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In Dharamsala, salat wa salam O Allah shadowfell ambia Allah Allah, he was happy Amara Baba.

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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the fifth rule of teaching the Quran

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is to understand what you teach.

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Before I go further, let me clarify when I'm saying the first rule and the second rule and so on this is not in some order of priority, except, of course, lasagna has to be the first. But other than that, they're all equally important, it's not that the fifth rule is less important than the fourth rule or something like this. So, do keep that in mind.

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Now, understanding the Quran seriously, if you ask me, I this is something that I should not need to say

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that a person who is teaching something needs to understand it himself or herself.

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This would be a very strange thing to say, if I was for example, giving a lecture on

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on how to drive a car and if I had to say the before you can become a driving instructor you must know how to drive a car yourself, I mean, this will look like a complete, you know, silly thing to say, because unless I know how to drive a car, how can I teach somebody else I mean, this is logic, right? This is logic. So also with anything else, for example, if I say before you can teach somebody how to cook, you must know how to cook yourself. Before you can teach somebody English language, you must know English language yourself, you should be able to understand English language yourself.

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So when I tell you now,

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before you teach the Quran, you should be able to understand the Quran yourself.

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This is really a very silly thing to say. And all of you should, you know, you should sort of laugh and say what is what is what a stupid thing to say. But I don't think you need to do that. Because you know that what I'm saying is reality. The reality is that we, a lot of us, I'm not saying all of us with an umbrella, there are exceptions, but a lot of us we attempt to teach the Quran when we ourselves do not understand what we are teaching. Now this is because of what we have done with especially with his of the Quran, especially with his with the Quran, especially in our countries, meaning the Indian subcontinent, then that's close to

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close to, you know, maybe 500 billion people, which is almost half the half the

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population of Muslims in the world, it's a huge number of people. And then the influence of that all over the world. We have converted hips of the Quran, into memorizing the sound of the words. That's it.

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memorizing the sound of the words that you read is focused on producing that sound correctly. And hips consists of memorizing that sound. So we don't seem to be

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concerned with understanding what it is that we are teaching. I submit to you my brothers and sisters, that the Quran is speech, it is it is the Kalam of Allah, it is a speech of Allah, it is not merely sound, you are not teaching or you're not teaching music, you are teaching speech, you are teaching something which has a meaning.

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You are not teaching something, which is me, which is a meaningless sound, no matter how pleasant it might be. For example, if you were a teacher of of classical music, vocal classical music, then you would be teaching tunes, which sound very nice to the year, but they have no meaning. And this is just a tool. And so you are a teacher of that tool. And you would focus on the student being able to repeat that tune correctly. And so you would be focusing on the

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in Arabic what we call Mahara, which is From where does this tune come out? Which is one of those rules of touch with where we say what is the Maharaja of za? What is the Maharaja of za? What is the macros of VOD and what is the macros of za and these four have to be have to be from different places. It is not okay to say is as lucilla Tila Susie's Allah, this is the wrong pronunciation. We must pronounce it correctly. There is a there is a

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there is a wall and there is a law and therefore, we have to do the law. We have to say this correctly. We are focusing on how to make the sound how to produce the sound

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Now, our Hibbs seems to be almost focused completely.

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Only on this on saying how to produce the sound. And this is the issue that I want to raise with you and say that how can we say that this is efficient when we teach the Quran because speech needs a response, somebody says something, because they want you to do something. For example, if somebody is take this line,

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there is a fire leaves the room, there is a fire leaves the room. And now for example, you are teaching this and you are teaching this children to say there is a fire leaves the room, there is a fire leaves the room, or you want to say it in a tube, and you have some tune by which you say, and you say there is a fire, leave the row,

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tell me you are going to die, you are going to burn to death in that fire. Because you don't understand what you're saying. You are simply teaching them how to say fire, how to say leave the room, and you're repeating this there is a fire leave the room, there is a fire leave the room. And we call this teaching. How can this be teaching Tell me

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because if somebody is saying there is a fire, leave the room, they want you to do something, they want you to save yourself, they want it they want you to save the lives of other people and say leave the room because there is a fire, the purpose of giving this message that there is a fire so leave the room. The purpose of this is not to make you sit in the same room, continue in the same room and keep on repeating that message. I mean, this is so silly that me saying this. I hope you're laughing because at least it's a joke. But I'm saying that this is why this is what we do to the Koran. This is what we do to the caliber of Allah subhanaw taala especially with respect to hives,

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we just consider him to be memorizing of sounds. My brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala spoke because he wants us to do something I love to buy no dalla asked a question, because he wants us to respond. Allah subhanaw taala did not speak so that we could simply repeat what he said without doing anything. We he did not speak so that we could simply repeat whatever he said and do nothing about it. Please think about this. Why must anyone need to convince you about this? Please understand that we will not be asked what we knew or how much we knew. We will be asked what we did. What did we do with that knowledge? Not how much of knowledge Did you have a lot of manual data for

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example in the Quran? is one in Surah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said lm yallambie under law, just one small IRA, the IRA game with respect to

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Allah subhanaw taala asking a question Allah Allah Ambien, Allah, Allah, does he not know that Allah is watching?

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My brothers and sisters? How many times have we taught children these this is how many times have you been the child is memorizing? How many times do we go over desire? Did we ever ever ever did we ever think to ourselves, or did we ever ask that child? Are you aware of the fact that Allah subhanho den is watching?

