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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala filum via even mousseline O Allah Allah He was heavy which may or bad loss vinyl della said, yeah you will learn the mana topple la Baku and Omar saw the pin

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a lot of our data set or you will believe he or Allah has the data of Allah or Coronavirus or deity and be with those people who are truthful.

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Be with the truthful people

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and amend myself and you and others the importance of company

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the importance of friends,

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friends are extremely important.

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I'm sure nobody disagrees with that. Friends are extremely extremely important. And that is the reason why it is very, very important to choose your friends.

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Allah subhanaw taala as mentioned in this as in Coronavirus, as again,

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choose your friends.

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The reason being that we become like the people with whom we are

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we are judged by the kind of company we keep, the kind of company we keep is our signature.

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And who are these are the Who are the people who are the truthful people.

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Obviously, the number one condition of being truthful is to be a Muslim. Number one condition of being truthful is to be on top of it.

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I know that many of us have friends who are not Muslims, and it is not haram to have them as friends. But it is very important to differentiate

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somebody who is committing somebody who is emotionally caught somebody who is a denial of Allah subhanaw taala

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is not a subject.

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Believe it or not, no matter how much you love him, he's not a he's not among this article.

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And if you love him, then invite him to Islam. Because otherwise one day you will see him

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and you won't like it and you won't like it.

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So invite him to Islam.

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The benefit of inviting this to Islam, the main benefit of inviting people who are not among us are the hosts. And that refers not only to people who are not Muslim, but also May Allah forgive us, it refers to Muslims who are not on the correct path. Muslims are indulging in all kinds of wrong things, the benefit of inviting them to the correct path. And the benefit of inviting them to the truth is that one of two things will happen. Either they will agree with you and they will come on the right path or they will leave you

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and Alhamdulillah both are good things.

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Both are good. Either way, whichever way is happened is good.

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But if you don't invite them to your party, then you will get invited. Remember that there are only two kinds of people in the world, the dire and the middle, the inviters and the invited, there is no deadline.

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Right? They're invited in when you decide which one you want to be if you are not allowing the innovators who will be delighted.

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And we don't want that to happen. We don't want to be among the people who are being invited by others to do wrong things.

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So quantum anisotropy. So the first condition is said the first the first condition is that we have to be hungry, soluble meaning among the truthful people.

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second issue of being among those other one

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is good character.

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And this is across the board, whether you are Muslim or non Muslim, even among the people who are friends that we will have among the non Muslims that are people are good characters, if you're willing to pick one, pick one who is who has good character, maybe he's not as Muslim, but in general, at some point in time, one can hope that he will get Islam and he will come into Islam, but provided he has good character.

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third issue is to feel

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a sense of

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association with your friend and see and feel how this reflects on you.

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and say if I am seen in the company of so and so how does it look for me?

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How does it How do I look in the company of surgeons as a person? It's important to have this sense i'm not saying that you should have a sense of being arrogant or you know some superiority No, but at the same time, if you are in the company of you know some

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people like film actors and pop stars and rock stars and so on so forth. I mean you should be ashamed.

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You should be ashamed to be photographed with them. You should be ashamed to be in a company you should be ashamed to be seen in the company because these are the people who are the who are the root cause of corruption, no one

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but today unfortunately we are in a state where you will be very happy and honored.

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To be photographed with someone who earns his money by dancing on a stage that heroine afford the level of life

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that will afford Don't be ashamed of but people will proud online photograph

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So, do think about this think about is what kind of company do you keep because you are known by the company of the people who keep

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when we talk about the sell off when we mentioned you know this one and that one wrong these are one of the things that is mentioned among them as a part of their introduction is to say that this person so and so was his was that he studied or regarded jazza for this and that under such teachers and so and so were his students and so and so were the people of his life who were with him

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and each one of them is a named reckoned with

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So ask yourself if somebody is writing you know,

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your or my introduction and saying who is this person with? whose names are going to come in that list?

