Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Destroyers Of Salah

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of washing clothing and cleaning it properly, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, and avoiding certain foods. They stress the need to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, be aware of what goes into one's eyes and body, avoid touching things, and be aware of what goes into one's eyes. The segment ends with a call for action.
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splatter mother al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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ala alihi wa sahbihi as we have that

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we will talk today inshallah about

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things which disturb the Salah or destroy the Salah.

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We spoke about things which helped in the Salah, we'll look at the opposite side.

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Some of those things are

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the opposite of whatever we said, for example,

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to begin with, and not having enough concern for the Salah

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is a destroyer of the Salah, for example, if you

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if you don't take the trouble to in terms of the time for Salah in terms of

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one of the one of the chief destroyers of Salah is in proper order.

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Now in power Buddha does not mean that you use as much water as we use in ourselves. Because this is another thing with people they know they turn the tap as if it is Ganga berry is nothing to stop it. So that's not the idea. The idea is to do the widow properly, for which it is important to understand what the way of doing the widow is what must be washed. Specifically, there are

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things to be washed, which are five things which are the four out of the blue, which is to wash once the hands up to the wrist, the face, the hands up to the elbows, the massage of the head, and washing of the feet. These are to do them once each is for

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if you miss any of this, the video itself has gone completely, you have to repeat those

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to do it, the most I have and the Sunnah is to do these things three times. In addition to that also to goggle and put water in your nose, which is what we normally do. So most of us are in the lobby follow the whole Sona process, which is good, but it's good to know what you're doing. And then supposing someday you find a place that you don't have enough water then what do you do, you don't have enough water to do things three times. So, now you are you missed out the fourth in trying to gaggle and put water in your nose and so on and they will do is invalid there is no or you might find in someplace where like it happens in you know

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public places where you are not sure whether the water what is cleaning up from a window, but you're not sure whether you want to put the water in your mouth.

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So, therefore, you need not do it. Without the gargling and without putting water in the nose the Buddha is still valid as long as the five of those who have been completed. So this is important to understand to make sure that the will is good if the Buddha was not good that the Salah First of all, if your photo is not complete with respect to the fire, then your Salah itself is not valid because without Wu there is no Salah.

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The other issue is that even if the widow may be valid according to the fire, but it was not done properly and so on. It affects the quality of the Salah in 100 service are seldom even set to the extent that the widow of the doctor the widow of the person in the following imperfection in his widow will affect the recitation of the man. Now this does not mean that every time the man makes a mistake, it is your fault. Obviously not that but at the same time it means that it is such an important thing. So this is one very important. The second thing is to take care of your clothes and so on so forth when you go and stand in sunlight in the gym.

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Obviously it's not necessarily to wear a three piece suit or a sherwani but at the same time to be you're going in the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala so you don't want to look like something that got brought in you know, I mean you only want to look like you want to look decent. So make sure you are properly dressed. Secondly make sure that the clothes are clean. Now this is normally we should not need to say this but this is a reality. And more most often you find this in Ramallah people come after a star and if you standing next to you, you can you know exactly all that he ate for is that you know you can smell the hottie and you can smell the haleem and you can smell the biryani

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and everything and the hover of water I don't do that.

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Make sure that your clothes are clean, put some perfume and so on. Because you don't want to destroy your own salah and everybody else's. The problem with smells is that you don't feel your own smell. That's the reason why perfume is Allah Salam called it sadaqa Why? Because once you put up a few after a little while after five minutes you don't want it anymore. But Angela because you have put on good perfume. It is benefiting other people too and other people care you are standing in the salon you come in on budget. It says

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Nice, you know specify perfume.

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So perfume is one of the things on which there is no interest if you spend a lot of money buying good perfume, this is not as rough because this is for the Father. So you're doing so obviously the opposite of that is also equally bad. I mean if you are you know, that's what that's the reason why it's specifically prohibited to come to the masjid when you have eaten onion or garlic because that smell is you know, displeasing to America and is displeasing to other people. Now what about things like smoking for example, which is 10 times worse than onion garlic, it was a cigarette smoke smell is horrible, it's a stink right. So, things like this be very clear and careful obviously,

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cigarettes don't smoke at all in the first place. But other than that, onion and garlic food you have eaten most all our food for example, all the Indian food is spicy and

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aromatic automatic if it is fresh and smelly, if it is not. So.

