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Well around Rahim Al Hamdulillah you're behind me for salat wa salam ala Shafi Lambay we're mousseline.

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Muhammad Rasul. Allah is Allah Allah Allah you Allah, Allah He was. He was just Lehmann cathedra and cathedra, from a Virgo,

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my brother and sisters, we've come to

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we talked about the budget, as I said, resources Selim

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made the wise build the budget,

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three things that he did he build the mudgear, the form the brotherhood of faith, the Omata Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And then he also

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he also mentioned, he also did the covenant, and the agreement with the people of Medina, which were the Arab and the Jewish tribes.

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Now, the formation of the Ummah is Subhanallah, I think,

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the greatest miracle of the among the miracles of Roswell lines. And

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again, it's not a matter of, you know, homage, we're not sort of grading miracles to say which one was greater in which one of the lesser, but in a manner of speaking. And the reason I say it's the greatest miracle is because

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in life in my own life and my own

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the most difficult thing, the most incredibly difficult thing to change is people's beliefs, and attitudes. And that's why I read a book on on hiring, I've done a lot of hiring in my life. And I've written a book on hiring called hiring winners. And in that book, the basic principle I stated is higher values, train skills, higher values, and train skills, because to train values to get people to change their values, which depend on their beliefs, is practically impossible. And I won't say it cannot be done. But it's, you know, when I definitely wouldn't put any money on it, I would definitely not want to try it unless I had no other option.

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Much easier to hire somebody who shares the values or has the values that you want, and teach them skills, a skill teaching can teach anything to anybody. But as far as values are concerned, to get people to change their hearts, to get people to change, what they hold as important, less important, what they love, what they don't love, which is all linked back to their beliefs, and their traditions and their the way they were raised their upbringing, their conditioning, I mean, these are practically impossible things to deal with. And therefore it's very good, much better to stay far away from that just hire the right people. Now with a Surah, Surah salams. The reason I'm saying

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miracle is because what he did in Medina, and we are not talking about everyone, we are not talking here about somebody who is attempting to do a good thing. And unfortunately, it did not work, it did not succeed, you will still praise the person and say, Well, you know, at least he had his head heart in the right place and head in the right place. He was trying to do something good. But what can we do it in this case you're not on we're talking about somebody who did something and it was totally and completely successful. Now, that is the the the amazing nature of this thing, where he managed to change.

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Traditions, ways of thinking, attitudes, which were grounded

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in centuries of tradition, in centuries of tradition, thing which was literally grounded with with the with the Arabs, literally God with their mother's milk, that attitudes towards one another, their tribalism, their racism, their you know, the kind of

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enmity towards somebody else, because they were from a different race or because they were from a different tribe. All of this was ingrained, it was part of the Arab culture.

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So they managed to remove all of them.

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The basis of brotherhood, pre Islam was tribalism.

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You were the brother of somebody you are related to either directly by blood or he was your he or she was a member of your tribe.

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member of the tribe was also because all of this was a you know, since is most people married within their tribe and so on and so forth. So there was some kind of blood relation as well, but more distant. So you are the brother or sister

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Have your own

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blood brother or sister or tribe, brother or sister.

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And the whole world, the rest of the world was for you. And either an enemy or somebody you will look down upon, or somebody who was, you know, on the periphery somewhere neutral, you really have nothing to do with them. Right? Now, this was the this was the orientation. Now, you know, there was a sort of

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reason for it, I'm not saying it was justified, but there's a reason for it. And that was because life was very, very insecure. Today, we forget, one of the things we very day, we take it very easily for granted. And that's the reason why I see, I say, people should read history is that today we are,

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I want to say, I want to say without doubt, we are living in times, which are probably the most secure times

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that human beings that have ever lived in, write shorter, of course, if you're living in some kind of a war zone, and you have, you know,

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enemies invading your country, or something I'm not talking about that I'm seeing the majority of people are living in democratic countries who are living in Goa who go to work every day, they come back home, and so on and so forth. They have, they live in normal societies and whatnot, despite the fact that there will be some crime and this and that, but you know, you're not living in fear of your life, you're not living in the fear that another tribal radio and, and kill you, and, you know, capture your women and children and take away your property and things like this. You You're not living in that kind of fear. So, the kind of fear, you know, secure a feeling of sleeping in peace,

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waking up in peace, not wondering when which which

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husband or wife, when the spouse goes out to work, or for some reason, or to go to the market? Which spouse is wondering, Is my spouse going to come back or maybe, you know, she's going to be kidnapped and taken away, or he's going to be killed, or something is this a live possibility? I mean, who's doing that? Well.

