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And then I'm very well set up or set them on a sheet of film. Do you have you

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those rounds that I mentioned in his book?

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London aloe vera had that on Fukushima to hipbone unless Mandela said, you cannot reach the level of priority level of Bill until the spend from that which you will use most beloved to

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hatherton FICO motto hipbone

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until you spend from that which is most beloved to

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you, we have various incidents from the Sierra. What does the horizontal Elon Musk indeed do with regard to this ayah was revealed

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about alonza Delano

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donated a very beautiful garden that he had in the bottle, Allah subhanaw taala

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says that our Paragon who had a

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female slave that he loved very much, and he freed her.

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And he got her married to somebody else. One of his uncle's told him, You could have freed her and murder yourself. So you would have that would have, you know, that way you would have still

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she would still have been part of your household. He said, No, I don't want to take any advantage of this. If I'm giving something in the bottle, I want to give it free without any come back to myself.

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What I want to remind myself when you is that spending in the bottle, of course, it relates

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to wealth, no doubt about this. However, it is not restricted to wealth. Allah subhanaw taala did not say that you cannot reach a level of piety until you spend X amount in my back. Allah did not say this, he did not quantify the wealth, unless it until you spend that which is most beloved to you.

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Especially in the month of Ramadan, when we are focusing on our own personal spiritual development, which which we should be doing,

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we have to ask ourselves, what is most beloved to me, for some people, most beloved asleep,

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there's nothing more beloved than sleep, and in this regard, and inshallah there after we spent this in the battle, so as the one hour less, and that one hour I spent in Nevada has been reading the Koran and so on and so forth, maybe no I will, and so forth. For some people, food is the most beloved

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people will go will drive long distances. There are some people who are friends of mine, who the moment you mentioned a city, then he will tell you in that city, where where is the best, this particular kind of food. And we're lucky now, he will say in Lucknow, you go to this particular place and you will get the best nobody or some sweet or whatever. So, their whole association with everything is with regard to which is the best food. So for such people to eat less,

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and to maybe give that money in charity or to do something else, instead of eating, this would be spending in the path of Allah insha Allah.

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For some people, the most beloved is their own jobs Allah

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you know, I am somebody for them to bring that down deliberately. This is to spend in a battle. So we have to individually look at ourselves and say, What is most beloved to me and spend that in the path of Allah with the expectation of reward from Allah subhanaw taala which was built in July we will get so to reach this level of beer to reach this level of piety. The key thing is to spend that which is most beloved to us and see the beauty of this Deen Alhamdulillah for somebody to do this automatically it means the person must also do some self examination. As I always keep saying we have to live thoughtfully as Muslims we cannot live thoughtlessly, you know just blindly existing

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just drawing breath life is to live is not merely to draw breath in as long as you're breathing and are living that the animal life or even an animal draws breath and one day it stops and it dies. We have to live thoughtfully we have to live thinking Who am I What am I what drives me What are my motivations and so on and so forth. And that is something which this ayah and this month of Ramadan inshallah must instilled in us so that we reflect in our own lives and say, Where is my life going? What is most beloved to me? Why am I doing what I'm what I'm doing, and so on and so forth. And ensure that this out of that which is the most beloved we spend in the bath on another very

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important thing is especially when we come to the issue of hierarchy and so on. Well forgive us it is our tendency to give something which we don't need, in some cases to give something which we have stopped using or to give something

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Do you know really we don't even like it right? And hamdulillah even if you are doing that, May Allah give you a reward We are not saying this is bad or something like this, something is there, but let us not fool ourselves, right? This does not come under, you

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if you want to be unkind about this one, consider that what you don't need is garbage. You know, we want to give garbage to Allah. But of course we don't say that and the law even if you don't need something and if it is there is something you know, spare in your house and so forth, you're given the path of Allah no problem inshallah Allah with us. But we have to go beyond this. And we have to say I want to give something which I really like, I would rather not give it but I'm giving it only to please Allah subhanaw taala

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and that is a very important thing. And finally, the thing which I find myself a new is that to do this in a way which of course we can do ragosa publicly and you know, privately publicly in the sense of not showing off to people but because it encourages other people also to spread, but between the two Angela the one which is given quietly, and as we know from the head is the writer does not know what the left hand does not know what the right hand gift that is inshallah superior in this matter. This particular matter we can give publicly also, but give something quietly which nobody knows, with only another $100 nose, because this is one of the Wassall for