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So, therefore, we should be very clear about how we take care of appearance and cleanliness and all of this third thing which destroys Allah once again is outside Salah, which is what we are engaged in during the course of the day. So things like useless talk, you know, La Jolla

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which may not have I am deliberately not even talking about inshallah, you know, as Muslims, we will not do. So, you know, I don't have to mention the Haram. But even if it is not Haram, it's just useless stuff. You know, you're talking about some cricket, cricket scores, football scores, this happened that happened, you know, this footballer did this, you know, whatever Manchester got sold to somebody else and Liverpool or something. You know, the point is that things which are of no benefit in La Jolla, useless thing, obviously, this extends to what is actually Haram. So film stars or actors or actresses and whatever else and you know, all those magazines and stuff. So, talking

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about any of the love we're

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very, very, very important in all of this is obviously to keep yourself free from vivo and anyone to keep yourself free from slander. Keep yourself free from backbiting, because all of those also destroy your Salah In addition, of course to a lot of other evils I mean rebirth is is so prohibited in Islam that in Surat Allah subhanaw taala said, how would you like to eat the meat of your dead brother? analyzer ye workers to mode? Don't you feel Kara here? Don't you feel it disgusting to even think about that? And I said, a fever is worse than that. Now why is it so bad? Why? You might say well, you know, after all, what is so bad if I say something? I know it is not a good thing. But why

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is it so bad that Allah has to mention it in the Quran? Because rebirth is like

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termites, eating a whole pillar.

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It destroys from inside. rebirth destroys the oma.

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Why is it so bad because rebirth destroys Juma if all of us talk behind our backs behind each other's backs, if we talk about each other behind each other's backs, then where is the Brotherhood?

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Where is the Brotherhood, you do not feel any shame slandering your brother trying to destroy his reputation behind his back, and you're the one who's listening to you. He is no shame in listening to what you are saying. So where is this oma?

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Where is how can brotherhood be there? How can possibly brotherhood be there? When somebody is maligning your brother? And you do not feel the need to defend him?

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So think about this, isn't it? I mean, where is the where is the Baba? Where is the love between each other? you're somebody who's maligning your brother, he's saying something bad about your brother. And you see you you you're okay with that you keep quiet. You don't say anything? Then you say no, but I did not say anything.

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Or you did not say anything. But that's it. That's like saying, you know, somebody sitting there and one man comes and assaults him. Right? And you're sitting right next to him. And then you say, Well, you know, I did not assault you. You did not assaulted him, but she it is as good as assaulting him because you did not defend him also.

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And this is worse than somebody directly assaulting because he buys behind the back. The man is not there to defend himself. If you say something bad about him, he is not there to say that you are lying or whatever or this is the reason why it happened or he's not there at all. So in his absence, you are trying to destroy his character you are trying to destroy his reputation. Please notice I'm not saying you have destroyed because that destroying or not destroying is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and that's why Allah subhanaw taala with respect to his

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journey well bukovina Willie Namah to mahalo karela doesn't leave me to them. I will deal with them.

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I will deal with them.

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So what is so bad and it destroys a lot obviously because now what happens reasonably

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All this is because what happens is when you are standing in Salah now all these thoughts come into your mind what so and so's sitting there. So what is your document remind you, it would remind you of all of the things, especially now you see the same brother standing next to the Salah usaha so he so pious, he is now coming into Salah, and he's standing in the Jamaat, and I know I heard all this about him. And if he is the man is Oh, Mashallah.

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My mind is yes, una. This is what I heard about him that he is doing this, he's doing that he's doing that. And now he's the man Mashallah is the man. He's saying, Don't do this. Don't do that. But I know from my friend who I heard that he's doing the same thing.

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Your friend is a liar, you are a liar. Because the poor man never did any of that you slandered him.