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Tell me Allah, Allah. Allah Allah to me is the is the as Babu is with respect to Abu Jamal, but to me that ayah is the ayah which describes Ali Hassan alum, yada yada yada is Elisa. Because Nebuchadnezzar said and what he said about is that he said under Abdullah haka, Anna Katara, for Alameda contra fine.

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Worship Allah subhanaw taala, as if you can see him and if you cannot see him, know that he sees you, Allah, may Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah is the essence of a son.

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Now, how many times did we think about that? How many times did we teach our children this? How many times did we say that when you are standing in Salah? Are you aware that Allah subhanaw taala is watching you?

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When was the time that we connected Allah May Allah May Allah Hara with algebra with regard to the explanation of asset? And if we did not do that, why did we not do that? This is what I am saying the issue of understanding what we are teaching. This can never happen if we teach without understanding. It's absolutely critical for us to teach with understanding, because according to me, there is no other way of teaching. If you are teaching without understanding it yourself, then you only think you are teaching. You are not teaching at all. You're going through the motions of teaching, you are pretending to teach you are performing an act of teaching. You are not actually

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teaching because you yourself don't understand, like in anything else, how can you teach something that you don't understand yourself? Well, I we have to make

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This we have to make these connections. My brothers and sisters, think and reflect, teach with understanding, reflect on the column of Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla. Lo and teach that with understanding because that is the only way of teaching.

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My brother and sisters, this is how this app I learned the the the story of Abdullah Ave Maria Lau and Omar who took 12 years to memorize rothenberger what is the story about it is about the it is about teaching and learning with understanding. I read an ayat of the Quran, I, I hear what Allah subhanaw taala told me, I reflect on it, I understand it, I apply it in my life, I see the beauty of that application. And then I come back to the next day. This was the methodology of teaching of the Quran. You know, one of the things which has which short circuits as and which has sabotaged us is also this focus on time.

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And now his mother mother is for example, any average student is supposed to memorize the entire core and in two years, if he's a slow student, three years, if it looks like he's going to take more than three years, we generally send them out with this algo this student is key he cannot memorize the Quran. This is one of the biggest problems. The whole issue of memorization has been made into an end in itself. The end is not to understand the Quran. The end is not to implement the Quran in our lives, the end is only to memorize. Now, I know you're not saying that. I know that you have not made this as a aim and objective of your brother's not to say that a student must not implement the

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Quran. You have never said that. But you have never also implemented it. You have never also focused on it. You have never also asked questions with regard to implementation. I remember I had a major argument with one of the

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teachers of his as a result of which the man literally cut his connections with me, because I insisted that he must teach people he must teach the children the meaning of what they're reciting. And he was absolutely adamant. And he told me that if they learn the meaning of what they are reciting they will not be able to make gifts. And I was amazed I said how can you say that? How then did the Sahaba make gifts? Were there any who fall among the Sahaba? Was Abu like nabasa harvest Quran was a digest or delana. washy

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word? Our current Omar Alon Omar.

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Yes. How did they? How did they memorize? How come? How come? How come Abdullah muscles How can these people? How did these people memorize the Quran? Because they understood the Quran they understood the Quran, it was in their body it was in their hearts it was in their souls. They live their lives by their Quran. These are the exemplars of our society. These are the people we look up to. These are the people who are the gold standard that Allah subhanaw taala sent for all of mankind in the Day of Judgment, and they memorize the Quran, because they understood the Quran. And today we have told ourselves that we have convinced ourselves that if the children understand the Kalam of

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Allah, they cannot memorize what kind of insanity is displeased tell me? What kind of insanity is this? You know, and I know this is this is our belief. You know, I know this is how we run our bodies. I seriously and seriously, with great respect, I want you don't do this to yourself. Do not do this to the teaching and learning of the horror. Do not turn the column of Allah into a meaningless tune that you are memorizing, focusing only on the soul and rules of pronunciation and nothing else. And you say a person is a halfway score and because he can recite the Quran with touch with that, is it La La La La Villa. How can a person be afraid of the Quran? When he recites when he

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just recites without understanding what happens to us in taraweeh? What happens to us over and over year after year after year, we have ofers who recite the whole Quran in taraweeh. And he has not understood a single word. This is our reality. How many times have we seen the half is make some mistake in recitation, and he does not even know he made a mistake because he doesn't understand what he's reciting Is this our ibadah? Is this our Ababa? Are we content to pray behind people who recite the Quran without even understanding anything? Are we prepared to pray behind somebody who's just singing a tune as far as that is concerned? La hawla wala quwata illa Allah, please do not do

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this to our due to this to yourself and to our children. Do not do this. understand the Quran. Take time to understand the Quran. Teach only when you have understood the Quran. I'm not saying you have to take yourself to a level of professional zaba but make the effort understand the Quran if you do not understand the Quran, do not teach the Quran because you have no right to

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The Quran if you do not understand the Quran, don't turn it as I said, Don't turn it into the same thing like somebody's teaching a tool, because the column of Allah is the speech of Allah. It demands answers, it demands responses. It demands that we do something about it. And we cannot do that unless we understand the column of Allah Allah Allah Allah who asked Allah subhanaw taala to open your hearts in my heart to the understanding of Islam, ask Allah subhanaw taala to infuse his column into our entire lives so that we live this life according to the outcome of Allah Jalla Jalla Lu and according to his according to the Sunnah of His Habib Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam was Allah Allah Allah Nabeel Karim, Allah Allah. He was a big man.