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This is this something which is a rarity. But there were times when and including the times of the of Prophet of Rosa salah, where this was a reality, this was not a not an another rarity, you, you are secure, if you are supported by your tribe, if you did not have the support of your tribe, then it was open season on your own, you know, any anybody could do anything do and that is why this tribal loyalty was also a safety feature. It was a feature where

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if you're, if you are if you are disloyal to your tribe, then the tribe took away took away their their protection from you. And you will be, you know, literally you would last. You wouldn't live for too long after that. That is why in the Zerah, because we constantly hear this term, so and so gave protection to so and so right. Jones would give a prediction, the announces that he's under my prediction, habanero salsa, Salem, also several times where people give him protection, I would only give him protection, other people give him protection. What is the protection, this prediction is exactly that. The person is saying that, if you'll be the person says, I give you protection, it

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means that me and my entire tribe is now going to protect this person. And if you do anything to that person, then you have harmed us. And you have to now deal with me and my whole tribe.

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Obviously, that was not something that people wanted to do. And that is the reason why also in Islam, which Salam alikoum it's a Peace be upon you. This is literally you are giving protection to that person and saying, I am protecting you from all harm. Right? Allah is the One Who protects but you're saying that I'm giving you my prediction of Salam aleikum. That is why the rule for Salam in

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in Islam is that if you are saying for example, if you're sitting in a gathering, and the person enters and says Salaam Alaikum, it is sufficient for one person in the gathering to say while he goes salaam, that Peace be upon you also. Which means that that one person who said while he was salam has given protection to that person. On behalf of everyone in that gathering, it is not necessary for everyone in that gathering to say when it was Alexandra because that one person statement is taken as a statement for that person himself as well as a statement on behalf of that entire gathering.

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So this issue of prediction now, that's why tribalism was so strong. Now what he does well as a result of do he changed the basis of

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of brotherhood. So the basis of brotherhood was

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you know, blood relations

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or it was tribal affinity and tribal affiliations are sold as a result of change. The reason for Brotherhood to a common fate and their common fate is Islam.

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So, the formation of the old man what does it mean and what does it differentiate? How is it differentiated what differentiates it from other

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forms of being together or other brother, other forms of brother what are the responsibilities of the of being an Amati for example, towards Allah subhanaw taala and also realize or seller and towards other

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other other amenities offers as a seller. Now, this word Amati in Arabic means my uma uma t. So, in one one meaning of it is biomass of Andhra Surah Surah Salam said Almighty he meant my ummah, when we say Almighty we don't say my doesn't mean my OMA for us, Omar it means member of the ummah of Rasulullah Rosella. Now, so what are the

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what are the the, you know, the roles and what they must do and so on. We started with the, with the word of Allah subhanaw taala in surah lallybroch Allah subhanaw taala said, we live in a shaytaan regime, where AutoSum will be heavily Lehi Jamia whether the for Rocco was grown out Allah Allah equal is condom Ida and for Olivia Vina for Lubicon for us back to Minerva D one. We're gonna do our Allah Shiva team in a narrative and Hala co minha. Gallica you may you know love who look who is the healer, I love him data Dune, ALLAH SubhanA data set and holdfast all of you together to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala

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that is the Quran. And do not be divided among yourselves. Allah say do not form sects and don't form divisions, and don't have this group deserve and so on among yourself and remember, Allah subhanaw taala has favor on you, for you are enemies

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to one another, but he Jalla Jalla, who the glorious and the magnificent joined your hearts together so that by His grace, you became brother, you became brothers in Islam, and you are on the

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on the brink of the fire our pit of fire.

