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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Silla philam via Eva mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam just live on cathedra and cathedra farmer Babu My dear brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah we are on the ninth of the series of lectures and hotel on the leadership style of Rasul Allah is Allah.

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It is also to the 31st of of December

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2021, which is the last day in this month. And tomorrow we go into the new year and therefore, it is, I think, very important appropriate that we remind ourselves about that extremely critical quality of the leadership of our solar system, which I can call his signature quality. And that is His forgiveness, his willingness to forgive his big heart, the Raha the mercy in his heart.

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My brothers and sisters, I remind myself when you that there are two ways to defeat enemies. The first is what the one has always done since human beings inhabited the earth.

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And the second one is what Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Selim did. The first way, at best eliminates some of the enemies for some of the time, but

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strengthens enmity.

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Nobody ever eliminated all enemies, so some will always remain, and those who remain actually become even more, even stronger enemies, and even more committed to your destruction.

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The other way, which is the way of a salon salon

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eliminates enmity itself.

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The first way, therefore, is to eliminate enemies. And the second way is to eliminate enmity.

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Salatu Salam, his conduct when he entered Makkah as its conqueror, is an example for all humanity for all time, of personal humility, a big heart and mercy.

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The horror age who had tormented him and driven him from his home, who were directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of those he loved the most, his uncle's, his wife, his daughter, who had caused immense physical and emotional pain, but finally, at his mercy

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what could What could he have done, he could have done what was traditional and what was the norm of the time, which is to kill the men and to take the women and children as slaves and of course confiscate all their property and enrich his own followers. This is what every conquer what the name

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had done and used to do and may Allah forgive us just to do that till today. But what did he do?

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He forgave them all.

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He forgave them all.

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He announced the general amnesty and that there will be no revenge.

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an age old customer in the Arab tribes, who looted and killed and the to the women and children and slaves. This is what people expected to see in my calls. People were shocked and astounded.

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They couldn't believe the eyes and ears.

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They hid in their homes at first, fully expecting the victorious Muslim soldiers to come rampaging break into their house, into the houses in the homes to loot and pillage.

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This is what victorious forces do. But nothing happened. Eventually, Hindemith aka the wife was

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later both became Muslim sort of Alano and a woman was a bitter enemy or as a as a seller, and who was responsible for the mutilation of the body of his uncle. Hamza bin of the EU telenovela in the Battle of aha after he was killed by Vashi. An incident that caused untold suffering to solosicily

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She left her home to see what was happening and what did she see? She saw rasool Allah is Allah Allah Salaam and his companions, the Sahaba Guadalajara, a mine, praying around the Kaaba and asking Allah subhanaw taala for his help and mercy and thanking Allah subhanaw taala for Israel for the victory.

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It is true that as the Conqueror Azusa Sanlam would have taken the image, but that would have opened new wounds, which would have set off a new series of conflicts, all resulting in delay or defeat of Israel mission, the spreading of his message by forgiving those who had wronged him, he said

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powerful message

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that the mission was above all personal considerations

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and put those who had wronged him in his debt.

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Instead of fighting him or hating him, they were not grateful to him and wanted to please him.

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At one stroke, he laid to rest all future potential conflicts

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among his followers, without which his mission would affect.

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The leader must be prepared to sacrifice his personal benefits for the sake of the goal and must be prepared to set a personal example. In this respect.

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It is only when the followers see the behavior of the leader that they will follow suit. The result will be the success of the mission. Forgiveness is the foundation of the success because the cause is and must always be greater than personal emotions.

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Perhaps the best and most poignant incident that illustrates Rosa salams commitment to the cause, and his willingness to sacrifice his personal emotions for his sake, for the sake of a cause was his treatment of the man who killed say that a Hamza with Abu Talib Mangala know, his beloved uncle and graters and great support

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out of the 70 shahada at Mohammed Al Hamza, when I was given the title of say you the shahada to have the tab you own visited on Vashi avellana, who, who was all at the time and asked him to tell them the story of how he killed Hamza bin of the Taliban.

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Where she said Shall I tell you? Just as I told the story, it also applies Rossella when he asked me about it,

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he said I was a slave of Jubail been Madame,

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whose uncle was to Mr. Bean ODB, who was killed in battle. When the Quraysh went false to Earth, Juba told me if you kill Hamza Mohammed Sana salams uncle Alana invigilation for Bionicle that you will be a free man

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and Russia Delarosa I've ever seen, and like my countrymen, I'm good at throwing the spirit.