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one of the Wassall for the law is to do an action privately only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala with only Allah knows. And then we use this as the vasila for though as we know in the famous Hadith of the three men who got trapped in the cave and so on his actions with only then you know, except for Allah subhanaw taala them know what no one else knew it wasn't a public action, which everyone knew. So they did this only one. So let us inshallah create such was one of the one of the big lessons, reminders that I one of my dear friends, for, you know, he pointed out to me from that Hadith was to ask ourselves the question we have, as we have read this has is many times and we have

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to ask ourselves questions. What was the law have I created for myself? We heard the story that this happened, this happened, this happened. And we believe in the story. But the question to ask myself is that if I am in such an issue now you don't necessarily have to be trapped in a gift for that. I'm saying if I need something to ask Allah subhanaw taala desperately in my life, what was the law how I created what action Have I done, only and only for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala which only Allah subhanaw taala knows which I can hold to waterlines, they, all I did is only for you. And if you are, please, please solve my problem. And we don't need this. I mean, doesn't every

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one of us need something like this to have, you know, in our account, to use as an when, for ourselves, for our children, and so on and so forth.

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So what have we created? and Angela? As long as we are doing we all have the opportunity and it's the beauty of this dinner Allah subhanaw taala did not mention a specific amount you can't say well, you know, what can I do with her had a garden he gave it I have no garden I can't give no.

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The issue is that what am I spending in the path of Allah Subhana Allah which is beloved to me, whatever it is, only Allah knows. So let us also use this event inshallah, to dry in this bundle, rather than to create a vasila for graph for ourselves

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in general, and do it quietly only Allah subhanaw taala knows, nobody else needs to know. We do it for ourselves. Sometimes the vasila can simply be to recap of Salah in the hatchet quietly, only, you know, Allah knows, because Allah Rajaram said two kinds of eyes, Allah subhanho wa Taala has made the vial of the hanham haram on two kinds of eyes, one which stays awake in the protection of Muslims. One which takes away stays awake for the in the river for the protection of Muslims, and whatever threats that are happening to Islam and Muslims who stays awake to fight against to guard against such threats. And he said the second kind of eyes which Allah subhanaw taala made the fire

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of Johanna haram on those eyes, our eyes which weep for in which we before Allah and only Allah knows for the glory and majesty of Allah. Now that refers specifically to that which are done quietly and of course the 100 and so forth, where we stand before Allah only Allah knows you are reading the Quran, you are reciting Quran and you are, you know, we've been praying for the glory and majesty of Allah, you are weeping to ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you and so on and so forth. And those tears, those tears that have arisen, and when when those tears were they used to rub the, the tears all over their face, because it says Allah has been dead the fire of the animal

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Hara on these eyes will shed these tears. Now viral gannawarra on the eyes means what means I inshallah that person has measured.

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So let us try to so therefore this again is spending in the path of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala will accept if we accept, this becomes a way of gaining piety and getting the bill before Allah Subhana Allah and

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so as I find myself when you let us try to spend this month of Ramadan in creating these Wassall for ourselves, let us spend this month in giving in the back of Allah subhanaw taala things which are most beloved to us, look inside ourselves, look amongst our possessions Look, look amongst what we have and say this thing I love the most and therefore this I will give in the path of Allah knows or not because I don't need it not because I want another 10 like that. No, this one I love the most and therefore I give it in the path of Allah. Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us inshallah and open our hearts to the sweetness of

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doing this. It's not a question of sacrifice. la hora de La Villa we every breath in our body which belongs to Allah, how can we sacrifice anything, that thing which we have also belongs Well anyway, so is your you're only giving Allah what already belongs with no favor that that we are doing, Allah has done the sweetness of this, that Allah Subhana Allah has given us this opportunity to do something which he does not need, but he is giving us reward. Think about this, you know, it belongs to anyway I mean, what is the question? How can we give something to somebody who's already belong to them, but it is the Lamb of Allah subhanaw taala in the Ramadan was one of the Dalai Lama's what

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already belongs and gives us reward his reward as well. So we may Allah open this, this is the reality of this on our hearts, because then inshallah we will love to do this. And we and we will race with each other in trying to achieve this level of beer and piety. And imagine that situation where when you raise your hand for the The door is accepted before your hands come down, we would who doesn't want that? Who doesn't want that? We all want our daughters to be like this. It is Angela.

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Angela sobre esta Allah. Allah has made this whole kind of moussaka, sakurako makishima Duma

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but we have to reach that kind of a level inshallah, when ninjalah these things will happen We ask Allah subhanaw taala to open the doors or hinayana so to open, he's already given us Rama hungry law, we tanglers Renata for that we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for us to give us the sweetness of this and to enable us to do this and to do all that which is pleasing to Him and to stop us from all that which is displeasing him with that inshallah wasana we'll get him while he was heavier erotica. Marina was unreliable