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And he geladeira who saved you from it thus Allah subhanho wa Taala makes His Ayat

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clear, it makes it clear

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to you that you may be rightly guided.

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Now, this idea is very clear. A lot of our data is telling us

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two things one, Allah is saying that we were on the pit of a fire meaning we were we were racists we were fighting with each other and so on and so forth. And this would have landed up ended up with US landing in Jannah. Allah saved us from this by putting love for one another in our hearts. So this gives us a clear indication of how important loving one another for the sake of Allah how important that is. Number one, number two Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Hold fast to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala while at the fort Rocco Allah says do not differentiate do not form divisions with one another do not

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you know don't don't form castes and creeds and groups and so on and Kurtz.

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Interestingly Allah did not say lot of for Rocco, Allah said Allah, Allah Allah, Allah said a lot of Morocco he did not say a lot the telephone and Allah said don't divide don't form sects don't form groups, Allah did not say do not disagree. Right. So to disagree with somebody on a matter of principle on something which

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you may have a difference of opinion. You may have read something when you may not agree with something else this is permissible in Islam. Islam does not say that we must always be Yes man or yes woman we met and we must not disagree with anybody No, where there is a reason for disagreement of course, but disagree with respect, disagree with with love, disagree with compassion, disagree in a way where there is no breaking of hearts as far as the disagreement is concerned, this is a very, very critical and important

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point that we must keep in mind. So disagreement is permitted, but other will have to love the the, the etiquette of disagreement. This is something which is which we teach in Islam and which we should learn into the very important part of

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of our being, that we must understand this and we must do this, that

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in terms of Islam that we must learn how to disagree, we must not disagree with in ways which are disrespectful of people, which are, you know where people are

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people feel insulted and you know, they feel that they have not been

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that their opinion has not been treated properly and respected and so on and so forth to the well being that we don't disagree with and break hearts. So Allah said hold, so Allah said do not form zubaid therefore what is saying is Allah is saying that if you are forming groups and curves and you know in groups and our groups, then you are going back into the pit of phi.

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Then Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Laval, what I love about in epilobium lo un* Tama fill out of the Jami and ma i love it by an apple over him while I can Allah love away, you know, in the whole season I came, and he Jalla Jalla, who has united there meaning the believers, hearts, if you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not you could not have united their hearts. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has united them. Certainly He is Almighty always and to Allah.

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Allah No, this is so true.

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let's write that as is two resources alum that it is He who brought together the hearts of Muslims, thanks to which the OMA could be formed and that if rosboroughs or Salem had spent all the money in the world, he could not have done it. So this is something for us to also understand and make dua for that Allah subhanaw taala should join the OMA and the hearts

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back again because May Allah protect us from ourselves. This is what we seem to have done which is we have

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and we seem to have removed. We have gone back to the days and the

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values of the Jamelia of the times of ignorance.

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This also shows that the OMA is a faith based brotherhood and not a coming together of people for any other material reason. It is only based on faith that Muslims can and should join together for the pleasure of Allah and in this there is a benefit for them unless around that I said about the uncertainty behind your own. When Lavina tomorrow one one Latina tomorrow da one the Mad Men calmly him. You heard BONAMANA Hydra you lay him Walla Walla Yeji do Nafees although him had Jetta mimma Otto, where you will see oh now Allah unforeseen one Okada be him Kasasa when you look at your Hanafi bola Ico and mostly hold one Latina Jah who may embody him Jaco Laura Robin Alpha Lana Wali,

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Juan Nina, one in a Latina Saba phone I believe Imani wala died your Alfie Hulu Bina Lila, Lila Xena, Manuel have been in Nicaragua for him.

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And those were intelligent, and those who before them had homes in in Medina in Madina Munawwara and had adopted the faith, love those who emigrate to them. And they have no jealousy in their breasts in their hearts for that which they have been given of the booty of one another year. And give them the emigrants divide your own preference over themselves. That is Allah subhanaw taala is praising the answer, even though they were in need of that. So even though they weren't in need of the woody, they were in need of material health. They do not. They are not jealous and they do not object to that material wealth being given to them. Why don't we just did

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that when we come to that whole story? We'll see what happened and why.