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That is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala said, If you do that, then Allah subhanaw taala said that he will give all your good deeds to the man that you slandered. Now, how * and idiotic is it? To give you a clue to somebody who is like, think about them? Obviously, nobody does it by me. But somebody said mentioned this to him, Buhari Buhari said if I want to do it, but I will do both of my mother, because at least my good deeds will go to somebody else.

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But he's the nominee if you do if you're doing it, but who do you Who do you do? We will have somebody who dislike.

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So how sensible is it to take your good deeds and give it to someone who dislike and remember,

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it's not it's not a one time thing. Especially not in this world today. You know, and I remember reading the enemy's Allah Salam where he said that he asked people he said, Do you know who are the destitute of the soma? and dissolve as areas Allah they are the people who have no drama, no dinner? And the vlsm said, No, he said they are those people who will come before Allah subhanaw taala with good deeds, the size of the mountain.

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I don't know how many of you have seen the mountain of art. It's like a good mountain range. It's huge. Is it people these are the people who the destitute of the Zuma are the people who will come before Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, with good deeds, the size of the mountain of mud, but then there will be a line of people standing there, who they have slandered who they have back beaten, who they have harmed, who they have oppressed, whose rights they have taken away, and so on and so forth. And they will come and they will ask for justice. And Allah subhanaw taala is on the Day of Judgment, what is the currency, deeds,

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there is no other currency, there's no gold and silver and dollars. And so therefore, these good deeds of this person who came to Allah subhanaw taala, with deeds to the quantity of the mountain award, will be given one by one by one to all these people until that whole mountain is exhausted and finished, yet the line will still be there

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not exhausted, right? And then what will happen Allah subhanaw taala will tell the people now what do you want me to do? They will say our bellarine give our bad deeds to that person. Because he has one he's got nothing left he is finished, to give our evil to them. And this will be done and that person who came before us Ronald, Allah with a mountain of good deeds will be thrown into the genre, because of the evil deeds of the people that he have. Now, when I first read this race, I used to think to myself, how is it possible for someone to do so much evil and so much good that the whole mountain of all the words of good deeds is getting wiped off until I realized one day, one email you

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one email your you write slandering, somebody will be floating around and going around in cyberspace, over and over and over again, till the Day of Judgment or till the internet last week, whichever is worse.

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Now imagine what that what that one email is doing. You only wrote one email, but that email every time it hits somebody's inbox is getting you evil, you are earning evil because of that email. Remember, think about one a person you malign publicly in a speech, speak which is which is recorded and which is goes on the internet speed. Think about one person you maligned in a pamphlet that you write, or in a in some articles that you write.

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That thing has got eternal life it will just go around and round and round and round. And it will earn you evil deeds of the other person it will earn you evil as all your life and then long after you're dead as long as it continues it will continue.

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So obviously what kind of Salah is it of a person who's spending his time maligning other people and backbiting other people? What Salah what Salah is going to do he is standing before Allah subhanaw taala after eating the meat of his dead brother is actually happened with rosol

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A woman came, a man came and he said My wife has got terrible stomach pain. And she trying all sorts of medicines, nothing is working. So rahsaan called her and he said bring a bowl, and he made her vomit. And pieces of meat came out, raw meat came out.

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So they said she never ate this thing.

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That is what she has been doing because she's backbiting and sisters

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is one of the images that are often ostracized from the actual meat came out.

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She vomited out meat. So what kind of Salah is it of a person who spends his time maligning other people and backbiting them behind their back in Islam if you have courage go and stand before the person and tell him whatever you want to tell him do his face if you cannot tell him that Shut up, shut up

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don't speak behind his back this destroys the image This is the biggest product that's the reason why it is so you know strongly strongly prohibited in Islam. Then the other destroyer of Salah is things that we see the eyes are the route to the heart

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and the eyes are the route to the mind. So the things which we see will come to you in your Salah and destroy it. So any pictures you see any movies you see any haram that you see right looking at women and this and that I don't know don't celebrate and not look at * you don't have to look at noon.

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Today Wimbledon ladies Wimbledon is *.

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The way the cameras are angled the way the cameras are positioned, they are not good they are untested the tennis

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today everything there is this evil has spread so much that almost everywhere now you can say well you know i should I walk around with a bandage on my eyes No.

