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Importance of Rasoolullah SAW

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The importance of Islam as a means of achieving spiritual health and profit is discussed, along with the negative impact of media and media's influence on people's views of Islam. The speakers stress the need for believers to be true believers and not overcome their beliefs, as well as the danger of using gifts of Islam to gain power and lose control. They also emphasize the importance of showing faith in Islam as a means of profit and avoiding negative behavior. The segment touches on the use of rewarding individuals for their actions to achieve their goals, the importance of avoiding "red hot oil" in investment, and the need to be clear in decisions.

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Hello anomala him

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alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira kathira farmajo.

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My brothers and sisters,

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Allah subhanho della della della lo

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mentioned in Surah Surah the importance of

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becoming true believers. me know

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Allah subhanaw taala said in Santa Rosa karate

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karate ramen

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learn to me No Well I came kulu Aslam when am I the only man who flew in to to allow on Sula whoo yah la elite comin Arma alikoum Shea and Enola for over him

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in la de la mano de la he also de

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vida Hello VM while he wants to see him visa be laggy Buddha ecomo saw the poo

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my demands to the last round that is it which means

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the Bedouin say we believe

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they say,

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Allah said to them say,

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you say to them, you do not believe you only say that we have entered Islam.

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For faith has not yet entered your hearts.

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But if you obey Allah Subhana Allah Allah and His Messenger Salallahu alaihe salam lo will not decrease anything in the reward for your deeds. Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala is off forgiving, Most Merciful. And then Allah said, only those are the believers who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam and after that,

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after that, they did not doubt

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but they strove, they worked hard. They struggled with their wealth and their lives, their strengths and their power for the cause of wellness, vanity, those indeed they are, they are the truthful

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The Bible knows all of this I have it

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in his zoo, in his book as gemondo Zoo and why the new rates that these are the as Babylon was all the circumstances of revelation

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for this is

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that these were revealed about some desert Arabs from a new alpha zema they went to rosol salon in Medina, because there was a drought in that year.

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And they declared themselves to be believers outwardly, but actually they were grievous.

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So Allah Subhana Allah dirtied the streets of Medina with excrement and the cause the rise rise in the prices and they used to say Rosa Rosa Salah we have come to you with dependents we have refrained from fighting against you, unlike such and such a tribe and so give us amps.

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And they kept on mentioning to the viewers that they thought they had done almost varicella therefore reviewed these is for them.

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Other than just as a thing to ask ourselves is that when we stand before data, as believers and we say to Allah subhanho wa Taala. If I say that I am woman, Allah Allah, is Allah what is allowing to say to me? is he willing to accept my Eman? Or is he going to say a man did not enter your heart? You only say that you are a Muslim. You only say that you are a moment. But actually EMA has not entered your heart. What does it What does it mean? This is what I need to reflect on. This is what I request you also reflect on our brothers sisters, there are three conditions of belief as we know, to believe in the heart to say it aloud and to act according to that belief. Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned in this in these ads and he said in our we know, I want to be late on Sunday. So mala Mia,

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Lucien feasability hola como Satya,

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and those around the desert only those are the believers who have believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala and his message

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There's a lot Sullivan afterwards that did not doubt, but the spirit and the struggle and is true with their wealth and their health and their lives for the cause of death. Those are the people who are truthful.

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Islam is the name of our practice. There is no such thing as a non practicing Muslim, because in Islam is not the name of a race or a tribe or a nationality. Islam transcends all of these boxes, Islam, Islam, the only boundary is the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And the belief in Mohammed Salah Salem as the Prophet, messenger of Allah and as the last and final prophet and messenger after all, there is no other property. This is the condition of Islam. Now, if I believe that, if I believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, and then the time for Salah comes and I do not pray, then I have nullified and denied my belief, by my action. I said, I believed, but my

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action shows that I do not believe because I say Allah is worthy of worship. But when the time comes to worship Allah, I do not worship Allah. So I have negated my belief by my action, and that is the importance of Salah That is why Salah is so critically important. Similarly, I say that I believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I believe in Rasul Allah is not seldom as the last and final messenger of Allah, after whom there is no message. But when it comes to following his teachings, when it comes when it comes to following his Sunnah, when it comes to living and walking and talking in the way that he told us to do and in the way that he demonstrated for us in his own life, I don't

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do that. I choose somebody else's way. I choose my own way. I say, I don't like this word that used to do, I don't like that that used to say, then I have denied that part of the kalama where I say,

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my brothers that I made myself and you are understood taala knows the state of our hearts. Nobody can deceive us

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about this, and those who try to do that. about them unless monitor said very clearly. Amen. And as you may have hula Nabila, he will be Leo will have a new one meeting. Johan De La La Nina.

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Follow him Arab.

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World Omar Ali movie maka Mercado de veau. Allah,

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Allah which means and in among the human beings and of mankind, there are some hypocrites who say, we believe in Allah. And the last day among the people among mankind, those who say they believe in Allah and the Last Day, why, in fact, they do not believe

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they're not believers. They try to deceive Allah subhanho wa Taala. And those who believe, while they only deceive themselves, and this also did not proceed

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in their hearts is a disease which is a disease of darkness.