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And whosoever is saved from his own covetousness from his own stinginess from his own greed, such are the who will be the successful and those who came after them. They say our Rob, forgive us and our brothers who have preceded us in faith and do not put in our hearts any hatred against those who have believed or our rub you

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are indeed full of kindness and Most Merciful instead of beautiful

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the robber Filipina while he is one in a Latina Saba Pune believe Ernie wala Taj Mahal fee Kulu Vina grill Lila Xena, Mano Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim we I mean our blood we ask Allah subhanaw taala this for all of us.

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Initially, this brotherhood was

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like blood Brotherhood, which means that they even gave a share in inheritance to them. So if one of the brothers died, the other one would get a share in the inheritance of that of the brother who passed away later on was $1 change that. And he said, inheritance is only on the basis of blood. It's not on the basis of this brotherhood, but the brotherhood and its love and so on and so forth continues. Now, see the

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the story of for example,

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see who are also Salem made brothers to one another. It's a it's a whole, you know, amazing list. But before we go to the list, two of the most the most famous

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of the stories of this kind

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one was the story of sad being Robbia on the Allahu Abdul Rahman himself or the alarm. rustlers are seldom

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formed a brotherhood between these two. Right He said that Abdurrahman Alfred Delano was the Mahajan and Saad bin, OBL of Ilan, who was the Saudi and the Saudis. And it's an informed his brotherhood between the two. So sadly, we are Delana, who then took up the Ramadan Travon over the law who came from Makkah. And when he came here, nothing, he was a wealthy man in Macau, and all that wealth and everything else, the Quran is confiscated, and he managed to escape from that, and he came.

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And when he came here, to Missouri, he had nothing.

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made his brother, so sad when they took him home. And he said to him, I have you told him this is the property and so on and so forth, I have, I will divide it into half a you take up and I will keep up. And he said, I have two wives.

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I will show them both to you. Whichever one you like, I will divorce and you can barely hear right now this is the level of brotherhood that they exhibited.

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In the army, this is something that we we cannot even imagine today with our own blood brothers. Think about this. Which brother? Do you know who's going to say to his older brother, saying that? Look, here's my property, half of it is yours. Take half of it. Whether you take whether the other one takes it or not? Does it even in our hearts to be able to say this?

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May Allah protect us from ourselves? This shows how the Sahaba for them how the akhira was so real. They know he's saying he's not because he wants to lose his belt. He's saying this because you know that if he gives half his wealth to his brother, Allah will give him you know, in keeping with Allah's glory and majesty in Jannah. And that Jana is so real to him that he does not see this as losing his wealth. He sees this as an amazing investment opportunity. Why don't I give it? Let me give it let him take it.

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Today, we try to keep it back.

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And if somebody says to us, no, why does he need it? Why do you need it?

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Really, I think there's something which is so incredible that we have to really think about this. So anyway,

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after about a month over that I was just like, Well, okay, and he said BarakAllahu, laka, Wafi, Malika, we're Malik. He said, May Allah give you Baraka in

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May Allah give you Baraka, and may Allah give you Baraka in your family and in your wealth. He said there show me where is the market in this place, and I will take care of myself. So, he went to the market or been to Canada, and he started trading

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with whatever little capital yet and

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very soon after that.

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And also, Monday saw him and he saw him with some, you know, in the world we call this a rush, which is it's a kind of powder I really don't know what it's better but it's it shines.

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So usually, when people get married and so on. In our country, they do it only for the women, but I think maybe in the Arab culture, they did it for the men also

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They used to just sprinkle this powder on you and you would have this thing on your face and on your turban and on your, on your clothes. And it would be shining. So it was like, you know,

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festivity kind of thing. And so people knew that, Oh, this guy got married. So this after about a month from Milan, who was when we

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met him on the street, and he Abdrabbuh now for the LAN who had this Alazani. So watch this. He's a real soul. I got married yesterday.

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And I was I was I was surprised that he escaped from from Makkah. You weren't married? He said, What did you give for Mr.

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He said, Yeah, so I gave my wife a piece of gold, which is, you know, the shortage, this this big. So he

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indicated the size of the piece of gold. So it shows that he was a very, you know, astute businessman. And he was able to make enough money to be able to make a proposal and get married to somebody and give her a Golden map. And so I congratulated him. And he said to him, now make a believer

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to complete this process of marriage. And this is what I've known him Now for the interesting also to think about this, today.

00:26:15--> 00:26:35

We get married, we make a huge song and dance about it. We do all kinds of ostentatious spending, and this and that. And in many cases, I've seen marriages are held up, because so and so cannot come and also cannot come in just one last comment that runners come. And in some cases, the matches are held up for months, right.

00:26:36--> 00:26:45

I know one which got held up for two years. Now point is the poor people who are suffering are the are the bride and the groom, that they want to get married, but they can't get married, because some

00:26:47--> 00:27:02

crazy uncle from somewhere is, has become a YouTube video. And it's not that the Uncle is coming and giving you a million dollars, you know, I would like to wait if that if that was happening, that doesn't happen. But we have this on. So we make this marriage into a very complicated

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process. And that is why we have created a society in which singing is easy, and, and doing something legally is stuff.

00:27:14--> 00:27:48

Committing Zina is easy. You know, having a girlfriend is easy, but getting married is sort of, sort of. So this is we should we should, you know, make stuff and make it easy marriage is an easy process in Islam. It's not an HR difficult process. It's not an expensive process. So let's say the best marriage is the one which is done the most economically. So in this case, let's think about this. And you're never gonna get married as soon as Allah Salam is in the same place in Medina, which is a little village. He did not invite the progress of Asana, he did not tell the provinces that he was getting married.

00:27:50--> 00:27:57

He got married, this was I learned about it accidentally, if supposing Rasul Allah had not met him in the street, you probably wouldn't have known.

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You know, until maybe a couple of days later, when he whenever he met him.

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It does not show that he is disrespectful or something, it just is just that this was a normal common thing. You know, I don't have to tell us about every little thing which I'm doing.

00:28:15--> 00:28:21

He said, This is something which is normal, I'm doing I'm doing something which is legal, halal, do it.

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I don't need to make a big fuss about this. Very, very important for us to understand this. And then he said, of course give them make the make the believer so he

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and that's what he did. Again, whatever does not mean that you have as this is a huge spread, and there's huge feeding, of those feeding of the well fed feeding of those who that don't need food.

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How many volumes ever seen which is where all the people are people who are homeless and destitute and who really, you know, not that they're one meal is going to help somebody who's who's destitute, but maybe you you produce this and you create this, the absolutely fabulous, beautiful meal.

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And you make these, these these food items, dishes, with somebody like that who's so poor, can only dream off you know, they cannot imagine that they will ever be in a situation where they can be they can afford to eat

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that kind of, you know, beautiful and tasty and rich food, but thanks to your whatever, they are able to eat it. If you do that, it will be something which is which will be so beautiful and so full of Baraka that you would have done, but if you don't do it like that, if you are just calling it is what we have. We see you who do call, you call all the big shots. And I've seen people also they get they take a lot of pride in calling local political leaders, right political, local political leaders, local so called Big Shots Who are you know, bureaucrats or military officers or somebody and they

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Bring them in they take these photos with the with the bride and the bridegroom standing next to this chief minister or this Prime Minister what would what kind of

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I don't really see this the what do you get out of this tell me

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what you get out of this is that is that even something to be to be proud of? So it's okay to buy since I came to you that person came to your wedding because of you know either what you paid him or because of who you are and what what he expects from you and so on so forth. He doesn't love you doesn't care a damn about you.

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He doesn't even remember if you ask Him to show the photo and say Do they know the name of this person his bride and bridegroom you know the names who are there you took a picture with them Do you think they anybody they will even remember that

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you just degrading and demeaning yourself

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the whole time and see this even registers

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Mesilla lectures are not only what the CEO they are about what lessons can be derived from the Sierra which will help us to live lives in a way which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala.

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To do give this some thought inshallah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to live our lives according to the beautiful example of Muhammad Sallallahu ala he values himself for some of our other Bukhari while Ali he was a member I have to go