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But to the extent possible it is our dough at least don't deliberately look at it.

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Then we don't go and search for that website. Don't go and turn on the TV and look at that stuff. So careful being very careful with our eyes very, very, very important. For us to be very careful with our eyes. What we see affects us

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what we see affects us if I'm Java Angela Lee was I have is that a very early age and he was a habit he was very very strong happier today I don't want to take your time in this further reminder to tell you the many stories of the strength of his memory

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but one day he was a student of Mr. Malik

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one day again to a Malik and he said I have lost my hips.

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He said the Quran is gone.

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So Malika How can you lose your hips? You know especially somebody like you with that memory. He said no i i tried I'm trying to pray I'm standing there I cannot remember.

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So Malik told him

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think about what you must have seen.

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The think about what you saw and make Dawa

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and inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will give back the Quran to you.

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Mr. Javid, Allah says that he thought about it. And he was going in the market of Medina. And a lady was getting out of a vehicle. And he saw so therefore when she put her leg down her, you know, clothes came up. So he saw her shin.

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Now imagine the family sees the shin of a woman. The person goes from his mind, what would happen to us we should even forget our names.

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And Id

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This is the Ramadan last minute Allah that Allah subhanaw taala does not treat us in the same way that he treats the salad.

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Shiva Malik said I went and I made Toba and I prayed to Allah and I made the water last monitor Allah subhanaw taala gave me back the Quran

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what we see what we look at is very very important. So God the eyes very important God the eyes

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right? When I was learning some Quran I asked my Shahada Please tell me what is the secret of you know how can we learn well and how can we memorize

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he's a god the ice I thought he's gonna tell me some way of reciting you know repeat so many times is eternal God the ice, he said because the Kalam does not stay in a heart which is filled with you know, dirty which is

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so God the ice mela forgive me and forgive us all that we should be very careful with this. The last thing is God the ears.

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Not the last second last thing. God the ears. What you listen to will destroy your Salah or will make your Salah better.

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Believe me, no matter what anyone says Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specifically mentioned in the Hadees go and read kita Wil Wheaton.

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Hi this specifically pertaining to the Day of Judgment, he said that the day of judgment will come when people have made drinking of alcohol halaal and they have made the use of musical instruments halaal

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So, what does it say about whether drinking alcohol and the use of musical instruments whether it is halal or haram? What do you think? From the service? Is it Hello Ha, ha

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ha. And he got he mentioned both of these things together.

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Musical the alcohol is free enough see her in any quantitative era. And he mentioned musical instruments along with that.

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So, believe me, my brothers and sisters, don't fool yourself. Don't fool yourself and don't allow anyone else to fool you. What Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah made Haram, nobody and his grandfather can make halaal till the Day of Judgment seriously

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right. So, if this share or this was tagged or this was tagged Nima or somebody is telling you they are from shaitan

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they are not they are not from they are not people that you want to listen to. If someone tells you No, no, no, but you know it is gize in this case, they are the agents of shaitan.

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If it is dies in this case, are they receiving way from Allah subhanaw taala that they say it is dies in this case, when the interview of Allah Allah, Allah did not make any qualification like this, where he said, the day of judgment will be established among the sciences what that music will be considered to be halal, and alcohol will be considered to be halal.

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So listening to all this stuff will destroy your Salah apart from creating a place for you in a place that you don't want to go that's a different matter but I'm just saying in the Salah, we talk about what destroys Salah listening to stuff like this. And of course I am only talking about the tune the music side of it if we go into the lyrics and so on and so forth, you know, and I know very well what kind of lyrics they are and what kind of words they are, may Allah protect us we know all of this there's nothing hidden nothing secret about this. And the last and most important thing is God you what goes into your mouth. Eating haram will destroy your Salah. Now you might say well, I'm

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not eating pork now of course you're not eating pork.

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But we are eating other stuff which may not necessarily be heard. Are you sure about the zombie? How about about the the slaughter of the chicken that you eat in the market?