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And are those names names that you feel honored that they are in my list? Or are those names that one if it comes in a list is no no no I need to hide from this

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and of course if you got to a stage where you have such a name on the list and you don't want to hide from it then there is a big problem

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that is the ultimate level of of misguidance let's write that as it was in our double la Baku masala didn't have share of a laptop or wireless monitor and be in the company of the truthful people final point what is the benefits and why is this company so important apart from being known by the company the company is important because

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every company has certain entry rules

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Every company has certain entry rules and to be in that company you will have to follow those entry rules

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and those entry rules will decide whether you went to Ghana Ghana

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for example, if you are in the company of people who socialize by sitting in a bar or socialized by sitting in a place where they have you know all kinds of haram

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then the condition of being with those people is that number one you participate with them

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or number two at least you don't criticize them

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to conditions if you are going to go into the bar and be with your friends in this club or that club and they're sitting and playing card which is haram with for many of these haramaty they are sitting and drinking alcohol which is haram and if they are you know smoking shisha and whatnot right now, what is the condition Either you are going to have a drink or withdrawn or I am Muslim have okay Mashallah good Muslim, so don't have a drink but Shut up. Don't tell me These are because they're not from you. Why are you here? Yes. So there is an entry condition. There is an entry condition for every kind of company we keep.

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If you are in the company of good people, Denver's Allah what is the entry condition that is that masala

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if you don't pray with them, then they will ask you what happened to

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y'all just

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doing salah and you are sitting there What is the meaning of this and why was

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something wrong with you or

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the entry condition is very critical.

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So every company has entry conditions and those entry conditions will define whether you go into this place or that place. The second big benefit of the right company is that to follow the deen of Islam becomes easy.

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If you are in the company for this for the sisters if you are in the company of women who are worried about

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and we're all in Egypt, then you will feel very strange and very odd to have your hair open and you know to wear clothes which are

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which are not closer Muslims you will feel very odd you will be ashamed. But if you are in the in the company of people who are all in miniskirts and beginners and you know you feel very ashamed to wear full clothes you say well it would be ridiculous to look like a monkey and take off my clothes. Because we am in the company of monkeys right? human beings don't dress like that although monkeys does.

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But if you are in the company of similarly if you are in the company have the right kind of people then following Islam becomes very easy.

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If you are sitting in a in a company What am I right? Nobody will ask you How come you have a beard? We don't have a beard.

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If you don't have a beard then they will say what happened do something wrong you got a skin rash or something and allow the

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company is very very critical. Company is very good company decides Every company has entry conditions

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demands that you made those entry conditions. And those entry conditions decide where you go. That's why I was rather sad I was in Amanita por la laguna Masada just think about this what is why is this so important? There are lots of animals that chooses to mention this in his column.

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No, something must be important.

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The other issue different than tomorrow and so on, we'll look at that as well. So for canons wireless router that I mentioned, also friends, why friends are so important that

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keeping friends and who to keep as well and Allah Subhana Allah Himself mentioned this in his column, the thing about this, you have this data, the reflections are so important that even Allah Himself said, and you don't have to have friends the rule not to have friends and what will happen is one of the world We ask Allah subhana wa COVID number one to choose the right friends. And number two, to be the right friend for our friends, not just a matter of bringing other people are you a good friend? That is that is the main question to ask yourself if I am with some people Am I a good friend to them?

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And a good friend who is the one who leads them to the right place is the one who leads them to the right path. It is not the one who agrees with them is not the one who tells them only nice thing which they want to hear is the one who tells them also what they need to hear not only what they want to hear the big difference between the two things, otherwise you're not a good rep is going on the agenda man you are a nice go go Bye bye. Know what the level is. Do you ever do something to to pull him back or do something about it? Yes, though. inshallah. inshallah we'll talk what is more, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the topic to be with the right people and to give us the

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right people to be with us. And to make us the right person to be with other people. Was Allah Allah and I will get him while he was heavier Dwayne The Rock motyka