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shot tradition says

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the meat which is in the in the bone,

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the brain then immediately

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is the the real meat

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of obedience to Allah tala

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and this lesson

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also used to make dua

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and in the

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in the nama outside namaz standing sitting lying all the time

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if you think about it what does it really mean?

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Actually in Arabic is ministry to call somebody who says the same time you're calling on Allah tala to do this

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would you without the dire dire dire need for surgery that is the

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you call me

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listen to you

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that I'm the one that you should call

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again denial and rejection of

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many Sofia

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if you are in trouble, this has been mentioned about himself

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whenever he was in trouble whenever he had any difficulty whenever he was in effect

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with the to the for the for the demand and make the graph

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remember that the the most difficult period was typical

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for socialism and funds however,

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was on the eve of the Battle of butter.

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They are touching people and sizes or 1000 well equipped army

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and the gopher had the price has attacked

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thinking this year.

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So Scylla migrated over to Medina with over 622

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and related to place the depressed part, this is the time to strike.

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Now the preparation

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is one thing, material preparation

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does not depend on this

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event into prostration kept asking for the

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bandwidth to adjust.

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And he was crying and make me laugh.

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So much that's how the vocal came

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to ask him to

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get up the hospital calcula is enough, enough is enough.

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And therefore the

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etiquette how to make

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one thing is that you must absolutely

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turn away from everyone else.

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And with humility, you make dua to Allah, Allah

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has more of a solid body one day he said very nicely said the new mentor law.

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Then you read the rules first.

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And then you make the job, whatever you are asking.

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And the end of the door with the end of the rule.

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What you say send the drone send the megawatt in a box

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because the lid is the root in the bottom is to do

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the drop

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Watch he says Alibaba has guaranteed he's going to accept that

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Allah will not be so on

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accepting the route of the traffic.

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So you may join

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us afterwards in the middle we make a dog

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on one floor with a box just like that.

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Other etiquette of the important thing is this.

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You asked about integrity

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whatever you're asking, should be should be valid child's

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going to cheat so and so please help me I'm going to

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is also important it should be giant.

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Whatever you make any dollar that you make,

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that is between you and Allah, Allah

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has correct has collected

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mentioned the Quran which I mentioned in the

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And what he did that he had divided those into days. One week that is ready you ready so

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those are those which have been mentioned in the crowd and also mentioned the hoodies

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are not outside of the flag or the

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Jets other point is that you make do out when your difficulty you make the law says

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that it will be accepted the way you will.

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Whenever you cause me I listened and I accept

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sometimes what happens you may go up I was $1,000 to buy a house

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when you are making the one who don't take it except a lotta

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he knows what is the good for you what is not good for you.

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Sometimes has happened many sandwiches that came in your heart something you made and you got exactly what

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was happening you asked

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it has two situations you will not get it at all that thing

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or another distorted for the awkward

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thing is this a lot that I gave you better than that

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in both cases.

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The other point is when you're making a draw it should be observed sincerity. Whether you

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have seen in the

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so what is happening in

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the hands of this

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Lucky lucky day. You should cut yourself completely for everybody I think you make the wrong

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decision is why you raise the hand

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and we don't have the hands really because the raising of the hand is the sign of your humility

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and you'll give it to

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us and then drop your hand if you're signed Realty.

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financing is this to be a ninja make sure that you

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keep asking

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for the guys have been taught.

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Then the same as the smaller hobbies if you concern yourself with a smaller sensor now you're considered the biggest

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advisor to them say for example example

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you enter the house you may come out of the house and make it while you go the treasure may provide commercial value but traveling

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the boat as I said all of this pertains to this way. Why do we make

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it so we're brand new window Why?

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reason is this all other Forgive me

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that this time which I spent here. I was negligent of seven brands could not remember your exact time but time wasted

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where you relieve yourself again you measure what does it mean? Take this way.

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If you are unable to relate what will happen if we're unable to relieve yourself what will happen

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if you're unable to

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Just what will happen?

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But we don't think about getting think of those who don't have that. What will happen is

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what is the gratitude? That is it the sugar and keep on asking this is important, but we should be absorbed in charity.

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Give me just forgive me that says Hubble's law in my blue Sofia days to ask I want to have this I want to have this I want to have this luxury to do that.

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With the adults with the etiquette,

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especially about the

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future, you will develop a habit

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for your barometer that service used to work for us to get up there to sit down all the time, all the time, how you approach environmentalist.

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So in this is the other educators demonstration of your ability to Allah, Allah and obedience to Allah, Allah turning away from everybody else.

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This is the part of

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our, our Nevada

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granted sincerity and absolute humility, to be able to make dua for everything traveling.

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I have

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experienced this, you make the

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other listen to listen to it. Give predictions now that are given for kids to make God's will happen all the time, not only the mother, the mother circulated.

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There are lots of guys I mentioned in the thing, but then the child that also takes peace at home

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about the formula