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Because any chicken that is coming from a factory, by definition it cannot be halal even if it has a salad stamp on it. Because I have seen I'm very familiar with I have seen chicken processing factories. I know what the processing equipment is. I know what it is designed to do. It is designed to mass produce chickens. It is not designed for Halloween.

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Right? So ensure if you're going and eating in this restaurant at that restaurant as the man don't say he's your chicken hauler, he will say yes. Why? Because he's getting it from the from God ridges factory. And it comes with Alan stem from some machines in Bombay. That does not make it

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right? You ask him No, no, no, I'm not asking you where the * are. You tell me where do you get it from?

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Then he will tell you no, we have a local guy who is who's not us for us and he brings it and gives it to us lowbrow, as long as he's telling you that you don't have to go and find that local guy and see if he does all that you at least minimum care should be taken. And if you are in doubt, the head is unofficial asylum, which is considered to be one third of the whole much more of

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one third of it 33% of it is this one or this is considered and that is that what is that is

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that leave that which is doubtful for that which is not doubtful. Valhalla rubian Hara mobian bobino baveno Huma Mousavi had, he said the holiday is clear and the Haram is clear and between the Haram and Allah are the doubtful matters and he said leave the doubtful for that which is not doubtful. So if you go and sit somewhere and there is this fantastic chicken, very beautiful, very nice aroma, but you got to doubt your mind. Yeah, is it properly

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you know, slaughtered or not? Don't touch it. Don't touch it. Just imagine supposing that thing was poisoned. What would you do? Would you say that a butcher whose work Alianza Gowda Chaka Margarita Morocco Morocco, well they they will

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so how to South America takeover Murthy

00:24:51 --> 00:24:56

data that is worse No. So what is the point of have? No, don't touch it. Don't leave it.

00:24:57 --> 00:25:00

Don't eat it is no this is not a question.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:18

Being you know extremist in the no haram and halaal is the basic foundation of the it is not the extremists it is the basic foundation of the and therefore ensure that whatever goes in your mouth is halal. remember anything which comes from a secret formula? You do not know Muslims do not eat secrets.

00:25:19 --> 00:25:27

So anything which has a secret formula what what things have secret formulas? Coke, Pepsi, all that kind of stuff, right?

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Don't touch it. Don't touch it. Right? I always tell people never eat a chicken that you don't know personally.

00:25:40 --> 00:26:05

So make sure you know that you can eat it. Right? So anything of that nature, don't touch it Alhamdulillah Allah gave us beautiful fruit juices Allah subhanaw taala gave us water Allah gave us tea and coffee drink all and no problem was to drink some rubbish which comes out of a can and you don't know what is in it. Right even I'm not saying it is haram Allah knows best. But I'm saying if you don't know what is in it, then what is the safety

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requirement? Don't touch it. until you find out That's cute. Coke and Pepsi are not going to tell you the secret formula it will stand on your head so don't worry about so don't don't eat don't drink don't drink that stuff. In any case it is bad for you and sugar pure sugar and water you know i've i've been inside those factories I know how it is how it is made. Obviously I don't know the secret formula but I know for a fact that it just sugar and water and color. That's it.

00:26:29 --> 00:26:30

Why was he doing that?

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So don't drink all this stuff. The Good stuff, good food, wholesome, wholesome food, halal food, make very very sure that what you're eating is healthy.

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So all of these things together inshallah if we do, then our Salah will be clear remember in standing before Allah subhanaw taala This is the opportunity to connect directly with Allah to talk to Allah to tell us your story. To get things wrong last minute Allah, you know what is more beautiful than that is that we will allow you talking to Allah subhanaw taala this connection must come with this sense of standing before Allah. Allah is listening to me, I'm telling you my story, and he is the one who can do something about it. So you're not telling your story to some random stranger who doesn't care? No, you're telling the story to the only one who has the power to change

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your life.

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And make it the most beautiful life that anyone can ever imagine. Oh, Andy, what's the allergy to that and you got a problem with making your life beautiful.

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And this is the this is the this is the route to it. But how to do that by all of these things. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our salah and to help us to be connected with him and to live the rest of our lives in such a way that it enables us and strengthens our salah and strengthen this connection with Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Karim Allah Allah. He was heavy as me

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