal. You're laughing with me? Hello? No, don't have so much. This is all unreal. Is somebody who's standing there next to you and shaking you every once in a while and saying boss

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Why? Because in this dunya Allah subhanaw taala sent this dunya and sent us in Zuni as a test

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and it's an open book test the book has been given.

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The explanation has been shown and demonstrated and spoken by the Navy Salalah is

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Relevant soon.

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But in the middle of this test for us, it is important to remember that this is a test.

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So, therefore, the dunia is something my definition of lunia is something that is Matala which is the Quranic definition, which means that dunia is something which is which takes you away from Allah, which brings about reflux, which brings about roughly

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So, when you are in the theater, you are not remembering anything you know in the theater in the film you not only do not remember Allah, you don't even remember your own family. You don't remember what is happening in your house you don't remember your business you don't remember whether you locked your car or not nothing.

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So, have light is producing a state of forgetfulness. So dunia is anything which produces a state of forgetfulness. dunia is not the possession of wealth or the absence of wealth.

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It is the presence or absence of forgetfulness, somebody who in the presence of wealth,

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who has worth

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and in this wealth, he remembers Allah subhanaw taala.

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And he says, I mean for the

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for what

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the abalone

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score. For who said this, who's the wealthy man Who said this? Sulaiman la sala

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de sariah from zero to Nava sulamani ceram, when he saw his wealth, and he saw the power that Allah subhanaw taala gave him had given him and he saw the fact that he could speak the tongues of birds and he could understand the speech of ads.

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He said hi.

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So he's in the area, or is he in on the in which one?

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He's Indonesia, but this dunya is not the dunya which Allah is wanting this dunya for Allah is the source of Jennifer inshallah. Why? Because the dunya does not keep him away from Allah. He sees the signs of Allah subhanaw taala, Jr, he is thanking Allah subhanaw taala he said Leah blue, and he, this dunya has been given to me to test me.

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I score a mark for whether I am grateful to Allah, or whether I am baffled from Allah, whether I'm ungrateful to Allah.

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The presence of wealth, or the absence of worth,

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with negatives, Allah is Allah, even though the absence of wealth was just theory, but it was there.

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So when he is standing there with three, a man came to him, and he said to him, Well, I'm so hungry, I have tried one stone on my belly to keep the pain of hunger away. And as soon as he lifted up his toe when he had three stones on his stomach,

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so this is the absence of worth, in the absence of wealth, is the absence of well make rubbish referral from the donor?

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Usually Salaam in the in the in the jail in the prison,

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absence of wealth, absence of wealth as the power of influence, absence of freedom, absolutely everything. In that situation? Who is he thinking about? read that.

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When the two people come to him and say, This is the resolve, I'm getting a little bread on my head and so on. And so what is the first is he giving him time?

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He says, Who do you worship? You worship? Is it better to worship one? Or is it better to worship multiple, and so on and so on?

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So in the prison, in the absence of wealth, who is he thinking about? Allah subhana wa Taala.

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So for the MBI, even though he also lived in the dunya, so even though they are in the dunya, the dunya is not a source of problem for them. lunia is a source of earning the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala

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whether they had wealth, or whether they didn't have wealth, that's the reason why I think about this, out of all the ambia the only tomia we know about who had enormous wealth was the elderly service reviser. Why did Allah subhanaw taala need to create to ambia who had wealth?

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Why is why is there not a consistent model of anatomy that nobody has no wealth? Because I want to show you that the presence or wealth or the absence of wealth is not the issue. The issue is how do you earn this wealth? And where do you spend his wealth? And how do you spend his wealth and what do you do in the presence of wealth? So if I have wealth, and I am earning this wealth from a source, then I am engrossed in this journey. I'm sitting in the theater watching the film and I have no consciousness of what is happening in the world. I have no consciousness of the era of no consciousness or whose successful urban scenario the fatal Janata fatted fires. Nobody else

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If I have wealth and I'm earning it wrongly, or if I have wealth, I'm spending it wrongly I'm spending this wealth in ostentation, you know, this ceremony and that ceremony and this function and that function and this party and that party

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then what what am I doing this wealth is a source of problem for me, I will be questioned and I will be punished for that. Similarly, if I do not have worth

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and when I don't have wealth and if I'm going through difficulties in my life, right, not having one does not mean you're on the street, but sometimes we go up and down in business and so, at that time, what do I do? I complain I lament I have you know, Zavala, actually, oh, my God, why happened? I like why might you be like, how

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do you make all these goofy statements, right?

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Or they go and beg and they do this and do that and then they try to deceive this one and that one. Now the absence of wealth is a source of earnings and I'm not

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the absence of wealth is not the issue is the attitude.

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So, it's dunia is not the presence or absence of wealth dounia is the presence of app or absence of offline. dunia is the presence or absence of forgetfulness. If we have wealth and we do not forget Allah, then inshallah his wealth is a source of benefit for us, I wanted to give all of you a lot of wealth from hallel sources, and enable you to spend this in in the path of Allah subhanaw taala and to live good lives, which become a source of benefit and a source of guidance for others.

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And when Allah smiled Allah as ups and downs happens life if it happens, at that time, if we have suffer, and we have sugar, which Alhamdulillah Believe it or not, this difficulty you give and the solution also you have, please give me the solution, Allah subhanaw taala will give the solution and this temporary difficulty with the whole when the whole loves your life is temporary, and the whole of my life is temporary. The difficulty is also temporary, obviously by definition. So when this temporary difficulty then becomes a source of blessing for us, even though we may be going through some some pain or some you know suffering at that point in time because of whatever happened. We ask

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Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to remember this throughout our lives, so that we live our lives in a state of consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala and we are never raffled from Allah subhanho wa Taala who we hope to meet one day in a state when he is pleased with us, and we asked him for his genital for those who Allah was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as right

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