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And I really miss with it.

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When the armies went in the battle in battle, I went forth looking for Hamza rapolano, to line wait for him. I found him right in the midst midst of the fray, like an enormous gavel, striking out viciously at our men with a sword.

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Nothing could withstand him. I made use of bushes and rocks to get close to him. But Ciba Bynum, Rosa got to him before me. Hamza called out to him, he said, Come over here, Osama woman who does circumcisions

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he said he's then struck a blow so fast that it seemed to miss the head of

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Siva bin Abdullah.

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But then his head flew off. And so I knew that he had not missed

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last year, the Alonza in my spear carefully, and when sure of it through my spear, which hit the body of Hamza vellano, below the navel and emerged between his legs. He tried to move towards me, but was overcome the wound was too massive. And he felt

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a rush he said, I did not even have the courage to go close to him, and then I waited for him to die. And I left the spear there until he died. And then I retrieved my spear, and I went back to my camp. I had no business with anyone except Hamza, along who I killed, only to get my freedom

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or solace instead of heard of the death of his uncle, and he was devastated by it. It was one of the saddest moments in the life of us was a son. He went to see the body of his uncle. When he saw him his stomach had been opened and his insights were pulled out. The man who took him there said, This is not how we found him. He has been mutilated. This was because Hyndman autoboca had sworn to eat his liver, and she ordered that his liver pulled out.

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This appearance in the end violence to him after death only added to the grief of resources. Salami wept profusely.

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Once you have the landlord said, I went back to Makkah and stayed there until also was on Salem, Concord Makkah until for the MCC. Then I fled to live and I stayed there until the delegation from

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I have left to go to Switzerland to accept Islam. Now I didn't know where to go.

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So I told people that I would go to maybe Syria or Yemen or some other country. Then someone said to be, look, he will not kill anybody who testifies to his religion, you accept his religion and nothing will happen to you, He will forgive you.

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So I went to him to Medina, he said, I covered myself and I just got myself. I went to the IRA, and I surprised him and testified to the truth of Islam before him.

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He accepted by Islam and then he said to me, it Vashi I said, Yes, Yasser ALLAH SubhanA wa sallam, he sets it up and tell me how did you kill my my uncle Hamza. So I related the story as I read it to you, he sang to the people who visited it. When I finished the survey, he please don't come before me. Because seeing your face, I'm reminded of my uncle, and my grief is renewed.

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Now go and fight the battle Allah, like you fought against Allah.

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So as you said, I used to avoid the source of Salam, wherever he may be, so that you will not see me. And then Allah subhanaw taala took him to himself.

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version of the Lando then joined the army that went to fight Bizerba codes up the imposter who had declared profit or during the life of Rasul allies, and

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as soon as I said, I've met who Silva and advise him against this, but he refused to accept the advice and raise the army to attack Medina ProSolo Salam sent an army against him, which was victorious in Selma, al Qaeda was killed by she described his role in this battle and said, I took my spear with which I had killed Hamza aquilano, and I saw Silva standing with a sword aimed by spear at him. And when I was sure of my A my throat, at the same time as a Muslim attacked him from the other side with a sword, my spear struck him first, then the other Muslim struck him. And that man was able to Jana of Delano, who had been given the sword also allah sallallahu Sallam version of

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the law said, if it was I who killed him, then this peer, with this peer I killed the best of men and the Western men.

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There is a huge emphasis on forgiveness in Islam, both seeking it and forgiving others.

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Islam teaches us to be forgiving, and if someone sincerely asks for forgiveness, the wrong person should forgive him. As soon as I said, Whoever suffers an injury and forgive the person responsible. Allah subhanaw taala will raise his status to a higher degree and remove one of his since

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I'm not around that, as everybody does, I will say yet in a year to Missoula, Missoula from an Alpha was Lucha foger who Allah in the hole you have both volleyball has already been.

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And so the sha Allah round that said, the recompense the reward of an evil is an evil like the meaning. If somebody commits a crime, then the punishment must show the crime must not be more than the more than the crime. But whoever forgives and makes reconciliation his reward is due from Allah.

