Lessons from Hajj Importance of remaining focused no matter what may be happening around you

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In the number 11 salatu salam ala shuffelin via Allah, Allah who is having Commonweal over at my dear brothers and sisters, one of the things that hajj is characterized by is the enormous amount of distraction and disturbance, if one may call it because mainly and primarily because of the huge crowd, the 3 million people in one place. So it's a huge crowd with all its

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with all the challenges of living in the midst of that many people literally cheek by jowl with people who are complete strangers, people from different nationalities, different

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different locations, different nationalities, and all kinds of people. But yet,

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we still have to do our best that we still have to concentrate in Salah, we still have to have Osho and all the work that we do and so on. So the big lesson from that is how to focus in the midst of distraction and Hamdulillah. It's the baraka hacks that we are actually able to do that. Now, the big lesson, therefore, is that this is also the thing in life that there will always be distractions, but how can we focus on what is important?

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Now the way to focus on what is important is to one way one one of the ways is to

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focus on what the benefit of that thing is. So if you focus on the benefit or the other blessing of the deed, then it makes it easier to do the deed if you develop a love for the deed, the importance of the deed comes clearly becomes backed in your heart. And therefore the deed to do it also becomes easier. That's what we practice in hajj, where we continuously focus on what the benefit of Hodges, the importance of each ritual. And that's what enables us to do the ritual properly, as well as to

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to benefit from it.

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Despite all the distraction now, you as we noticed, big crowds and then if depending on which time of the year you go, sometimes it can be extremely oppressively hot.

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Other times it can be quite cold or because of the desert climate,

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dust and noise and you know all kinds of things, but hamdulillah is still able to do all the right that

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inshallah properly. And that's the key lesson there, I don't want to take too much time on the whole idea of the Fajr reminders is to keep them as short as possible. And that is with too and to understand that the the whole point is that

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we are able to do all of that with control with with with the proper show and clue and concentration, dedication, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept them from us.

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So and then we apply the same lesson lesson in life to our life goals, where we focus on the benefit of the goal, why must I study? Why must I work? Why must I do this so that in such a way that it then makes the goal easy to do, we develop a love for the goal, we like to do it, we enjoy doing it, and we don't mind the hardship that goes with it. And we learn to to sustain that hardship through to a successful conclusion. I think that's the message I want to remind myself and you with to say that let us focus on our life goals. The difference, the focus is important because focus is what differentiates ordinary light from laser, ordinary light, at best gives illumination. But laser can

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cut through steel and that's the the key of that is focused in the same light which is even when it's focused, it acquires a power of its own. Or rather one might say that the power that is hidden in it becomes manifest the power that is inside comes outside. And that will same thing which without focus could not do much with focus can achieve great, great and very magnificent ends. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to focus our attention on that which is important take it away from that which is not important, so that we when we meet him we meet him in a state of purity we make Toba we've asked a lot Forgive our faults, and to cover us with His mercy and grace was another

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