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And Allah has increased this disease of pain for torment is this because they used to turn nice. I remember when you let us know tell us, let us

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completely and totally understand that. When we say Shalala heilala.

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We must demonstrate that in our actions. If we do not demonstrate that in our actions, then this season this speaking of this kalama has no value and has no me. So it's not to say it's not what we say but what we do, which comes people don't care what what we say until they see what we do, and neither of them. So that has looked to our actions to see if they reflect the basic conditions of EMR that Alice mentioned in this

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algorithm sisters, a loss of an alternative is also saying with great emphasis,

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that it is not for anyone to list the failures that he or she thinks they have done to Islam or Muslims.

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There was the thing they have done to Allah. Nobody does any favor

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or to Islam.

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Many times people act as if they are doing favors to Allah. If you tell somebody come to the masjid pray regularly and so on. The person says, you know, and you say follow Islam. And I'm praying five times a day.

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I'm praying five times a day, what more do you want me to do?

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Giving Zakat What more do you want to do? Now brothers sisters, please understand if you are praying five times a day you're not doing any favor to Allah. You are praying to reiterate and show that you are a believer.

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You are praying to demonstrate to Allah

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to Allah subhanaw taala that you are a believer. This is our covenant which we are renewing five times a day.

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If I'm giving Zakah I'm giving Zakat to purify my wealth.

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If I'm going for Hajj, I am doing that for my sins to be forgiven. You found fasting and Allah, I'm doing that in order to become able to pee.

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There are two reasons why anyone who thinks they're doing a favor to Allah or to Islam, by their actions are two reasons why they are completely totally wrong.

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The first reason is that without the TOEFL from Allah subhanaw taala, without the guidance of Allah, and without the resources that he granted us, we would never be able to do anything at all, for him or for his team.

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So Allah subhanaw taala gave us the trophy, and he gave us the resource. For example, if a person may have the trophy, to do charity to help people, but he does not have the resources, he still can't do it. Of course, Ward's the Nia inshallah, Allah will reward him, but in material ways to in the world, you cannot feel happy or satisfied by say, I enabled this trap.

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Second reason why we cannot,

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we cannot, you know,

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we cannot imagine that we are doing a favor for Allah is because Allah subhanaw taala rewards us for using what we gave him in his path. And the minimum of that reward is one is to take 10 rewards for each good thing. Right? Think about that is one is to 10 there's not 100% there is 1,000%

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Now, when you're when you are reusing somebody is in the sources, and then you will return those resources to him. He then pays you 10,000% at the basic minimum. That is not a favor that you are doing to him, but a favor that he is doing to you.

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And that's precisely what was said in this ayah

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and he said to

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those people who came and they tried to pretend that they were so pious and that they were doing a favor Thomas mantella and those

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who actually moon Li b d Nico Allahu Allah mu Murphy Samoa Joe Murphy.

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Shane Holly yamano Radhika and

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Amano la McComb, buddy la who Jarmon Laura Lee.

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In Nova Nova sumati Allahu bassoon Bhima Dharma Lu.

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And as it say, oh,

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Allah say to them, when you inform Allah about your religion, why Allah subhanaw taala knows everything that is in the heavens, that isn't the earth, and allies all aware of everything.

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And then, unless writer is saying to some Salah they regard as a favor upon you, O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that they have embraced Islam, say, do not count your Islam as a favor upon me, may but Allah has conferred a favor upon you, that he guided you to the faith, if you indeed are true, Verily, Allah subhanaw taala knows the unseen of the heavens and the earth, the unperceivable

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perceivable of the year, and Allah is the all co of what you do. Now brothers sisters, thankfulness is at the root of all good and treason is the worst of all crimes. It is treason to take something from someone and then try to use it against that same person. What then do you do we say about our faculties, our will and our strength, all of which we were given by Allah subhanaw taala asked, but which we do not hesitate to use against him

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or to use in the things that he prohibited?

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How do we justify looking at her and listening to her and speaking her up and earning and spending her and seeking entertainment to

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relaxation at heart, we would not be able to do any of those things. If Allah had not given us our faculties and health and with, yet we have no hesitation. And we feel no shame in using those gifts of Allah subhanaw taala and things that anchor him general. This is a very dangerous game that we are playing my brothers and sisters that have cease and desist. And that has not played these games. Let us take lessons from the lives of the Sahaba.

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And what they did with the blessings of Allah, a very poor man came to us. And he asked him for some money. As soon as I sent him off Magnolia found on the lawn. When the man reached the door of

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his house.

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It was getting late, it was getting dark. The man was about to knock on the door when he heard the announcement of the alarm, whose voice from inside the house saying to his wife, turn down the week of the lap. The thing turned down the week of the lab, because it burns too much oil where it is so bright.

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The doctor himself who did was so nice, send me to this man is worried about how much oil the lamp is burning? What is he going to give me?

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So the man turned around, he said, there's no point in going to this man, because this man is so stingy. He's so concerned about our oil and so on. What can we go back? Now as he turned around,

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he had gone a few steps. And he thought to himself

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here, so let me complete that. He told me go there. Let me go. Let me see what happens. So you don't know. And then he knocked on the door.

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He opened the door, the man said to him, as soon

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as I'm in need, I need some help financial material.

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And then I was told to wait. He went inside, he got the keys to his warehouse.

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He took them out there, he opened the warehouse. And he said to the man, take whatever you like.

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And when you're finished, lock it up and bring the keys and give it to me.

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And then he turned around, and he went away.

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As he was going this battle was astonished. This was completely astonished. So he called

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him and said, Look, I have a question. I don't understand what's happening here.

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What was he said, I came to your house

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a little before actually knocked on the door. And I overheard this conversation between you and your wife. Or whoever it was, you said to your wife turned down the width of the lamp because it burns to my joy.

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So I thought to myself, what kind of analysis is so stingy that he even worried about how much oil the lamp is burning? What can What can you give me What shall we do? So I was going back then I thought to myself,

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let me go and check. So he said I came back. And now you are opening your warehouse in your dream.

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And you're telling me take what I can take anything

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you can

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imagine I don't understand this in on the one hand you are saying lower the week. On the other hand, you are telling me take whatever you like. I mean what how do this two things onto the watch?

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Heather's mother lotto 30

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It's very simple. He said the oil in my lamp is my wealth that I am spending on myself. Which alone question before

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this charity is my wealth that I'm giving to Allah subhanho wa Taala is a law

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and he will reward me for it. That was expense, this is it.

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So obviously I want to keep the expenses down and I want to keep the investment as much as possible.

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Now these last words of expensive investment is I would but I wonder when myself let us differentiate in our lives,

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between our spending and minimize our expenses and maximize our investment from the debridement. We also would be questioned about expenses and we will be in word for our English.

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I said we do our little sisters, that is be truthful.

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And let us be with those who are truth because on the day of gentlemen, it is only the truth which will

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ask the most amount of data to be pleased with you and never to be displeased. It's an extremely important thing for us to keep this in mind. That Alhamdulillah Allah smart Allah gave us a beautiful religion and less valuable data.

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He caused us to,

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to believe him to believe is the seller. And therefore it is very important for us to ensure that we follow the revision completely and totally. That's the reason why I was rather sad it was at the

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Sydney calf.

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Allah subhanaw taala said, Oh, you will be entered into Islam completely. Everyone this episode, Allah is addressing the believes that we are believers, we think we are believers, therefore I already believed I somebody was telling me enter into Islam fully. What does that mean? I mean, I am already a believer. And this is the case like the

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gentleman should do, like the Araya, who came in and said, We have very, and I think

00:21:20--> 00:21:37

you will have been informed when you obey Allah. Meaning that you do not have believe believe does not simply mean saying, like, I love I'm a little belief is a lot more than that. And belief consists of living your life, according to leilighet.

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If we do not live our life according to the karma of Allah, then saying that I believe as well be, because that belief has no meaning.

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So we need to be clear in our minds, that we follow the caliber of Islam. And the way of following the curricula of Islam is to bring it into our lives, to obey Allah subhanaw taala not only in terms of worship, but in terms of every single aspect of our lives without exception. This is the meaning of

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believing it.

00:22:13--> 00:22:27

If we don't do that, if we pick and choose, and we take something from here, and we leave something out there, then we are being gamed with Allah subhanaw taala. And that is something extremely,

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extremely dangerous to do. And that's something build up protect us from doing something. Right. So I remember that video, that let us look at our lives, especially now that we are sitting in on our let us make a chart and say that this is what Allah wants me to do. This is what I am doing currently. What is the gap? Calling in business? We call it gap analysis? Let's do a gap analysis between my actual actions and the obedience of

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what is it that Allah wants me to do? And what is it that I am doing? And then we say, how do we bridge this gap? How can I live my life in a way where my objective is pleased with me? Because that is the only thing which matters, the only thing that matters is the is the president of a loss manager. So how can I get the pleasure from

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this shouldn't be our focus, this should be what we think what we should be thinking about. And this is what will help us in this dunya and when we meet

00:23:34--> 00:23:43

our sister seriously, sit down and make a list write down Take a piece of paper, make a list, draw a line in the center.

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list out don't make a very long list make a short list, maybe three things, three critically important things that I should be doing. And to focus them look at Hara Hara, look at your file, and look at your earning and eating. These are three very critical elements. So what is Harun Allah Tavi? schilke? Am I committing initial? Am I doing anything with alignment? In terms of the five you know, the four eyes of Islam? What is foreign what Allah has been obligated on me? Am I fulfilling that or not? And as far as the

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horizon for and the last one is to look at what Allah subhanaw taala

00:24:28--> 00:24:50

told us in terms of our earning and eating, am I earning higher am I eating and in all of these three things, see what the gap is? And if there is no gap and hungry, stay steadfast ask Allah for strength, if there is a gap immediately and urgently address that and close second. ask Allah subhanaw taala to pleased with you and this place was a lot

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