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The importance of proper method and methodical practice is emphasized in setting up a wireless router for a child to build strength and lift weights. It is crucial to avoid overwhelming brains with information and to have faith and belief in what is being said. The speakers stress the need to be mindful of what is in the words and actions of Allah, work with children, improve mental health, and put life into actions and products. They also mention the importance of first aid properly, monitoring the effect of it on the heart, and putting life into actions and products.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa sallahu wa salam aleikum wa Sallim wa Allah Allah, he was having his made about Allah, it was a kid in the car than Voldemort we need

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to do the rigor of Allah for the cure is grammatically a statement of hokum.

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If you want to say tell somebody sit as an order as it is

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to sit, which is a hookup

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for that kid,

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those Eagle Hogan wireless router in the garage, they're really bigger than fowl Mini is beneficial for the moment.

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So, what is benefits?

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To understand benefits, first of all, we have to understand that whether it is bigger or anything else, for benefit to happen, a system must be followed. For example, if somebody tells you go and do exercise,

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to build strength lift weights, that is beneficial for you, and you walk into the gym, and you pick up 50 euros and suddenly lift it will break your back,

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it will not be beneficial, it will be harmful.

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Although the statement that lifting weights will build strength and exercising is when a vision statement is correct.

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What is understood in the statement is lifting weights or doing exercise in the proper manner is beneficial, that proper manner is something which is understood which is which we need not be explained to an intelligent person. So, therefore, unless rather than saying do sicker, and sicker is beneficial. What is the proper manner of of doing the cut? This is important to understand.

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The first and most important thing about rigor, before we even go into the proper manner is to say what are the benefits of Zika? How is it beneficial? What will happen?

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First and most important thing is that what we recall often remains top of the minds.

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What we recall often stays in the act. It has an effect on us psychologically, it has an effect on us in terms of the actions that emanate from that, remember, and

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that is the basic principle for example, behind advertising. Why do they show you a Coca Cola or Pepsi or whatever brand that they are selling? By dish or toothpaste or anything? You know, for those of you who watch TV? Why do you Why do you see this ad every few minutes, again, and again. And again, same thing over and over and over. There's not even a didn't even any change in the short clip that they show. Because they and that is deliberate, it's not that there is a shortage of creativity or they cannot make, you know, 50 different ads about Colgate toothpaste? No, they don't want me they will make this one ad because that ad if it is repeated a million times, then it will

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stick in your mind permanently.

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And that's the whole principle behind this same principle of causes is for

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that we remember something over and over and over it sticks in the mind,

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I will take Vicar of Allah Subhana data. For example, just as an example, let's say we must known as God that we do after every formula is one of them, which is still far right there are a lot of times.

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So, what is the correct method? The correct method is first of all, there are two parts to this first is the external part, which is the speaking of it the saying of it,

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and actually they should be set properly, where it is expressed properly, because images of Allah, Selamat zero law

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because it is right on us 100 that his name is right or of his of his quality that it would be perhaps Robert The second thing is then we think about what does it mean

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Stubblefield law means watching means they ask the forgiveness of Allah

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stuff or a law to really

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ask the forgiveness of Allah and I turned towards Allah.

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So then when we are doing this liquor,

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even if we just said once a stop for a la isla de la to LA, I turned towards Allah I ask the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala was as him and I turned towards him. So you're asking forgiveness, forgiveness from what and that is the part of the the nature of liquor that when we think which has suffered a lot was also tried to recall

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What are the things that we need to ask the forgiveness of Allah for? What is it that I did between the last salah and the Salah, for which I need to ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive me.

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Similarly, when I'm saying Subhana Allah, you have to say, we focus on the number and of course, the numbers in the number as in this particular case, since the number has been prescribed barsana I'm not saying it is not important, it is important Therefore, by all means count, but the purpose of sayings of Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times but 33 times is not to get involved in the discussion whether it is 33 or 34.

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It is to say that 33 times we remember Allah subhanaw taala by his quality of some hand

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Yes. So, if is used as well as one as well as well as one as well, first of all, it is you know, like other because what is one

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we don't know which languages the Telugu or Tamil or something Allah is not Arabic.

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So, first and foremost, the important thing is to say it like it is so Han Allah.

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So, pronouns are probably second thing is so, it will take some time it will take time, that's the whole point, who said that is 33 Times has to be done in 10 seconds, nobody said this. So, take the time examine a time that is required. Second thing is when we just saw Han Allah

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what is in the mind

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what Guardiola was thinking about

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because the purpose of some Hana lady Why just imagine this, the head is on a resolution and he said that when a person says hello once unless one of the plans for imagery in the agenda.

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And he said the shade of this tree is so vast that a fast horse that is galloping, under this shade of this tree will gala for oddities.

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So that happens in one

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It certainly does not happen with this Wallah. Because you have to answer to Allah.

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So think about the gene gene. Because in the issue of Islam, he man does.

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Two things are required that we have faith and belief in what we are saying. And we actively asked Allah subhanaw taala for reward

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with regard to the fasting of Ramadan, with regard to Himalayan tarawih and so on and so forth, you will see these two words repeated in all they had this Eva

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offer on a home in Zambia, Allah will forgive his sins for someone who has faith in Allah subhanaw taala and faith in what was said, and who has the expectation of reward from Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said he will give a reward and we are expected to ask him for this reward and to expect the reward.

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So nothing wrong now expecting the world around us rather is Angela it's a good thing and we should do it.

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So if you're expecting the reward for Subhana, Allah, then thing to do is first aid properly. Secondly, think of the reward. Thirdly, think of the glory of Allah Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah that He greeted me with a cold swallow that he greeted me without any illnesses, problems, deficiencies

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and the gaps

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say to yourself, okay, so Allah, Allah subhanaw taala give me

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knowledge. So Allah Allah gave me wealth. So Allah Allah gave me Jilin to Allah, Allah gave me so on and so on, whatever it is.

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So Allah Allah gave me barons who have the consciousness to make me do his work.

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Even though sometimes it's difficult for me when I'm doing this.

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It's tough and so on. But Alhamdulillah with a day will come when you will bless your heart Believe me, I'm telling you serious diseases they will come when you will, your head will not live from your such that because you are thinking about your father who's already in his grip.

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Who made you do his thinking about your mother who's already in her grave? who refuse to let you get out. And who made you do his and you will, we've been subdued. And tanglers Renata photos French and that is good for you. It's good for them. Also. Angela will give you the reward for the for that draft your parents Angela is 100 same thing 100 Oh, thank you.

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So I like your glory. Alhamdulillah and thank you girl as well. So you got to jacala Allah.

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Allah, Allah

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Allah gonna euro to himself, no Alhamdulillah

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and how

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The Rila for all that ultra diligence and all these blessings you got without asking because remember this

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we got all of these blessings without asking

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the parents whose children are spending their nights in the discourse

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and in the nightclubs

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there are some parents who are so bloody busy, they don't care because they are also in the other nightclub where I'm talking about parents with radar. But who for whatever reason they did not manage to do the upbringing or even the many of them that right through the upbringing is not as there is no data they did what what why something went wrong Allah Allah knows best.

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Today they're weeping and crying because by nature and the hamdulillah we have got children who is begging

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your children standing is in therapy with children who are standing in in in your city and yet the guy was turning in that

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we need to thank Allah Renata it's not it's not a Dodo please do not think is a go because of my upbringing. Many people robbery

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and children are so good for many parents children are good, but they're not paying taxes and there is a difference Believe me.

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Believe me there's a difference Allah rewards everything. So if your son or daughter is sitting there reading the Quran, you're getting a reward

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somebody else. For example, I was doing my little brother here that if you do not become a half, you will not go to jail.

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If you do not make use of Allah not punish you.

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But a day will come when you will regret that you will weep tears of blood I wish I had I had done gifts.

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Because now at the age of 50 6070 years of brain doesn't work.

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It's all very well to this one. So we can have is at the age of 80. That is one in 1 million. What about the others?

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then is Allahu Akbar

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the greatness of Allah subhanho data.

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What is the benefit of lager that the fear of everything else disappears from the heart.

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Which brings me to the third part of the girl first said properly, second state with consciousness. Third, monitor the effect of that on your heart.

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monitor the effect of that on your heart. Think about this. So Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Akbar, and whether you say Allah, but 34 times over La la la la la de la Jericho, Lobo Hamdulillah, Galician buddy, all together is 100. If you do this in all the five, four Salawat, which is which, which is what we are the most, we are doing this 500 times a day.

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After 500 times a day, what should be the effect on the heart,

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we need to monitor this.

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The purpose of that is the reason why if you do liquor properly, the first benefit of that is that it improves the posture and the Salah

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when you stand in Salah that your thoughts don't go wandering all over the country that because the seeker is already there, this whole habit of concentrating and thinking about the glory or majesty well as well that it becomes permanent to that. So when you're standing, you're not you're free from all diseases, your mind doesn't want to hear you don't disturb

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you or between you and

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how does the user have salad where where is the place to develop kujala outside,

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outside. If you develop that portion over there, then the whole show is seen in the salon.

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So monitor in the heart. So very quickly recap three things with regard to liquor.

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Good properly, meaning pronounce it properly.

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Second one is

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consciousness of it. What are you saying?

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So hon Allah, Al hamdu, lillah Allahu Akbar, stopper, la, la la la la.

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What are you saying?

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And third one is, monitor the effect of that on your heart and say, What is this thing going through my heart?

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And if you find that the effect is not there, then that lies in the diagnosis. Where does the problem lie in one of the two things, either the way you're saying it, or the consciousness of saying it with constantly saying it without consciousness, as well as well, as well as well. Quickly get through, get through it didn't stop learning, not

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conscious of it, and then monitor the effect of it on the hack, as well as rhondella to give us the sweetness of vigor

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and that's the meaning of

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the time should be mice with a

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conscious consciously consciously that's why he said that the heart in which there is no seeker of Allah is a dead action. It has no life

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and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to put life into

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Hearts and to make our hearts alive with Zika and to manifest the effect of his liquor in our entire lives, in our actions in our product, as well as in our market and marvelous and our o'clock was Allahu la ville Karima while he was heavy as main, that Africa from Allah