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Mirza Yawar Baig

Channel: Mirza Yawar Baig

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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100 a little bit alameen wa salatu salam Allah, Colombia even mousseline Allah Allah He was heavy as

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well but

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a lot of Anil della kulu Manali Have we ever call alegebra because we'll generally Welcome

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to Hana lustrum round data set, good one I have that every single thing will be destroyed, below and I have found

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wherever, however, because of geological and the only thing which will remain is the glory and majesty of the face of horror.

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I remind myself when you when we hear the size of the parabola that is equal to one and a half, and what does it mean?

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What does it mean for you? What does it mean for me, it means that a day will come, when

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my health will be destroyed,

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a day will come when my wealth will be destroyed,

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they will come when my property will mean nothing,

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they will come when my name and fame will be finished.

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A day will come when my life itself will be finished. And I will be put into my grave.

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Allah knows where that places that place is fixed.

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And Allah knows where it is.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it among the best places on the face of the earth

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are all of us.

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But it will happen

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bulevar Allah found me means that everyone today who is beautiful, will not be beautiful anymore.

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That everyone today who is healthy will not be attainable, that everyone today who is strong will not be strong anymore, that everyone today who is weak will not be weak anymore, that all the powers of this world will be destroyed, that all the wealth of this world will be destroyed, that all the the all the glory and majesty of the kingdom of this world will be destroyed,

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every single thing will be finished.

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up because

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I remind you on myself. Therefore when we know this,

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therefore when we read the column of our job

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and therefore when we read this column, we know that Allah subhanaw taala is listening to us on his ash

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What have I prepared for this?

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And what have we prepared for

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what are we prepared for the day when all the things that we rely on today will not be there

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we have a college

00:02:42--> 00:02:42


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what have you prepared for this

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because if the only thing which will remain

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is the glory and majesty of our up

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then the only preparation which makes sense is to connect to them.

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And the only thing if you are connected with anything other

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than the upward Allah means that connection will be destroyed.

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That connection will destroy my connection with my mother, my father, my children, my wife, my husband, every single connection of this world will be destroyed. There is absolutely no doubt about this action.

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Even if we did not have the color of our rub, even if we did not have the color we know that this is true. Because we have seen it happening with others. We have put our own parents into the events we have put our children into the graves we have put our own wives or husbands into their graves and we know that one day they will put us a doggy

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and nobody says I love my father so much they let me give you my dragon know the time comes you're going to decide.

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So, the only connection that is worth working on

00:03:55--> 00:04:06

the only connection that is worth spending time and money and energy and knowledge and effort is the connection of the last one odar

00:04:07--> 00:04:19

there is no connection on the face of this earth there is no connection in this life, which is worth maintaining, if it is to be maintained at the expense of the connection with a loss manager

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you're not saying cut off connections people know we have to maintain Family Ties we have to maintain the ties with our friends then with our with uma masala, but nothing nothing nothing

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is worth maintaining, if it is happening at the expense of the connection with durability.

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Because we are because you are because we

00:04:43--> 00:04:59

ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this huck huck in our eyes, and to make this look a foundation in our hearts and to give us the topic and the ability and the capability to work on this and to build this connection in such a way that

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disconnection is the only connection which will never be destroyed. And then when we are raised before Allah subhanaw taala. We will be raised as those people who have a connection with the one who shot his way up because there

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was a lot and a good mama Hualalai was heavier.