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So instead of taking revenge of the conciliator, if they forgive the Allah said, I will reward them very we he Gentle, gentle Oh, Allah subhanaw taala does not like the solimo the oppressors

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Abdullah, Mr. Raja la Hanmer reported that Rasul Reiser sunup said Be merciful to others, and you will receive mercy, forgive others. And Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you. And this is a Muslim Imam Muhammad Ali Abdullah Al Khalili on the line who reported that he said I asked I just did Carnivale on Hamada about the character or source of selling our mother ISIS in this Allah said, the brothers Asana was not indecent. He was not obscene. He will not shout in the markets, and he will not respond when he will deal with an evil deed. But rather he would, he would pardon and overlook and this is in surah Sunan activity.

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Another Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim where Surah Salah was reported to have said it is not permissible for a man to forsake, meaning to be to be offended with and to reject his Muslim brother for more than three days. Each of them turning away from the other when they meet, the better of them is the one who gives the greeting of Salem first.

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In order to have these as soon as and as Adam said, it is not permissible to forsake your brother for more than three days.

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If you do that, and you die, he said that you will go to Ghana.

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So forgiveness is so critically important. Everyone sisters, forgiveness is so important Islam, that even in criminal law

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Islam gives the victim or his heirs, the option of forgiving the one who committed the crime against them. This is unique in the world.

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For example, in all other legal systems, if a murderer is found guilty of murder, then he is sentenced to the punishment for murder. Whatever is their punishment in that country

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in the much maligned Islamic Sharia, which everybody likes to call barbaric, the judge has three options, not one, he can live with the punishment, which in Islam is execution, Life for life, or the heirs of the victim can accept blood money, they can accept money as compensation in lieu of life. So instead of the person being executed, the person who buys freedom by paying them a certain sum of a certain sum of money, or they can simply choose to forgive the murderer, and he walks free.

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Right, the Warner might have done something and then he might be very repentant as long as it was okay for you.

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They could choose to simply forgive the murder and he walks free. This is because even in the case of Barbara, forgiveness is more laudable and praiseworthy than revenge even though you would be in your

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rights to claim revenge. Ramos Manta says If you forgive that is better for you. It's clear from this that the cause much supersede personal likes and dislikes of the leader.

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Despite his own personal emotions and immense grief, at the death of his beloved uncle, and anger at his killer, Rosa Rosa, Santa wanted the best for Vashi he wanted to brush up on the right path. And he forgave him and accepted his Islam. Therefore, it's essential for the leader not to allow his own likes and dislikes to harm the or the common benefit of humanity.

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Even when we have strong feelings about someone or something, these should not be they should not apply and not they should not bind us to the past. To the extent that we forget to see the greater good.

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It is almost as if these tests come to open doors, when we pass the test the Doors to the hearts of people open. And people admire the leader for his ability to put his own interest aside for the benefit of the cause. The test comes to ask, How much do you really want your cause to try and

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our actions are the answer. This is easier said than done, of course, and is perhaps one of the strongest and clears indicators of the commitment of the leader to the cause. To be able to be completely committed to the cause, yet, keep the boundary between personal and the cause is the balance which the leader must create is the emotional commitment of the leader which overshadows every other difficulty, and enables him to continue to work for the cause in the face of every discouragement and setback.

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However, these very emotions must sometimes be sacrificed

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so that the interest of the cause can be furthered.

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That is a very great sacrifice. And perhaps it is for this reason that a pseudo Salem is reported to have said once every prophet has been tortured and troubled by the people, and I have been tortured the most.

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However, he proved true to his covenant and worthy of the divine message that he was charged with.

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And his patients eventually won. One over even his worst enemies

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won the award was cause to the cause of his of his message. Hi, brother, sister, this is

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an amazing thing that I said it's almost like the signature of sources. Because he was said he was sent and Allah said to her said about him over Ursula K la modalidad me and nowhere is this Rama for the enemy, Rama for the the mercy for all of creation. No, where is it more clearly manifested and more clearly exemplified than in the big heartedness and the forgiveness and the McGahn emoji of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Robert has run for so now lm toquilla Nowata handle and accessory. Probiotic Virginia has an auto fanatical audience and another one that we asked him to monitor to protect you from every harm that you know that you don't know. And we asked us around data to be

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your supporter and your helper to stand up against all forms of forms of oppression. No matter where you might be, or some of the holiday will vary widely. He was a member at gamma ray mi Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh