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The speaker discusses the benefits of doing things like a two to eight hour workday and not just doing them for pleasure. They also mention the importance of knowing the rules of the law and not just doing things for pleasure. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice these things and not just do it for pleasure.

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harlot Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah when Allah toggleable, Allah Mustapha

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the people who say that Allah is my Arab,

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woman, Taka, and stay on that with

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all the rather

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all the promises of electronic data on data and staying firm on goodness.

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So I came into the house that I shall dwell on I was there and there was a lady who had come to visit,

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to introduce the ledger to sort of have so much he worships all night.

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It is better for her to go Swami VEDA, but to continue that automatic.

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So, it is very important for us to remember, because we have only as good, we are better to put it last in our near. So we get in our heart, I was like that you

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need to go for it moving on to the handler.

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But what is important is not just to do, but to continue to do

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to start something good that it must be such that it is never stopped and challenging, as long as we are alive. Now, the two benefits of this one is the fact that you will get delivered for this every day you are making that

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sort of person that was used to make a track out of badges plus,

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this was his normal throughout his life.

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Now, it never, it is better to do that. But maybe you don't have time to make a tag or a trackpad and stuff when you do or who do do whichever is gela

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sufficient for you because the head is

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very important to remember,

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is an advantage. And he said he has a lot to emulate.

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How should I do it?

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Now let's do two by two

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touriga two and two. So two and two and two and two and two, as long as you want is the power of just those areas.

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Where is that people make a lot of fitness with regard to exactly how you assess and so on. And so especially without somebody, somebody say owning a truck and the rest of the law, there's no 20 lockup and make a you have an appointment, this is not the

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way to do it, as long as you

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are no problem with with amalickiah it is 36 our hackathon not so hard to live with. I do like that, whatever it is. So now for our past, it was a you can do a two to eight to get through this. But important thing is if we start the huddle, then that badges as long as we are they're not all out. So one benefit is we get the reward for this. So another benefit is and this is a beautiful

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Another benefit is men as well kind of give you all good health and in

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all your life agenda. But

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maybe we get old or maybe we are traveling someday or maybe you're sick on a particular day or something and decide to be with us to do that to a cat or a cat or whatever it was that day you are unable to do it.

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So as soon as the Malaika right, these will go down as they are today your slave did not wait as long as that until I did what

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I did for the Arizona but yeah, but you did not pray that Allah subhanaw taala said he did not pray because I gave him sickness, if I had not given him the signal, he would have prayed. So right before it and also observed that even towards the end of your days, I imagined the situation that may Allah save us from this but some sometimes sometimes we find that people were quiet Alhamdulillah and then in the end of their days, you know they are in hospital for so many months or whatever it is, but imagine that you are not your brain, but that deed which you used to do, which is the car is being written in your account every single time, day after day after day after day,

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even though you did not do it. And this isn't the lifestyle, this is the raw data and this is the benefit of e commerce or something. So whatever you start doing, second thing is how to get this is

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two things. Number one is first of all to be aware of the fact that I am even doing this deed because of the marvelous manager I am not standing in the attic because Mashallah I'm the only one

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standing valuable Allah subhanaw taala chose to do something good for you.

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And unless we're gonna just do something, so what do we do have this realization and when

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We have analyzed doing something good What do we do with angle as well as

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the damage increase so you make sure

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if it was not for your hitter, if it was not for your arm, I would have been sleeping in my bed I would have been alarmed, I'm doing something but I am standing in the market in the law or I'm standing in my home in Salah. This is from the rasma of Allah subhanho wa Taala there's no doubt about this. No one can do anything good without with by himself and he cannot say I don't hate Islam Unless

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Unless Raja gives you that. So we stand before Him as well that doesn't make sugar and tell him good.

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Lh is your karma. It is your karma. And it is your Rama and it is your bounty on me. For because of which you made me stand in the house. And this does not apply only to the hedges applies to everything become confided in the masjid Alhamdulillah Elijah, the Buddha have we would have prayed at home we would have read somewhere but we come to the masjid was

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the one who prays natalija budget with Gemma Allah Allah gives him the reward for half the night of the bat. And the one who prays Allah, Allah Subhana Allah gives him the reward for the rest of the night. And therefore we jala we pray both the Asia and the Atlanta reward for the whole night of Iran. And it is important it is important in Islam as part of our Africa that when you do something good that we do it and then we tag Allah and we expect the reward one last round is important we should

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have done and

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what not in keeping with our date, but in keeping with his majesty and grace and this is what we are not rewarded for what is worth nothing but if Allah wants to give her what he will give the reward. What else what in keeping with his majesty and grace. And we ask Allah, Allah for this, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah for his development in all our deeds, and we ask Allah subhana wa COVID to increase our deeds ago and overall so that in sha Allah means that when we stand in front of us manners, Allah we stand with the LACMA and with the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala is like oh no para

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la la land.