A companion traveled 10 days to ask one question about improving his Prayer

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This is the heartbeat of men and all of your loved one of men live and up in house we concluding with this. It's a story of having a loved one

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a companion and this story is going to tell us another thing that will add

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a companion. He accepted Islam when the Musa Lama was appointed him as an amine upon the people of a body. There are people living on a boat, he appointed him amigo they pray they give them Dharma teach them

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for the house. He said email me not far away proposal masasa for he says this is a Muslim. He says in a shape on hand Albania avena fled to karate.

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He said a shavon came to me in my salette and he's starting to distract me in my format of management. Avonmouth is experiencing distraction and solid, doesn't know what he's reading, forget some air.

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He prayed three like I did I pray three or two for God, that I pre wonder how to look at. He doesn't know what he's praying.

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This affects all of us have never

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been a good example for others good story.

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So you know what he did? He traveled most of the level.

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And he said the rule of law, Shabbat is distracted me. He's stood as a barrier between me and my solid.

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And he's just confusing me in my solid.

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enemies, the theme that cache apolonio.

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He said that distraction comes from a solid from a bond, his name is kinser.

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If he comes to try to distract you

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spill to left three times.

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Like that spill to left three times was 30 below him in a shape on your machine and say, how do we lead him in a sheer boredom? Was he a better than everyone else? He took this remedy. He went back to a boy. He said I did that for the loved one do a lot of the SharePoint away. But in no analysis of this heavy look of men of an urban house. He was experiencing what most people today experienced and perhaps suffer from and was worse so that

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we can concentrate them solidly What did he do about it? He didn't just ignore the problem and move on. He jumped on his cattle took a six day journey until he reached and Medina between a powerful Medina is 500 kilometers on its capital alone to address this issue.

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Kenny, how much was he in contact in connection with

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that if you select just a little problem?

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This is a big problem.

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Jani most of us when was the last question you ever asked. How do I increase my insurance for people that care about this anymore? less often? so people don't care. So suddenly you paid on time you get a period of time I missed it. I didn't miss it. Move on. Life goes on brother. What am I gonna do?

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Even though he's green. He took a journey of five days just to get through.

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And who better than to answer the question.

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I need help. Michael Jordan is lagging. I'm forgetting I'm confused in my soul. I give me something he addressed his letter was his concern. What's your concern? What kind of concern and what what extent have you done to address your problem? Jani this is this is like something No, you can't concentrate. So you're in a hotel in Saudi and you booked a ticket and you went there to a scholar and you sat with him and you sit there and I can't concentrate the mice like give me a solution. He gives you a solution and you jump back on the plane. You'll be here in less than five days you'll be here. If you did that.

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10 days to go and come back. And then the solution was in homosassa and gave him the will conclude with this. He said to him that gashapon nucala Hawkins is certain This is a shaper that comes through his name is Kinzer. Now why is it important? Why is it important to post them to save to show

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this is the importance. Additional parties especially Shivam His name is his appeal when it comes when you say a loved one.

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And he disappears when you say

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he's gone finished. He comes he reminds you of things you forgot about. He reminds you what you're supposed to do in the next hour. He reminds you of something you're not in the car. He tells you this this is what he does he distracts and the reason Loma unison let you sit

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there cache upon. It's such a bomb.

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Why did he tell him this? You know, when you begin your Salah

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and you realize that there is an enemy that's going to come and fight you in your soul that you'll be more careful. And you'll concentrate more. Then if you were to begin your salette and not realize there's an enemy standing in your power. Yeah, I'll give you an example. If I tell you, brother, go down to the coffee shop and get us a cup of coffee and come back. Normal, easy. Take your shoes, you go down, you buy a cup of coffee and come back. But if I said to you, brother, go and get a cup of coffee, but beware, although who's on the road? There's robbers, the thieves. This criminals I don't know. Be careful. Be careful. Now your attitude when you go down to that Cafe is not going to be

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like your attitude when there is no danger on the road. When you do this trip on the road, guys open, you might carry something with you, you're looking left and right. To make sure that no one have you. Who are the only difference is that when you begin your salad, and you say Allahu Akbar, if you begin with this lazy attitude, like there's no threat and that's when he comes in, he takes with Siobhan is not gonna steal money from your pocket, he's gonna steal your slot. That's why he says some people pray. And after

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they receive only half the reward.

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Suddenly, they take only a quarter of this lead reward, complete seat, some taken 800 Howdy. And then worse than that, let them say some leave the salon take no reward, zero shape on stolen all that new thing you started thinking there's nothing in front of you. That's why we did with the employees. You know, what's it called? with employees? Inside of what's it called? It's mentioned in the poem. And

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why was it called the club, it comes from the word in that there's a battle between you and a shavon. If you're if you recognize and realize this is gonna go, the reward of a solid is gonna go isn't that crushing upon you call the heck

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out Speak up. When you have a lot of work.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah when you start reading

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on Shabbat on the road, you want to still be careful, be alert, Allah gave us every reason to be careful and alert

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enough to recognize that you're standing before a lot of us understand these meanings. Well understand these meanings, you're going to go and going up and into

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every single position is bringing me closer and closer to a larger ship almost the sealer for them Now besides enemies a theme.

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If you experienced him again,

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what that means is, if you experienced you, those of

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you become heedless in your salon, you could get something you remember something that's got nothing to do with product right then and there. Spill three times to your left, immediately, wherever you are, whether you're recording to shoot standing wherever position you are in the media, this is this is this is your this is your ammunition against them. And then say out

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yourself, keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing it. Eventually, it's like until you stone the stone him until he dies he disappears from your solid altogether. So these these are reasons we mentioned one of the reasons was to recognize the greatness of a law was to recognize that you're in a real meeting between you and a law solution was to recognize that you are actually talking to a loss of Hannah Montana, and then to realize that there's an enemy on the road and you need to be careful of him. So when you begin your slab, begin with the attitude of a person that knows there is danger and harm on his route. If these matters are done and shall add to them some more later on.

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But if these essential primary matters are done, it will take the select to another level completely to another level. Will will each day head and work hard was colossal with Dumbo with goodness and be alive and alert be conscious of a large door hinge during the day during the night. Be at Milan Shalimar so it gives you that which you're aspiring for last colossal panorama data to give us this was right on so that was him some header data to make us people with the power nice people and for those that aren't I mean agenda in the Hollywood Delica.

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Any minute