Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Destitute Of The Ummah

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Number 11 salat wa salam ala rasulillah. But

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there is a Hadith, where also lies Allah Allah, Allah as the Sahaba.

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He said, Do you know who are the destitute of the summer?

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They will be the people who have no money, no DNR bhandara.

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So allies allies and observed, the destitute of the oma are not those who have no money.

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He said, the destitute of this oma those people who will come before Allah subhanho wa Taala, with good deeds, the size of the mountain.

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But along with them will come those people who they slandered and those whose rights the user,

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and those people who they hit, and those people who they're committed anything wrong with or atrocities against.

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And on that day, the currency will be did not there are and there will be actions. So the people will come and they will say, Oh Allah give us our rights.

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And the day good deeds of the person who came with

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those good deeds will be given in compensation for the actions against that he did against the people.

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And the solar velodrome said that until a time will come when the entire mountain sighs of good deeds will be exhausted. He said what the line of people waiting to be

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compensated will not be over.

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So Allah knows that I will say, now what do you want me to do because he has no deeds definition. And the people will say or balani give our evil deeds to him.

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And so does Allah Salam said this will be done.

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And the person who came before almost ran out Allah with a mountain sighs of good deeds, will be thrown into the random

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with the evil deeds of the people that he had dropped.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to save us from this rich

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or what we learn from this hadith is

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and as regarding the Quran also said in several places, in Amanullah to boutilier

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Allah says do not make your deeds in when of Nam algo battle Moscow.

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So, therefore, it is very important for us and hamdulillah It is very important to do good things, but at the same time, it is very important to safeguard those good things

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because on the one hand, we may be paying taxes and we may be keeping fill

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fast and we will be making hydrogen Amara and giving sadaqa and praying salah and images and fill out the Koran and so on and so on.

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But at the same time, if we are not careful, those G's become null and void and they get canceled out by other things we do. For example, labor,

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for example, slender button on somebody and the person did not do that thing. For example, usurping somebody is right, whether it is right to property or whatever character assassination of people

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by talking this one on that one, various kinds of things, all of these deeds, negate and cancel out the good that you may do.

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So it is like the example that is given is like a person who has a pocket full of money, he's got a lot of money in his pocket, but he is going in a walk into a crowded markets and he is not careful about his pocket, then he will find that his pocket has been picked. And then when he needs the money to buy something, he has no money because his pocket has been picked. The shaytan is ever ready to pick our pockets. And therefore he was very clear that if we are doing good deeds, just like you would save God's the money in your pocket.

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Similarly, we have to safeguard the good that we do and not allow it to be wasted and not allow it to just go by the wayside. I remember when I was very, I was about 15 or so I went to Bombay and I spent about a month there. So I used to stay in Bandra at that time. In Bombay, I was dealing with some friends in London,

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and I would go to town and I would take the train

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and we know Bombay trains and the pickpockets there and so many stories

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So I used to keep my money in my socks

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so that you can be bested pocket in the world cannot pick your socks. So to get the $100 a month, I never lost anything.

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as easy as that is, is very important for us to be careful with our ama Hamdulillah, we should do good. But we should also be very careful with the

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evil which might happen. And a lot of times we find, especially with the reason I'm emphasizing rebirth and emphasizing what happens lander is because sometimes this happens, even without our doing it, you are receiving with people and they are doing it and then you feel somehow, you know, embarrassed to leave, you don't want them to do it you but you can't say anything. Also you feel somehow hesitant to say, and you feel hesitant to leave, but then realize you are not doing either of these things and you're still sitting there then you get countered with them.

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So even though you did not say anything, your deeds are also going going down the drain. So a minimum we should do is at least stop them as a boss, look, this is not good. Let us not talk about so and so. Because this is haram in Islam and it takes away our goodies. And if the person doesn't want to listen, at least they are at them Forgive me I'm going out. When you finish you got me I'll come back but I'm not going to sit here we should actually minimum we should do this. If you can't even do that, then we are putting ourselves in the same bucket as people like that. And of course there are more serious things like people laughing about the religion people making jokes about the

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promises of Allah subhanaw taala the will making speaking about So Allah is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam, without the respect that is due to him and we will making fun of his a hadith and so on now we'll have a May Allah protect us from that I know you will not do those things. But there are people in this world Muslims, also called Muslims who are doing all of this. So the best thing therefore is and that's the reason why the importance of also good company, because today we will not talk about that. But that's a very important issue. If you are if you are the right kind of people, this is what happened.

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the wrong kind of we were all of this rapper. So we should be very clear also who we are with. I remind myself I knew that it is important for us to do good deeds. And it is even more important to safeguard those good deeds and not allow them to become bad and not allow them to be wasted. Because that would be a tragedy after doing good we're still not getting benefit from it. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to save us from that and to protect us from all evil and to accept whatever good we do and to give us Jana, you know, it was Allah Allah Allah and Karim, Allah Allah He was heavily advised with Africa.

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